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Badder Beats 27: Sugar Ray, DraftKings' Jason Robins at ICE

Badder Beats 27: Sugar Ray, DraftKings' Jason Robins at ICE

On the one-year anniversary of the dynamiting of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, the ICE North America gaming trade show opens in the sprawling Boston Seaport district, drawing influencers from around the globe.

Half of the podcast joined them, with Brant James prowling the hallways and interview rooms in search of the hot topics in the legal sports betting industry.

In summary: lots of pro sports teams and leagues believe that eSports could be a massive betting market, that is if anyone could ever figure out how to regulate it; you might one day have a multi-tiered game broadcast that allows you as much betting content as you chose; in-play betting remains the focus of major sportsbooks and pro sports leagues for attracting new customers.

Sugar Ray Leonard and Jason Robins Interviews

Retired former boxing champion Sugar Ray Leonard offers his thoughts on retirement and what brought him to the trade show. He hugged a lot of folks and had them literally leaping into the air for T-shirts.

DraftKings CEO Jason Robins offers his insights into the gaming industry, where his daily fantasy and sports betting platform fits, and where this is all headed.


1:43 – Happy PASPA Independence Day.

4:17 – State legislatures update.

6:00 – How many states will have legal sports betting in a year?

8:00 – An important promotional message.

10:01 – Come for the sports betting talk, stay for a hug with Sugar Ray Lenoard.

15:00 – Draft Kings CEO Jason Robins.

22:05 – eSports was a hot topic.

22:35 – Will you have a three-tiered gambling-only channel for your sports in the future? There were clues.

24:05 – The National Football League’s heir apparent said they might have underestimated the size of the black market.

25:00 – Ryan takes umbrage.

25:43 – Brant restores order.

27:40 – Analyzing the possibility of a multi-tiered gambling sports contest.

29:15 – Millennials are supposedly a big deal.

30:22 – Ninja was a big deal at ICE North America.

32:10 – Breaking down the NBA conference finals.

39:26 – Toronto vs. Milwaukee.

39:53 – Brant’s hot take on the Bucks series. He’s no loafer.

42:00 – Are the Golden State Warriors unstoppable?

46:00 – Game of Thrones breakdown.

48:30 – Who’s going to be on the Iron Throne?

51:20 – Why did Game of Thrones do this to the characters?

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