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Oldham Athletic set to give Ched Evans another chance.

Should Ched Evans be allowed to grace the Boundary Park turf?

The debate intensifies regarding the imminent signing of Ched Evans by Oldham Athletic Football Club. Should he be allowed to play professional football again or should he be forced out of the public eye?

Sheffield United declined the offer to re-sign convicted rapist Ched Evans and all eyes are now upon Olham Athetic as we await the reaction to his return to the professional game.

Many argue that despite being convicted of rape, he has served his sentence and should be allowed to put it all behind him. That is after all what the judicial system and prison regime is for. Some argue that he shouldn’t be allowed to appear in front of the public and he could prove to be a negative influence and detrimental role-model for youngsters.

Either way, the Lancashire club look destined to put their faith in Evans and he is sitting on the verge of a deal with the club which gives him the chance to revive his career.

Oldham director Barry Owen is fully aware of the controversy surrounding the player and the 69,000 strong online petition which calls for the club not to sign Evans. Nevertheless, Owen is of the firm opinion that he deserves another chance now that he has served his sentence.

“There are ongoing negotiations with regard to signing Ched Evans,” he said to Sky Sports News.

“Unfortunately, quite a lot of due diligence still needs to be completed. We are still in talks with the PFA and other agencies. At the moment, I would just ask you to bear with us.

“There are things to be done genuinely and I don’t anticipate that it is going to be done over the next few days. If it is, and it is possible to do anything for you, we will make contact with you and will tell you what the circumstances are. We are a professional club and we do things in the right way with regard to our media.”

There has been huge opposition to Evans’ signing, the ‘Women Against Rape’ being particularly vocal, condemning Oldham Athletic with their spokeswoman Nicola Mann stating her disgust that Evans has failed to show remourse for his actions, despite the player protesting his innocence throughout.


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