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Ed Miliband still favourite to become next Prime Minister

Miliband 4/5 to replace David Cameron although Conservatives favourite to land most seats

There are 650 seats in the House of Commons and many of them are up for grabs on Thursday 7 May, with the 2015 General Election completely wide open.

The Conservative Party were able to form a government in 2010 thanks to a coalition with the Liberal Democrats although such a prospect seems an unlikely one five years down the line.

Bet365 offer odds of 4/1 that we once again see a coalition between the Cons and the Lib Dems, although much will depend on the number of seats that the Tories land and what concessions they are prepared to make to a potential junior partner.

Nick Clegg will secretly feel as though his party were short-changed in 2010 during negotiations, with a referendum on electoral reform not bringing about the desired change.

There appears little doubt that the Conservatives will return the most MP’s when the votes have been counted, with Coral offering odds of 1/4 that they get the most seats.

The Tories can expect somewhere in the region of 280 seats, while Labour could be around 20 seats worse off although neither total would be enough to secure a majority government.

That is why No Overall Majority is a 1/8 chance and a hung parliament for the second General Election running is a massive probability, with a huge amount of horse-trading then set to take place thereafter.

There are several permutations when it comes to the Next Government and Coral offer odds of 5/4 about any coalition involving the Liberal Democrats.

However, the number of Lib Dem seats is forecasted to drop to around the 25 mark and that wouldn’t give them a huge amount of political clout. It might be that their best hope is backing a senior party and hoping that their policies can be enforced accordingly.

The SNP will almost certainly become the third-biggest party in the House of Commons and strengthen the argument for Scottish independence, even if the referendum was lost last year.

A Labour Minority government is seen as slight favourite on the basis that they would appear receptive to speaking with the SNP, Liberal Democrats and other minor parties to getting over the line.

Bet365 offer 7/4 that this happens, while a Conservative Minority government is far bigger and that is why David Cameron is odds-against to continue being Prime Minister.

Miliband is a 4/5 chance and might well be heading to Buckingham Palace next week to see the Queen despite grave reservations from big businesses over whether the Labour leader is the man to lead the country forward.

All odds were correct at time of posting.

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