Super Bowl Odds 2020

Find current Super Bowl odds and tips on how to bet on the game.

How to Bet on the Super Bowl

Not only is the Super Bowl is the most-watched event in television every year, but it's also the most bet on event on the calendar as well. From points spreads to prop bets, there are Super Bowl odds out there for everyone to help enjoy the game.

What Super Bowl Bets Can Be Made?


The most common bet on the Super Bowl is merely placing a wager on who you believe will win the game outright. Moneyline betting doesn't factor in points spreads, point totals, etc. It's the most straight forward of all the Super Bowl bets. An example of what a moneyline bet would look like on a site would be the following:

  • New England Patriots (-190)
  • New Orleans Saints (+120)

If a team has the (-) sign in front of a number, that means they are the favorite, and you need to wager the amount shown to win $100. The underdog is displayed with a (+) sign, showing the amount won if $100 were wagered.

Before placing a moneyline bet, make sure to search around for the best odds as they can vary from sportsbook to sportsbook.

Point Spread

Like any other NFL game, point-spread betting is available for the Super Bowl. If you aren’t familiar with a point spread, oddsmakers give points to the underdog to encourage betting on both teams. An example of a point spread bet would look like the following:

  • Dallas Cowboys: -3 (-110)
  • Kansas City Chiefs: +3 (-110)

In this scenario, the Cowboys are considered the "favorites" and would need to win by more than three points to cover the spread. The Chiefs are the underdogs and would need to win or lose by no more than three to cover the spread. But much like the moneyline bet, make sure to shop around for the best spread and value before placing your points spread bet as they can differ from site to site.


Arguably the most difficult bet to make during the Super Bowl is the totals or over/under bet. Players can wager if the set total of points scored will be higher or lower than what a sportsbook projects. Super Bowl matchups tend to bring out some weird scores, so be careful before betting on the point total for the big game.

Prop Bets

One of the best things about betting on the Super Bowl is the vast number of prop bets that are available to players. Bettors can wager on nearly everything in the game, from the length of the National Anthem, who will score first to which color sports drink will be dumped on the winning head coach. The amount of money that can be wagered on prop bets in the Super Bowl is often limited as these bets are more for enjoyment, rather than profit. Make sure to check out several different sportsbooks to find your favorite Super Bowl prop bets.

Futures Bets

Odds to win the Super Bowl, otherwise known as futures bets, are available all year long, right up until the final matchup is decided. However, on some sportsbooks, the odds to win the next Super Bowl are listed as well, even before the current season’s game has been played. Be sure to check out your favorite sportsbook to see if the odds for Super Bowl 55 are listed.

2020 Super Bowl Betting Tips

When placing a futures bet on the 2020 Super Bowl, the best bet is to find teams who will likely have a home-field advantage or a bye week in the playoffs. Since 2002, only six teams have played on wild-card weekend and have advanced to the Super Bowl.

For the 2020 Super Bowl, consider betting on the Patriots or the Chiefs as they appear to have the least amount of competition in the conference. The teams also have the most stable coaching staffs in the NFL with Bill Belichick and Andy Reid.

While both teams play in the same conference, the odds are good that one or both will have a first-round bye, increasing the odds that they will appear in the 2020 Super Bowl. Quarterbacks also move the needle the most when picking a Super Bowl champion and the Chiefs and Patriots have two of the best passers in the league in Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady.

Ultimately, head coaches and quarterbacks decide the outcomes of most Super Bowls, so siding with these two pairings (Reid/ Mahomes and Belichick/ Brady) seems like the best strategy.

It might not be the most fun, but picking the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds in a conference is usually the best way to be the most accurate when it comes to picking who will appear and/or win the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Betting History

From 2000-19, only three teams have gone on to win the Super Bowl who had preseason odds of less than +2200 (22/1). Those teams were the 2001 Patriots, 2007 Giants and 2017 Eagles. Make sure to factor this in before placing a futures bet on a longshot to win the upcoming Super Bowl.

In the Super Bowl era, the favorites have covered 28 of 53 times, while the underdog has covered 23 times. There have been two pushes (1992 and 1997) on the points spread. The NFC representative has won the Super Bowl 27 times, while the AFC has taken home the Lombardi Trophy 26 times.

The biggest point spread in Super Bowl history was during the 1994-1995 season when the San Francisco 49ers were 18-point favorites over the San Diego Chargers. The 49ers covered that spread, winning 49-26. The smallest spread has been one-point and that was most recently the case in Super Bowl XLIX in 2015, as the Patriots were one-point favorites over the Seahawks.

There have been multiple upsets in the Super Bowl, but the biggest came during Super Bowl III in 1969 when the Jets (+17) upset the Baltimore Colts 16-7.

There have been some big point totals for Super Bowl matchups, but none was bigger than the 58.5 total in Super Bowl LI in 2017 as the Falcons and Patriots met in one of the league’s best games. The two teams combined to score 66 points in the NFL’s first overtime Super Bowl game.

Super Bowl Odds FAQ

Where can I bet on the Super Bowl?

If you are in a state that has legal sports betting, you can bet on Super Bowl 2020 odds at all of your favorite sportsbooks. Make sure to check out the “Futures” section of a sportsbook to place your bet ahead pf the Super Bowl. You can compare odds at among the top sportsbooks as well.

Who is favored to win Super Bowl 2020?

The New England Patriots are the favorite to win Super Bowl 2020, with the Chiefs posting the second-best odds to take home the Lombardi Trophy.

When is Super Bowl 54?

Super Bowl 54 will be played on February 2, 2020, at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.