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Big 12 Football Betting Guide & Tips

Big 12 Football Betting Guide & Tips

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The Big 12 is an important power conference as it hosts many of the Texas teams. In football terms, Texas is one of the most talent-rich states for the sport, so there are stars galore in this conference. Let’s take a closer look at what college football betting should know about betting on Big 12 games.

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Big 12 Football Odds 2019

Team Odds
Oklahoma-150View All Odds
Texas+300View All Odds
West Virginia+750View All Odds
Iowa State+1200View All Odds
Oklahoma State+2000View All Odds
TCU+2000View All Odds
Texas Tech+2000View All Odds
Baylor+3300View All Odds
Kansas State+4000View All Odds
Kansas+5000View All Odds

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How to Bet on Big 12 Football

Like every conference, the Big 12 has certain characteristics that set it apart, and bettors need to take into account when considering weekend wagers. Here are five tips to keep in mind:

1. Quality Coaches

The first thing to realize about Big 12 football is that a lot of high-quality coaches are part of the conference. There simply aren’t many bad coaches in this conference. The other major conferences have more coaches who struggle to produce results.

The Big 12 isn’t as weak, and that’s not only because it has only 10 teams compared to 14 for the Big Ten or ACC. There’s a lot of quality coaching in this conference, which usually leads to teams being well-prepared.

2. Plenty Of Points, Big Totals

There are plenty of points to go around in the Big 12 as defense tends to be optional, something to keep in mind for over/under betting. In 2018, for instance, the Oklahoma Sooners led the nation in points (48.4 per game) while three other teams finished in the Top 12 of the country in total offense. In terms of points per game, four teams finished in the Top 16.

There are a lot of teams with good offensive systems like Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, West Virginia and TCU. They find quarterbacks that fit their needs, coach them up and unleash some real havoc on opposing defense.

If you see a lot of high totals in this conference, you know why. There are plenty of shootouts on a weekly basis.

3. TCU Tends to Have a Defense

It’s rare that you can trust a defense in this conference but TCU is the one team that tends to have the quality players on that side of the ball. In the past, Texas and Oklahoma would be in the conversation too as both of those teams used to be a breeding ground of future defensive stars in the NFL.

4. It’s a Texas & Oklahoma Conference

Let’s face it: This is a Texas and Oklahoma conference. It wasn’t always like this when the Longhorns were struggling and Baylor and TCU were on the rise, but it is back to that reality again. Texas has assembled talent and depth while Oklahoma is a top dog each year.

Both of these schools have way more resources than anyone else – especially Texas. They recruit the best talent and they find the best coaches. Whether they make the most of it in a given year is a topic of conversation but they have the resources to acquire what and who they need.

5. Big Mid-Tier in the Conference

One thing to keep in mind is this conference tends to have more depth than you might think. That’s because Big 12 country is mostly in Texas, which is one of the most football-rich states in the nation. Sure, Texas and Oklahoma will get the top recruits but there are plenty of quality assets to go around.

Teams such as Oklahoma State, Baylor, TCU and Texas Tech will come in and find quarterbacks who fall just short of the big boys. Sometimes they’ll even compete with them or pull over transfers.

That tends to lead to a conference where Oklahoma and Texas are the teams to beat, but they’re followed by a big second-tier of teams. The aforementioned schools along with West Virginia and Iowa State tend to be close each year. For example, in 2018, there were seven schools who registered seven wins or more and two teams were at five wins; that’s pretty good for a conference with just 10 teams.

If you’re betting this conference, just know that anyone of those teams can put together a Top 10-type of season or sting Texas and Oklahoma on a given week, something to keep in mind for both your point-spread betting and moneyline betting.

Big 12 Football Betting Guide & Tips 1
The Big 12 Championship game matchup does not come from division winners, but rather the top two teams face off.

Big 12 Football Championship Betting

The Big 12 has a conference championship game, as do the other power conferences, but the Big 12 does something different relative to those other conferences. The other conferences have two divisions and put the champions of the divisions against each other.

As of the 2019 season, the Big 12 has no divisions and puts the top two regular-season finishers against each other. If you finish second in the Big 12 regular-season standings, you make the title game.

Big 12 Football Championship Game FAQs

  • When is the 2019 Big 12 Championship Game? The 2019 Big 12 Championship is Dec. 7, 2019.
  • Where is the 2019 Big 12 Championship? The 2019 Big 12 Championship is in Arlington, Texas, and AT&T Stadium, the home of the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Can I bet on the Big 12 Championship Game? Yes, you can bet on the Big 12 Championship Game if you live in one of the states that has legalized sports betting.
  • Where can I watch the Big 12 Football Championship? You can watch the Big 12 Football Championship on ABC or ESPN. One of the two outlets will broadcast this year’s game, depending on where you live.
  • What is the last Big 12 football team to win the national title? The last Big 12 team to win the national title is Texas in 2005. The Longhorns defeated USC in a classic 2006 Rose Bowl to win the national title for the 2005 college football season.
  • Who is the favorite to win the Big 12? The favorite to win the Big 12 is Oklahoma with odds of -150.

Recent Big 12 Football Championship Game Results

Year Winner Loser Score LineO/U
2018OklahomaTCU41-39OKL -7.564
2017OklahomaTCU39-27OKL -9.579

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