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Arsenal FC manager admits Cesc Fabregas wanted to return

“I didn’t speak to him directly. I was informed that he might go to Chelsea"

Fabregas signed for Chelsea in the summer and will now face former club Arsenal on Sunday

Cesc Fabregas is an Arsenal club legend although the Spaniard’s return to England did not result in him re-signing for the Gunners despite the midfielder wanting to be reunited with Arsene Wenger.

Fabregas was deemed surplus to requirements at the Emirates Stadium when the opportunity arose, with Wenger admitting ahead of Sunday’s London derby that he couldn’t justify signing a player who had previously captained the Gunners.

Fabregas himself recently alluded to the presence of Mesut Ozil in the squad leading to him signing for Chelsea rather than his former club and this was backed up by comments from his ex-manager.

Asked if Fàbregas wanted to return to Arsenal, Wenger said: “Certainly, yes. I don’t want to make a big story of that because you have to accept that. I personally believe that deal was done a long time ago, early 2014, and all the other speculation is just made up.

“I didn’t speak to him directly. I was informed that he might go to Chelsea. Everybody has the freedom to go where he wants. When he left [for Barcelona] we bought [Mesut] Özil. We were not in need of offensive players.

“Cesc Fàbregas, when he looks back at his career, he will find that Arsenal and myself had a very positive influence on his career. I have no personal animosity against Fàbregas. He is a person I love and a player I love. [He deserves a] respectful welcome. Everybody respects Cesc here and I want him to get the welcome he deserves.”

All odds were correct at time of posting.

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