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Here on Bookies you’ll find the latest NFL football odds and can compare betting lines selected from the best NFL betting sites.

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Our NFL odds page includes point spread, moneyline and total betting for every game during the week. Experienced bettors know it’s important to track NFL odds on a daily basis. This gives you an understanding of how the lines are moving and why, whether it’s based on injury reports, sharp money or even changing weather conditions.

This is the same information our NFL tips and picks experts are using to place their pro football wagers. Keeping an eye on the best NFL odds each week serves as a huge advantage. Here you’ll find the tightest lines that most accurately reflect the NFL betting market in order to make the most profitable decisions from the regular season to the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl.

How Do NFL Odds Work?

Top NFL handicappers and sportsbooks set the point spread, moneyline and total for upcoming games. These are known as opening lines, which will begin to set the NFL odds market for the week. Top NFL sportsbooks then react as the money comes in and adjust the lines throughout the week. It’s not only about how much money comes in on a given team. It’s about where the money is coming from. Wagers from known “sharp bettors” can swing point spreads throughout the week as sportsbooks adjust up until Sunday.

Point Spread

The most popular NFL bet is the point spread. Sportsbooks and handicappers set the point spread to even things out in a game with two mismatched teams. Let’s say the Houston Texans are 10-2 and hosting a 3-9 Miami Dolphins team. Obviously, very few would bet on the Dolphins to win straight up in this one-sided matchup. Spread bets essentially level the playing fields for bettors and could look something like this.

  • Miami Dolphins +14 (-110)
  • Houston Texans -14 (-110)

This means the Texans are a 14-point favorite. They will have to have a margin of victory of 15 points or more in order to cover the spread for Texans bettors. Betting on the underdog Dolphins means you’ll cash in if they lose by 13 or less. The -110 indicates bettors must risk $110 to win $100. That extra $10 on $100 bets is the industry standard for something called the vig, or juice — essentially a small tax added to every bet and collected by the sportsbook on losing tickets.


NFL total bets, also referred to as the over/under, pay out based on the total combined points scored by the teams. These NFL odds don’t have anything to do with the final result or margin of victory from a win-loss perspective. Here’s how these betting lines would look for a standard game.

  • Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles
  • Over 49 (-110)
  • Under 49 (-110)

  • You bet on whether you think the total amount of points scored in the game will be more or less than 49. The over could hit with a final score of Vikings 27, Eagles 24 or Vikings 43, Eagles 7. It doesn’t matter how much either team wins by. Same goes for the under. These NFL betting lines are very popular wagers and completely different than point spreads in terms of strategy.


    This one is simple. Pick the winning team and cash in. These NFL odds don’t have a point spread. Instead, they adjust the betting lines from a risk/reward standpoint. Bettors risk a lot to win a little on heavy favorites. And they can win a lot with small-risk plays on heavy underdogs. Let’s say the New York Giants are a 10-point favorite in their matchup with the Denver Broncos. Here’s how those odds would look on the moneyline.

    • Denver Broncos +325
    • New York Giants -450

    Bettors would need to risk $450 to win $100 on a Giants moneyline bet. It doesn’t matter how many points they win by. If they win by even a single point, the bet pays out. Bettors who want to roll the dice with the Broncos’ moneyline odds would win $325 on a $100 bet if the Broncos pull off the upset. NFL betting lines don’t always reflect the league’s parity. Big upsets happen all the time. That’s why underdog moneyline bets are popular, and often lucrative.

    Sometimes moneyline odds might show up as fractional or decimal odds. You can easily convert those to more familiar American odds with our free odds calculator.


    Parlay betting combines multiple NFL odds for a low-risk, high-reward wager. Bettors can pick any number of point spread, moneyline or total bets and combine them into a parlay. The more games in the parlay, the bigger the payout. A three-game parlay would look like this and payout roughly $300 on a $50 bet.

    • Houston Texans (-14) over Miami Dolphins (-110)
    • Minnesota Vikings-Philadelphia Eagles Over 49 (-110)
    • New York Giants (-10) over Denver Broncos (-110)

    If all three bets are correct, the parlay is a winner. But they all need to hit. Winning two of the above bets while losing one equals a losing parlay ticket.

    Adding an underdog moneyline bet into a three or four-team parlay would lead to a much bigger payout. Use our free NFL parlay calculator to get exact numbers instantly and make the best betting decisions.

Are These The Bets Odds for Each Game?

Our NFL odds page is always updating with the latest point spreads. Whether you want Super Bowl odds or the total on a regular-season game, you’ll find it here. Some offshore books or social media users post point spreads that are outdated. That’s why you should always stick to the legal, licensed and regulated sportsbooks you’ll find here at

These odds are updating in real-time and constantly changing in connection with our recommended NFL betting sites. Make sure to bookmark this page so you can jump on those betting lines you like early and stay on top of NFL point spread movement all week. And it’s not just game odds you can compare.

How Often Do NFL Lines Change?

NFL odds change throughout the week for a variety of reasons. It all depends on the opening line set by handicappers and bookmakers, and how the betting market reacts to it. It’s not necessarily the case for every game. Home-field advantage is generally worth three points for the home team in spread betting. So, the Baltimore Ravens could open as a 3-point favorite over the Jacksonville Jaguars in Baltimore. If public and sharp bettors generally agree these teams are dead even, the line could stay Ravens -3 for most of the week.

Those are rare examples, though. Most NFL betting lines don’t fall so conveniently into the 3-point home-favorite range and change as more and more bettors impact the line.

All it takes is one massive bet to change a spread by one point or more. Bookmakers also notice when sharp bettors all seem to agree on a point spread and will adjust accordingly.

Injury reports also have a big impact on NFL odds. It’s a violent game and star players such as quarterbacks are often listed day-to-day or questionable early in the week. The Ravens are obviously a much better team with Lamar Jackson at quarterback, so any injury or uncertainty about his health could swing the betting line in either direction.

How Does Having The Latest NFL Odds Help Me Win?

Successful NFL bettors need to know when the line changes, and they need to know why. Sure, some bettors will have success simply by watching a few games and basing their NFL bets on instinct and the eyeball test. These bettors are almost never consistently profitable over the course of a season.

The best sports gamblers know that what happens at the sportsbook is just as important. has all the tools necessary for NFL bettors to stay on top of the game from every angle. That includes NFL futures bets, which can be extremely profitable for bettors who recognize value before the public does.

Our NFL consensus page shows how the market is reacting to NFL odds throughout the week, showing the percentage of bets made for either team. If you’re absolutely sure the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are going to cover, check the consensus page first. If something like 80-90% of bettors agree with you, it might be time to step back and re-evaluate. Those breakdowns help identify point spreads that look too good to be true.

NFL online sportsbooks aren’t perfect, though. Sharp bettors can sometimes find NFL point-spread trends and over/under trends that lead to consistent profits over the course of the season. Often that’s because public bettors don’t notice or simply prefer to bet favorites and overs.

Our handicappers making weekly NFL picks take all this and more into consideration, using the same tools at your disposal. If you don’t have time to look through it all before a given game, rest assured our picks team with decades of experience is on top of it. These experts are a valuable resource for bettors who just want a quick pick or anyone looking to compare their own research and strategies.

These odds tools are free, and they’re all you need to start making smarter NFL betting decisions.