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Best DFS Sites: Top Daily Fantasy Sports Apps 2024

In the mid-2000s, sports fans began to see the emergence of the growing daily fantasy sports sector. In 2009, FanDuel launched and it changed the way that we played fantasy sports forever. When sports fans realized that they did not have to play season-long fantasy contests, but that they could now play in contests that lasted just a day instead, the entire industry began to take off. Not long after, DraftKings launched and became the main competitor to FanDuel. The landscape was changed forever.

In the years since, daily fantasy sports has transformed into a multi-billionaire dollar industry that is ingrained in every fabric of our sporting life. You simply cannot watch a sporting event these days without daily fantasy sports being mentioned, which shows just how quickly DFS sites have infiltrated our consciousness. Between daily fantasy sports and traditional sports betting, there is something for everyone these days. But sports bettors must also be smart shoppers.

It is super important to know everything you possibly can about daily fantasy sports and the various DFS sites offering the games before you give your hard-earned money to these apps. We are here to help you find out the best daily fantasy sites in 2024. We are going to help you find the best app that meets your needs as a sports bettor: An app that is safe, secure, and has an easy-to-use platform. It is important to be aware as a consumer of what you are investing in, and daily fantasy sports can be a significant investment for sports bettors. We will help you find the right DFS site to meet your particular needs for fantasy betting. Read our full review of the daily fantasy sports sites below.

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Best DFS Sites and Apps

There is no better time to play daily fantasy sports than right now. Given we are over 10 years into DFS sites as a concept, there has been so much evolution over the years and there are now so many players in the space. Ultimately though, there is one reason why we keep coming back to playing these games: The chance to win big money. If we couldn't win money, then we wouldn't play with these DFS sites.

Therefore, I would argue that the No. 1 quality that sports fans look for in a DFS site is actually financially motivated. If there is the chance to win a lot of money, especially with a small risk, then that is the top thing that draws people back to playing the games. After all, there is a reason why these DFS sites advertise their top prizes so prominently. As human beings, we are conditioned to want to add resources to our coffers to make our lives easier, and DFS sites allow us to win potentially large amounts of cash, often with a small risk. But there are other considerations to choosing a DFS site.

In addition to the financial component of it, sports fans are also looking for a sports betting app that offers a variety of contests in a number of different sports, an easy-to-use app, and safe and secure banking. These are all important considerations when it comes to choosing a DFS site. When you are spending your hard-earned money, you want to know that you are playing with a DFS site that is going to give you an amazing experience. With so many great apps out there these days offering so much variety when it comes to daily fantasy sports betting, there is something for everyone now.

Best Daily Fantasy Sites 2024

PrizePicks was created in 2018 by Adam Wexler, who wanted to create a new and improved DFS app using all of the knowledge that he had picked up during his time working in the DFS field. The result was PrizePicks, and this DFS app has quickly been growing and expanding ever since. PrizePicks is one of the top up-and-coming alternative sites out there to play DFS on now.

At PrizePicks, you play DFS against the house (and not against other DFS players) by picking players and deciding whether or not they will meet certain statistical milestones.



FanDuel was founded in 2009 by Nigel Eccles, who believed that he found a great alternative to the traditional season-long fantasy sports leagues. With FanDuel, Eccles figured out a way to cut season-long leagues into just one day, and it changed the world of daily fantasy sports forever. In 2018, Paddy Power Betfair -- now known as Flutter Entertainment -- purchased FanDuel.

FanDuel offers up a variety of fantasy sports betting contests in a number of different sports. At FanDuel, you are given a salary cap and then you have to fit in a number of athletes into the salary cap. Games offered include both cash games and guaranteed prize pools. FanDuel offers some of the biggest money games out there and is one of the more popular daily fantasy sports sites.

DraftKings Sport


DraftKings was founded in 2012 by a group of three friends including Jason Robins, who is currently the CEO of the company. Though it launched a few years after FanDuel, DraftKings has quickly made up for it as it has become the top daily fantasy sports site in the country. At DraftKings, sports fans have the opportunity to win copious amounts of money by playing fantasy sports against other DFS players.

