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England set to throw the kitchen sink at Uruguay for tonight’s World Cup thriller

“Any weapon we’ve got, we are going to try and use".

Three Lions will be out of the 2014 World Cup if they lose to La Celeste

At 10pm tonight, we will discover whether England are in with a real chance of making the last sixteen of the World Cup or whether they are on an early plane home.

Roy Hodgson believes that the former can happen if England adopt the same attacking approach that served them well for much of Saturday’s game against Italy before losing 2-1.

“We saw the other night that even a top team like Italy were tested by the quality of our attacking play, so we’re not going to put any of our weapons down,” said Hodgson.

“Any weapon we’ve got, we are going to try and use. We have to make sure that, when we get the ball, we use it because the sort of players we’ve got are capable of hurting the opposition. I thought we did that quite well on Saturday but, when the other side has the ball, we’d better make certain our defending is spot on.

“There is pressure. We want to stay in the competition so we’ve got to get results in the next two games. No one’s running away from that but worrying about it won’t change anything. We have to make certain we are right, that’s all, and that players feel confident we can win the game. It is knockout football, even if it is still the group stage. It is for a lot of teams now: any side who lost their first game is entering the knockout stage already.”

All odds were correct at time of posting.