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NFL Playoff Odds

One of the best ways to bet on the NFL is by doing so in the playoffs. There are a variety of ways individuals can bet on the playoffs, making the final few weeks of the football year all the more fun.

The most common way to bet NFL playoff odds is to bet on a single game. Like the regular season, individuals can place bets on the point total, point spread or the moneyline. However, because these are prime-time games, they will attract more bettors, meaning NFL playoff betting odds can shift significantly over the course of the week.

In the playoffs, the home team will almost always be favored as they will always be the higher seed. Usually, that means they were the better team during the regular season and thus were award home-field advantage. However, upsets, specifically in the wild-card round, are very common. Make sure to follow the NFL playoff betting lines and check to see where the consensus is betting before kickoff.

Another way to bet in the playoffs is by choosing conference winners. Before the wild-card round kicks off, individuals can place bets on who they think will emerge victorious from a given conference. Typically, the higher seeds will have better odds as they have secured home-field advantage.

The top two teams in each conference only need to win two games to reach the Super Bowl, thus impacting their conference championship odds.