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Logic of Sports Betting Authors (Part 2), Women’s World Cup

Logic of Sports Betting Authors (Part 2), Women’s World Cup

In what one co-host called "the best episode ever," Ryan is joined by recurring guest Thom Cunningham to fill in for Brant James, who decided he'd rather be skiing the Swiss Alps (seriously). In Brant's absence, Ryan and Thom discuss the top betting news of the week as well as important developments to come, and we hear the second of a special two-part interview with Ed Miller and Matthew Davidow, co-authors of “The Logic of Sports Betting.”

Badder Beats Episode 30

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Illinois Sports Betting (Amazingly) Passes

After more than a year of legislative back-and-forth, the Land of Lincoln managed to balance competing gaming interests and pass a sweeping gaming bill that allows online and in-person betting (along with a "Mega" casino in Chicago). Ryan explains how this came to fruition, what this means for gaming and what to expect for Illinois sports bettors.

How the Andy Ruiz Jr. Fight Changes Boxing, Gambling and the Media

We continue to ponder Ruiz's incredible upset over Anthony Joshua
Looking forward, the Ruiz win only means more interest for the sport - and those who like gambling on it
Why DAZN (aka 'Da Zone') was also a big winner

The American Gambling Awards (Plus How YOU Can Attend)

We break down the award event of the online gaming calendar
We share how you can join us June 18 at Monmouth Park for the awards. Spolier, it's by emailing [email protected]

Intervewing Ed Miller and Matthew Davidow (Part Two)

(A pre-recorded) Brant takes us through the second part of our interview with The Logic of Sports Betting co-authors
How to model (and make money) on in-play betting
The myth of "public money"
How tax policy could impact sportsbooks and the industry as a whole

Women's World Cup Betting Preview

U.S.A! U.S.A! Why America is your best bet (and some other need-to-know trends)
A less sophisticated analysis of why Alex Morgan will (or will not) win the Golden Boot

Stanley Cup Finals

Our best bets for the last three games of the Stanley Cup Finals
Does this close series go Six or Seven?

Warp-Up (Sans #OddBet)

We conclude episode 30 without our signature #OddBet. It wouldn't be the same without Brant
We remind you how you to attend the 2019 American Gambling Awards (see above)... and wish Brant a safe trip home

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