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Badder Beats 20: Golden Boy and Co. on Sweet 16

Badder Beats 20: Golden Boy and Co. on Sweet 16

Badder Beats deploys a full arsenal of college basketball sages on the eve of the Sweet 16.

Ryan Butler is not among those experts, as his office pool bracket has gone over a cliff as if pushed by Scar.

Brant James' bracket is much more prideful - as in 14 of 16 and a whole Final Four - but cedes the microphone for Bookies.com contributors Steven "Golden Boy" Golden, David Caraviello, Thom Cunningham and Trey Killian, each getting granular with their own region.

There is obvious jealousy over the lone perfect bracket in the universe, submitted to NCAA.com by Columbus, Ohio doctor Gregg Nigl.

Pivoting from basketball, Ryan plugs Major League Baseball teams into his Excel spreadsheet and prophesizes an even worse year for the Baltimore Orioles than expected. Math.

Episode 20 Time Stamps:

7:30 - David Caraviello on the East Region.

16:44 - Thom Cunningham on the South Region.

26:19 - Golden Boy on the Midwest Region.

29:00 - What if Bruce Pearl exploded?

31:02 - Kentucky deep state info alert.

36:01 - A Golden Boy stat to make you dizzy, and maybe race to a state where sports betting is legal.

38:02 - Trey Killian on the West Region.

38:03 - Trey says Gonzaga is going to win it all.

58:45 - Brant and Ryan divert from March Madness for an #OddBet challenge involving the Florida Derby and Major League Baseball. Not at the same time.


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