NCAAB Expert Picks

Check out the top college basketball bets - from against the spread to totals -- throughout the college basketball season.

Why Should I Trust Bookies for Free NCAAB Picks?

When it comes to an upset-mad sport like college basketball, bettors need advice they can trust. Our experts have years of experience both covering and handicapping college basketball games, making them finely-tuned to how matchups, coaching styles and offensive and defensive systems impact the final result. They go beyond the stats and star players, diving deep into each matchup to provide picks and analysis you won’t find anywhere else.

Are the Best Odds Always Shown for Each NCAAB Pick?

College basketball odds at come from the top licensed and regulated sportsbooks in the United States with the top odds presented with each pick. That variety gives experienced bettors the option of shopping around for the most favorable odds, and first-timers the ability to find special offers. Odds are also updated every minute, providing bettors with the most up-to-date information to help them make the best bet.

How Can I Do My Own Research For NCAAB Picks?

Homework is the first step toward being a successful bettor. Even though the experts at are experienced at handicapping college basketball games, performing your own research can make you a more educated and confident bettor. Toward that end, features a number of helpful features including a news section that updates bettors on important information such as injuries and line moves, and a public consensus betting tool that shows where the majority of wagers are going on any given contest.

What are NCAAB Picks Against the Spread?

The point spread is the most popular type of college basketball bet. It involves a number (or “line”), and the favorite has to win by more than that much in order for the bettor to collect. The underdog can be a winner if it loses by less than that same amount. If the line is Duke -8 Virginia Tech, for example, the Blue Devils have to win by nine or more points for the bettor to win. If you’re betting the underdog, the Hokies have to lose by seven points or less — or win outright — for the bettor to collect.

Point spreads can also include half-points, and often do to avoid “pushes” in which no one wins or loses. If the line is Villanova -6½ Georgetown, for instance, the favored Wildcats must win by seven or more points for the bettor to collect. If the bettor is wagering on the Hoyas, losing by six or less (or again, winning outright) makes him or her a winner. Point spreads can also change depending on how much money is bet on one team or another, so savvy bettors know to shop around to find the best number.

I’ve Made My NCAAB Pick, Now What?

Once you’ve spotted a college basketball game with odds to your liking, it’s time to make the bet. If you live in one of the states that allows legal sports betting, that’s as easy as signing up at one of the many reputable U.S.-based sportsbooks that experts have researched and reviewed. First-timers should make sure to look for promo codes that come with bonus offers.