At DraftKings, the leader in the DFS industry, you are not going up against the house. Instead, you are playing against other DFS players in either head-to-head, 50/50, or in guaranteed prize pools. DraftKings offers huge prizes for its users and it also offers a great rewards system that is similar to giving out free bets on traditional sports betting apps. When it comes to DraftKings vs FanDuel, you are choosing between playing with the best two DFS fantasy sites, so you really can't lose.

When it comes to the differences between FanDuel vs DraftKings, there are several to consider when it comes to how fantasy scores are tabulated. First off, scoring. At DraftKings, players get a full point per reception in the NFL, compared to just half a point in FanDuel. In addition, DraftKings offers certain bonuses for players hitting statistical benchmarks, such as a quarterback throwing for 300 yards.In MMA, for instance, DraftKings offers bonus points if your fighter wins by stoppage in the first minute of the fight. Second, there are slight differences in roster construction between the two apps depending on the sport. In general, DraftKings and FanDuel are similar, but these little differences do matter.

Levine has said that he is going to take over the DFS industry and become the top player in the business over FanDuel and DraftKings. While he is still just getting started, there is a lot to like about Underdog Fantasy so far. The app got Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank guru Mark Cuban to become one of its top investors as it looks to become a major stakeholder in the DFS industry going forward.

One thing to like about Underdog Fantasy is that it offers a mixture of both season long and daily fantasy contests. While the traditional DFS sites try to specialize in one or the other, Underdog Fantasy offers several options. It's almost like a one-stop shop when it comes to daily fantasy sports betting. The other main difference to note is that Underdog Fantasy does not use a traditional DFS salary cap.

Types of Daily Fantasy Sports Contests

There are a number of different types of daily fantasy sports contests that these DFS sites offer. Some of the different types of games are listed below as we explain to you the difference between them all.

DFS Tournaments (GPPs)

DFS tournaments are known as GPPs, which stand for Guaranteed Prize Pool. These are the big contests that you see DraftKings and FanDuel which sometimes offer $1 million Grand Prizes to the winners, though there are of course much smaller GPPs out there. Essentially what a GPP offers is the chance to win guaranteed money, meaning that the pool will pay out the guaranteed prize pool even if it doesn't fill up. Most of the time, these games fill up, and most of the time, you are going to have several thousands of opponents to go up against, and sometimes even hundreds of thousands. While it might seem daunting at first, remember that everyone else is in the same boat. While you don't have the best chance of winning in a GPP, if you do well, you are likely going to win a lot of money.

DFS Cash Games (H2H, 50/50)

There are two types of cash games, head-to-head, and 50/50. In a head-to-head cash game, you would be going up directly against one other player. Whoever scores more fantasy points of the two DFS players would win the entry fees that both the players put up, minus the rake that the DFS betting sites take (it is typically around 10%). A 50/50 game works similarly, except you are going up against a bigger field. In a 50/50 game, you need to finish in the top 50% of the DFS competitions that you entered into in terms of fantasy points on your fantasy team in order to cash out and win money. Cash games are easier to win than GPP tournaments, but the potential top prizes are almost never as high.

Snake Drafts

In a snake draft, you would be given a pool of players and then you and the other DFS players in the tournament would pick them in a snake draft. This is similar to what traditional season-long fantasy sports, as only one user would be able to have each player in the league. Snake drafts are available for both season-long tournaments as well as daily fantasy tournaments. If you don't want to figure out the salary cap, then you might be better off trying a snake draft and not worrying about ownership percentages.

Best Ball

With Best Ball, users join a season long fantasy league and then pick players for their team. Instead of having to change your lineup every week, in Best Ball, you do not have to worry about swapping your players in and out of your lineup. Instead, the highest-scoring players will be on your team at the end of the week. If you are a busy person and find it difficult to constantly maintain your season-long fantasy sports leagues, then Best Ball is a good alternative.

Beginner Contests

New users to certain DFS sites such as DraftKings are able to play in beginner contests. These contests are limited to users who have played in less than 50 games on the site, and they are often very low risk to play. For example, there might be a free roll beginner contest out there. These beginner contests are a great way for new DFS users to get their feet wet at the best DFS sites before they decide to deposit more money. You can only play 50 contests before you are no longer classified as a "beginner."

