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Expert Golf Picks

Dig into the latest golf odds and PGA picks for this week's event. From betting on a prop bets such as a missed cut by Tiger Woods or who will be the eventual champion, our experts have you covered.

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Why Our Golf Picks Can Be Considered Real Expert Picks

Our expert handicappers have spent decades covering golf and know everything there is to know about golf betting. Including which courses favor which players, who's a big hitter or an ace putter and who's in the middle of a hot streak or a slump. That knowledge is grounded in years of real-world experience, some of it spent at actual courses talking with the players themselves. Looking for tips on Tiger, Bubba, Justin and the rest? They've got you covered. It's all distilled to provide tips and expert golf picks that help you make the most informed bet possible.

Are Odds Displayed The Best Odds For Each Pick?

Golf odds can change literally as quick as the weather, and Bookies.com makes the most up-to-date lines available from top sports betting sites so bettors know they're getting the latest information. Plus, the array of top online sportsbooks featured at Bookies.com are all legal and registered in the United States, offering sports betting fans the option of comparing lines to find the most favorable odds for the golf bet they're looking to place.

Should I Do My Own Research When Making Golf Picks?

As is the case with all sports gambling, there's no question that the more information a bettor has, the more informed a wager will be — and the better the chance it has of cashing. So, while the golf handicappers at Bookies.com have years of expertise they put into each pick, bettors should absolutely look for statistical trends and breaking news that impact the result of that week's golf tournament, whether it be the PGA Championship or just a run-of-the-mill PGA tour event. There's plenty of golf information available online and on social media, and all of it can make for a better bet.

What To Consider When Making Golf Picks

Every golf tournament presents a new set of variables that can play a role in determining the outcome. The No. 1 factor is the course, which can be wildly different week to week. Some are known for their length, their rough, their wind or their tricky greens, and there's a different type of player built to excel at each one. And given that not every player competes each week, some fields are weaker than others, perhaps offering better potential for a strong player to rise above the rest.

Weather should be taken into account when making PGA picks, given that some players hit lower-trajectory shots that better handle persistent wind, and older players can struggle in cold, damp conditions. And slumps are very real; players in the midst of struggle often tinker with everything, which can make their results worse — and make them tough to back, even if they've enjoyed lots of past success. Savvy golf bettors weigh each factor when choosing their wagers for that week.

What Are The Most Common Types of Golf Picks?

It's easy to diversify your golf bets. Not only are there often lines available on multiple tournaments each week, but there are many different types of wagers than can make golf betting more fun. Here are a few of the most common:

To Win: Picking one player to win the tournament. This can be hard, given that fields can encompass 156 players, and nobody wins every week. But since odds on even top players are usually pretty favorable - +1200 on Rory McIlroy, for example, means a bettor wins $1,200 for every $100 wagered — it's tempting nonetheless to try to pick a champion.

Finishing Position: Wagering on a player to finish in the top 5, top 10, or even the top 20, top 30 or top 40. In each case, your odds of winning get better, but your potential payoff gets smaller. Bubba Watson could be a +350 bet to finish top 10, but -162 to finish top 40 — meaning you'd need to wager $162 to win $100.

Each Way: A wager on a player not just to win, but also to "place," which means finish within a certain number of places, such as four or five, set by the sportsbook. The odds aren't as good as betting on a player just to win, but chances of cashing in are better, since the double bet acts as a kind of insurance.

Make/Miss Cut: Betting on whether a golfer will make or miss the cut. Even the greats have some tournaments that just befuddle them, and unheralded journeymen can break through in a given week. You'll typically find more value in wagering on a missed cut bet, particularly if it's one of the favorites.

Prop bets: Fun bets that have nothing to do with who wins. Will a golfer make a hole-in-one or an eagle in a certain round? Who will win a matchup between two players (finish with the better score)? Will the winner lead wire-to-wire, play in Sunday's final group, or prevail by a certain number of strokes? Props can vary by sportsbook, and you will typically find more for major championships or the FedEx Cup.

Where Can I Find Winning Golf Picks This Week?

For just about every PGA Tour event, the sports betting experts at Bookies.com provide proven tips and expert golf picks backed by their own personal knowledge and savvy insight into the sport. Interest in golf betting spikes during the majors, and Bookies.com handicappers are always ready with picks and information that help you make your best bet.

I've Made My Golf Picks, Now What?

After examining the betting lines available for this week's event from the legal sportsbooks featured at Bookies.com, click on the golf odds and you'll be taken to that sportsbook's website. Then, just sign in and place your bet. First-timers need to register but will also receive a promo code for a bonus offer. It's all fairways and greens from there.

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