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Badder Beats 1/Alpha (or Misadventures in Sports Betting)

Badder Beats 1/Alpha (or Misadventures in Sports Betting)

Ryan Butler and Brant James make bad bets so you don't have to, and then they talk about it. They're standing in the intersection of sports, betting, pop culture and journalism, hoping that nobody runs a light. Or is texting.

In the very first episode of your most favorite podcast ever, Brant and Ryan introduce themselves, Gambling.com and the wide-open horizon of legal sports betting in the United States.

There’s a lot to digest since the Supreme Court’s repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in May of 2018. States are now free to enact sports betting legislation and there figures to be rush to follow New Jersey, Delaware, Mississippi and West Virginia into the fray.

This is going to be interesting. So let’s talk about stuff. Like, forever.