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US Open Betting Preview with Eamon Lynch, NBA Finals

US Open Betting Preview with Eamon Lynch, NBA Finals

Brant overcomes jet lag from his tour of Europe, then we talk with Golfweek columnist and Golf Channel contributor Eamon Lynch. We also go over the NBA Finals - and predict the winner of a Stanley Cup finals game that already happened. Plus we rip on Brant more as he announces his new-found love for cappuccinos and long-standing appreciation for opera.

Badder Beats Episode 31

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Brant returns to tells his travel stories. You can skip this part.

NBA Finals Game 6

Brant and Ryan ruminate on an epic Game 5 which may have changed the sporting world (please credit Ryan with that take) and the subsequent gambling ramifications
Betting #Analysis on Finals Game 6. Fade accordingly
Jet lag sets in, Drake is mentioned and our hosts go on a (way-to-lengthy) diatribe about sports fans they dislike along with other important matters

The American Gambling Awards

We tell you (yes you!) how you can attend the American Gambling Awards(!!)

Intervewing with Eamon Lynch on the U.S. Open

The most important question – how beautiful is Pebble Beach?
Breaking down the betting odds with an (actual) expert, and you know we’re talking Tiger
Eamon explains the strengths and weakness of Brooks, Rory, DJ and the other betting favorites battling against Tiger this weekend
Can phan phavorite™ Phil Mickelson win the career Grand Slam this weekend? Who knows! But Aemon reveals how many career strokes Phil has shot in his career
Speaking of golf and gambling… Eamon gives his perspective on the evolving relationship between the game and legal betting
Eamon reveals his U.S. Open best bets
Our hosts don’t let their gracious guest conclude his interview with dignity by brining up an old prediction that didn’t age too well
Brant lets us know he’s “not a big golf fan” which begins a highly informative discussion on betting from the information learned in the above interview

Stanley Cup Finals "Preview" (After the Fact)

Recorded before Game 7 but released after it took place, our hosts announce their picks they would have made

Wrap-Up (AKA the Return of #OddBet)

The hosts close with their #OddBets on the biggest sporting events of the weekend: The 24 Hours of Le Mans and the College World Series!

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