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Badder Beats 14: Daytona 500 with Jimmie Johnson and Friends

Badder Beats 14: Daytona 500 with Jimmie Johnson and Friends

NASCAR season is afoot. The 61st Daytona 500 goes green at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday at Daytona International Speedway on FOX.

So pick a drafting partner and click in every one of those harness buckles before the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup season begins as Ryan Butler and I dissect not only what could happen on track, but in the sportsbooks where betting is currently underway, and maybe, possibly, by the time the season endsin November.

Gambling.com contributor and SiriusXM host Pete Pistone stops by for some stock car handicapping and how new rules could affect races and betting slips.

We head out to NASCAR media day, where sports betting was prime topic, even when I'm not the one bringing it up.

Brendan Gaughan on Why NASCAR Won't Fret Integrity Issue

"One crew member can't affect it. There's not enough money being bet on it for him to affect it. So nobody's going to come to a crew member and do anything because there's not enough money being bet to be able for that man to make enough money, to pay off this man for what he needs. So NASCAR is in the best position of all sports in the entire world and that is, we have 40 entries and not one person can affect the overall winner of a race."

Marco Andretti lured Jimmie Johnson into a Super Bowl Bet

Check out Jimmie Johnson's side of the story. Apparently, Andretti wasn't kidding.

NASCAR Driver Kurt Busch on Sports Betting As a Boon

"I grew up in Vegas. It's a great hometown to represent. My dad taught me early on, they didn't build those casinos with their own money. Gambling is a unique situation for our sport. It draws attention. It creates excitement and it draws people to play-by- play, which is what you see a lot of when you go to the sports books, is people betting on baseball plays football, basketball.

"And so we're going to see that now in NASCAR and, you know, from my days at a Miller Lite when they were my sponsor, the two biggest weekends in Las Vegas, March Madness for the whole month of March, and then now the Super Bowl. And that's all due to sports betting and people's involvement around their favorite team or around that event. And so with 38 dates on the calendar and opportunities to bet and to do in-race bets, I think it just draws more attention to NASCAR in a good way."

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