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WinView Games Sports Predictor Review And Bonus Offer


Play your first $100 risk free - Double your Deposit up to $200

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Why WinView?
  • Extensive list of sports and leagues
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • No financial commitment upfront
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Play your first $100 risk free - Double your Deposit up to $200

Whether you want free contests or paid contests, WinView Games will help you get in the game faster than any other DFS or sports betting site. In our WinView Games review below, you'll learn what this operator offers, how to claim the WinView welcome bonus and what sets this company apart from the competition.

How We Rank and Review Top Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

User Experience: The catch-all aspect of ranking daily fantasy sports betting sites is user experience, which pertains to everything from how easy a website and/or app is to navigate, to types of contests and promotions. In an evolving space such as DFS, more and more companies are competing for users. How those users choose to assign their time and financial investments often comes down to user experience more than anything else.

Contests/Sports Offered: Variety is king when it comes to types of sports and contests offered at DFS sites. Simply put, the more games you offer, the more users you can potentially reach. Likewise, a wide array of contest types can keep fantasy sports betting fun and fresh for users. Though to be fair, a limited set of contests done right can attract a loyal base of bettors, too. But they better be truly special games.

Ease of Banking: Players want to know where they're sending their money, and how/when they'll be able to get their money back. And rightfully so! While sports betting is a hobby for many, it can also be a way for some to earn some serious winnings. That's why we focus our reviews on sites that operate lawfully in North America, where customers generally feel more secure with the banking side of betting. We vet every site before recommending them, and all are licensed in regulated in the states and provinces where they operate.

Customer Service: Sometimes, problems arise that sports bettors can't solve on their own. If you have a question about the results of a contest, or an issue with banking, or you're unsure about how to play, it's helpful for customer support to be standing by. Companies that post frequently asked questions (FAQs) on their site, are active on social media and have a customer support line and/or email address are all doing their part to promote effective customer service. Those are the daily fantasy sports sites we recommend.

Bonuses and Promotions: Going back to the idea of companies competing for users, we look at bonuses and promotions as a way to differentiate. Want to get more users in the door? Find fun, lucrative ways to welcome them aboard – and to keep them coming back. Deposit bonuses and other welcome promos are applicable here, as are daily bonuses and offers tied to special events (e.g., the Super Bowl).

Mobile App: Having a website is key, but no presence is more important these days than the one on the app store. Whether through Apple's App Store or Google Play, companies with sleek mobile apps have a great chance to win the day with consumers. Cellphones are the primary access point for most consumers, which is why offering an app that's simple-yet-sophisticated can be the key. Additionally, apps that allow enablement for notifications can remain top-of-mind for busy users.


Play your first $100 risk free - Double your Deposit up to $200

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WinView Games Promo Offer

For now, neither a WinView Games promo code nor a WinView Games bonus code is needed to activate any sort of promotional offer. By visiting the WinView Games app and creating an account with an email address, new users will receive a deposit bonus which doubles their first deposit up to $100. For example, a deposit of $50 gets a bonus of $100 after the deposit amount is spent. The company also has a referral program, in which users receive $20 for every WinView Games sign-up they produce (as long as the friend they refer plays through a minimum of $20 on the app).

History and Future of WinView Games

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, WinView Games is a privately-held company that is a subsidiary of Engine Gaming and Media. For as long as WinView Games has been active, its time in the public spotlight is only starting to grow now that it offers real-money contests in addition to its free-to-play contests.

Competing with DFS giants such as DraftKings and FanDuel figures to be an uphill battle, though it's not a direct competition anyway. Neither of those companies offers contests made up of live, in-game prop betting, which is what WinView Games specializes in.

Increased customer base and brand awareness are the next steps for WinView Games, which could possibly benefit from added partnerships with teams and players. In 2018, the company partnered with NBA star Blake Griffin for a series of short video ads.

WinView Games Contests Offered

The WinView Games offerings include free and paid contests that are initially broken down into two categories: "Pre-Game Predict" and "Watch & Predict."

The Pre-Game Predict contests consist only of props to answer before a game begins (e.g., who will win the coin toss?), while the Watch & Predict contests unfold in real-time with a particular game.

Some contests are called "Freerolls," meaning it costs nothing to play. For paid contests, options include Beginner (for users who've played 20 contests or fewer), Classic (tournament-style games with varied payouts), Multiplier (providing an opportunity to win anywhere from 2X, 5X, 10X, and even 20X your entry fee) and 50/50 (proving an opportunity to double up your entry fee).

Lastly, users can create Social Leagues with friends and family. These contests are made up of 20 or fewer players, and they're strictly for bragging rights.

WinView Games Sports Offered

WinView Games offers an extensive list of sports and leagues to choose from, including NFL, NCAA football and basketball, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA, soccer (including World Cup, when applicable), tennis (ATP and WTA), boxing and UFC. There are also filters on the WinView Games app to search for trivia and special events.

WinView Games User Experience and Interface

Users can play on the mobile app or the web version of the app. WinView can be found in the App store. For Android users, the best experience can be found using the web app by going to app.winviewgames.com.

In regard to the app, users have the option of using a free-to-play guest account (i.e., strictly free contests) or creating their own profile. The guest account serves as a soft-landing trial period for users who are unsure about making a financial commitment right away.

Whether users go for a guest account or choose to make a deposit under their own profile, free-to-play contests are available for all.

The app has four simple categories in its menu bar at the bottom of the screen: Contests (with filter options to search for the sports/leagues you want), My Contests (where users can keep an eye on what they've entered), Social (to create contests with friends) and More (where users can check FAQs, submit a deposit, withdraw funds, contact customer support, etc.).

How WinView Games Compares To DFS and Sports Betting Sites

In the real-money DFS space, WinView Games is essentially brand new. It has a lot of catching up to do in order to be as well-known as other key DFS players. But WinView has a lot of features and qualities that are unmatched and set the product apart.

For one thing, users don't draft players to a team. They simply answer simple props, such as if the next basket in an NBA game will be a three-pointer (yes or no) or whether a football player will gain more yards rushing or receiving.

One important distinction for the props is that real money is never wagered. For real-money contests, users pay an entry free, but each prop wager is made using points. So in a contest, players on the leaderboard who have the most points finish in the money and take home their respective share of the prize pool.

For the in-game contests in particular, users aren't subjected to major time commitments. Each NBA and NFL contest lasts for one quarter, MLB contests last one inning for example, while a UFC contest lasts for just one fight. That allows players to play quickly if they so choose, or they can play several contests with ease over the course of a day. Having that said, any player can participate in the Pregame Predict contests any time and as many as they want at the same time. This allows for a quick and easy experience with high potential to win.

What States Can Play on WinView Games?

In its free-to-play format, residents in all 50 states are eligible to enjoy WinView Games. For the paid contests, players in all states are eligible excluding those physically present in Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Ner Jersey, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont and Washington. WinView games is largely available for players aged 18 and up, although the age requirement is 19 in Alabama and Nebraska, and the requirement is 21 in Massachusetts.

Our Final Thoughts on WinView Games

For DFS, sports betting, and sports gaming fans looking for a new spin on daily contests, WinView Games is worth a try. The fact that there's no financial commitment upfront, and a bevy of free contests for all, makes this a company that can appeal to a wide range of sports fans.

WinView Games gives players a new way to approach their sports consumption, allowing them to answer in-game props on their phone while watching the action on their TV screen. In states without legal betting sites or online sportsbooks, it's the next best thing to in-game betting.

Increased brand awareness could lead to innovations in contest styles, promotions, etc., but for now WinView Games offers a solid variety of sports (and a fair variety of ways to play) on its platform.

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