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Badder Beats 12: DraftKings’ Johnny Avello and Adam Caplan 2.0

Badder Beats 12: DraftKings’ Johnny Avello and Adam Caplan 2.0

Veteran National Football League journalist and Gambling.com contributor Adam Caplan and DraftKings director of race and sports operations Johnny Avello offer Badder Beats their Super Bowl LIII forecasts and they’re eerily similar.

They think the New England Patriots are bringing a sixth Vince Lombardi Trophy back from Atlanta.

The Week in Sports Betting

There’s a primer on legislative machinations in the District of Columbia - including how the lottery will play a major role – and how the prospect of legal sports betting in upstate casinos will still send New York City bettors through the Lincoln Tunnel to New Jersey.

And there’s statistical insights on how much will be wagered on the Super Bowl – and how little will come through legal outlets – and an informative chat with FanDuel executive Adam Kaplan.

Busy week in Adam (K)Caplans.

And the flavor of the week is Riptide Rush.

DraftKings’ Johnny Avello on Legendary Super Bowl Bets

This excerpt appears in the Part I of our interview with Avello and will be part of a Gambling.com story on the subject of legendary Super Bowl bets this week. This anecdote is from his tenure as oddsmaker at The Wynn in Las Vegas.

“We've taken multiple million-dollar bets through the years, but I guess one story I remember was a guy, it was a hotel guest and he bet the Giants to win the Super Bowl. It was ‘12.

“And so he bet the Giants at the time, they weren't looking too good. It was probably somewhere around half the season and he bet the Giants to win a million dollars in the future book. Well, you know, he wasn't the type of guy to hedge, so when we got to the playoffs, he bet $500,000 on the Giants in first game of the playoffs and he rolled that over and actually bet another $500,000 on the Giants in the Super Bowl, a million dollars on the Giants.

“And so he won that million, plus the million future book plus the other money. So, he actually beat us for close to $3 million over the course of a couple of weekends.

“So anyway, he was a gambler, liked to play and got on a run and everything felt right. And I remember that when the Giants won that game, him, he was with a bunch of guys and they were just going absolutely nuts. And I know that his night was quite entertaining, that night at The Wynn."

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