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Best NFL Week 12 Odds Boost: Thanksgiving Specials

Best NFL Week 12 Odds Boost: Thanksgiving Specials

Looking to get the most value for your NFL bets every week? I scour the internet each day to find the latest boosted NFL odds from all the top regulated online sportsbooks. Bookmark this page for all the top boosts in one easy-to-find place.


NFL Week 12 Odds Boost
My Favorite Thanksgiving Day Boost
Week 11 Boosts That Won
Explaining NFL Odds Boosts

NFL Odds Boost

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My Favorite Thanksgiving Day Odds Boost

This week's favorite boost is brought to you by DraftKings boosting Brandin Cooks Over 68.5 Receiving Yards & Texans Win to +235 from +205, a profit increase of 14.6% from the original odds.

In 2020, we are extra thankful for the opportunity to watch and bet the NFL on Thanksgiving Day.

This year, the Houston Texans travel to Detroit for a matchup featuring two teams with underperforming records thanks to their inability to stop anyone on defense. Both teams lack playmakers on the defensive side of the ball, which has resulted in both ranking in the bottom ten for most statistical categories.

Last week, we saw the Texans squeak-out a 27-20 win over the struggling Patriots. Meanwhile, the Lions took two steps back with a shutout in their game against Carolina.

Looking at both teams' current status, I like the idea of Houston walking away with this one; they are coming off a successful win and they have the better QB. Worth noting, Stafford underperformed the last few weeks after battling some nagging injuries.

But what about Brandin Cooks? Will he reach over 68.5 receiving yards?

Cooks had a slow start this season after joining Houston in the offseason, averaging only 2.5 catches per game and 34.5 yards per game. However, in his previous 6 games Cooks upped his averages to 6.1 catches per game and 82.7 yards per game respectively.

Thankfully, a little practice with QB Deshaun Watson has really upped their rapport resulting in Cooks becoming a larger factor in the Texans offense every weekly. I expect that trend to continue this week, especially against a sub-par Lions defense.

Week 11 Boosts That Won

Bookie Winning Bet Profit Increase
DraftKings D. Cook & E. Elliot Over 157.5 Rushing Yards +14.28%
DraftKings Mahomes & Carr Over 4.5 Combined TDs +22.72%
DraftKings Brady & Goff 2+ TD Passes Each +23%
DraftKings R. Woods & C. Godwin Combined Over 117.5 Receiving Yards +14.28%
PointsBet Seahawks Score First & Win +25%
PointsBet Dalvin Cook 1+ Rushing TD +38.12%
PointsBet Mike Evans 1+ Receiving TD +16.67%
BetMGM Wentz 2+ TD Passes +36.36%

Looking back to our NFL Week 11 Betting recap, we had multiple winning boosts, including two from PointsBet which offered a 38.12% increase and a 36.36% increase in profit from the original odds posted for the bets.

Explaining Boosted NFL Odds

When an online sportsbook "boosts" its NFL odds, it means it's artificially shifting the opening line in favor of the bettor. For example, if an NFL prop opens at -135 for a QB to throw Over 225 yards, the sportsbook will move or "boost" the line to -110.

That means a $100 bet placed on the Over would win $91 with the boosted -110 line vs only $74 had the wager been placed on the opening -135 line, a $17 increase in profit. In this particular case, boosting the opening line from -135 to -110 equated to a 18.5% profit increase.

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Calculating Profit Increase

Percentage of Profit Increase calculates how much a bettor can increase their earnings should the boosted odds win.

How is it calculated? It's simple.

First, find the total difference between the original line and the boosted line. Then, disregard all negative (-) signs for the calculation. Once you have the positive difference, you divide that difference by the original odds to calculate the increase in profit.

(Boosted Odds - Original Odds)
Original Odds
Percentage of Profit Increase

Using the 'NFL QB Over 225 Passing Yards' example from above, the difference between -135 and the boosted -110 is -25, but we know we need to disregard those negative (-) signs, so we are left with just 25. We then divide 25 by 110, which equals an 18.5% profit increase.

Where Can You Find Boosted Odds?

You can find boosted odds at most online sportsbooks via dedicated pages on site for the odds boost or through social media and email promotion. But who wants to spend every day going through all the promotional sections, tweets, posts and emails for every betting site available in your state?

Fortunately, that's where Bookies.com comes in. Every day we collect boosted odds from the top online bookies in every state and list them here. You'll find boosts from every major sports betting market, including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA, UFC, college football & college basketball, to name a few.

Additional Reading

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What Else to Know About Odds Boosts

It's important bettors read the terms and conditions for all betting promotions in general, and odds boosts are no different. Some boosted odds are for new players only while others might have limits on bets or which states the offer is available. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of every promotion you choose to avoid any confusion.