Daily Fantasy Showdowns

Daily fantasy showdowns are basically single-game contests for daily fantasy sports. For example, a normal NFL season Sunday slate features around 12 games, and you would be able to select players from all of those games. In daily fantasy showdowns, this is cut down to just one game. For instance, the Sunday night football game could be the daily fantasy showdown. In this example, you would only pick players from that game, and you would pick one player to be your team's captain (the captain gets a points multiplier).

Other Top Daily Fantasy Sites

In addition to the aforementioned DFS sites, there are several other up-and-coming players in the DFS space that offer alternative ways of playing fantasy sports. Let's start with ParlayPlay. This is a newer DFS app that offers users the chance to parlay bet several players and then choose whether or not they go over or under the total. You can also choose to "hit it" and select the range where the player will end up. Remember to use the promo code BOOKIES at ParlayPlay in order to take full advantage of what the site offers new users for free. If you are looking for an alternative daily fantasy DFS betting app, then you should take a closer look at ParlayPlay.

Bets Daily Fantasy Sports Apps

We are always on the go now, so it is important that our daily fantasy sports provider offers a great sports betting app to use. With people so busy, they are usually playing DFS on their mobile devices. Therefore, it is imperative that the daily fantasy sports betting sites that you use offers the very best possible DFS app. Users need an app that is able to do banking in a safe and secure manner. They need an app that makes it easy to set the lineups for your daily fantasy sports teams, and an app that makes it easy to see all the leaderboards of the contests currently taking place. All these things lead to an improved experience.

Most DFS sites mentioned in this article offer a great DFS app of their own, and while all of them work well, there are certain providers that offer a slightly better experience than others. In my opinion, DraftKings has the best DFS app out there for daily fantasy sports. From my personal experience, it feels like it is easier to set the lineups and do everything that you need to do with the DraftKings app when compared to FanDuel, for example. Then again, considering how much capital DraftKings has invested into their app, it is not a surprise that is state of the art. That being said, the best DFS sites have a great app, including Monkey Knife Fight, which has one of the best daily fantasy sports apps.

What States can legally Play Daily Fantasy Sports?

Amazingly enough, the roots of fantasy sports began in the 1960s, but daily fantasy sports leagues didn't emerge in the mid-2000s. Up until that point, most fantasy sports leagues were season long fantasy contests. But that changed when FanDuel began to offer daily fantasy sports contests, as founder Nigel Eccles was able to find a loophole in the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) and classified daily fantasy sports as a "game of skill" --- the same way season-long fantasy is classified -- rather than a game of chance (i.e., gambling). A few years after FanDuel launched, DraftKings was created by Jason Robins in 2012. In the near decade since, both FanDuel and DraftKings have remained at the top of their perch on top of the mountain of daily fantasy sports DFS, with others popping up all the time.

As far as the legality of daily fantasy sports in the United States, it has been somewhat controversial and it has changed over time. However, the biggest question asked is if daily fantasy sports is different from traditional sports betting, and for most states, there is a difference. The federal law in the United States does not ban states from offering daily fantasy sports contests. It is up to the states themselves to decide whether to allow them or not. And for the most part, the states in the U.S. allow DFS style games.

Right now, United States daily fantasy sports fans can play daily fantasy sports contests in all but the following states: Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Washington state. In every other state in the country, there is a form of daily fantasy sports betting provided. It is worth noting that DraftKings does not operate in Oregon as of 2024, although it could return DFS contests to the state in the future. In general, daily fantasy sports contests are allowed in nearly 90% of the states in the country, including in Louisiana, which legalized daily fantasy sports just a few months ago. In the future, it is possible this number could get closer to 100%, though there are some states like Nevada where it will be difficult to get daily fantasy sports legalized given the importance of traditional sports betting.

There is one caveat to the states where daily fantasy sports can be played, as there are a number of states that will allow sports fans to play DFS, but not college sports. In addition to the five states that do not allow DFS sites (Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Washington state), there are several states that explicitly ban college DFS. For instance, Indiana has written it into law that people in the state cannot bet on college DFS. Most states do allow college DFS but there are still some holdouts.

Newest Daily Fantasy Sports Sites 2024

DraftKings and FanDuel are the big players in the daily fantasy sports world, with sites such as Betr Picks right behind them when it comes to the major sites in the world of fantasy sports. That being said, there are always creative people thinking about new ways to innovate the DFS industry.

One of the newer trends that DFS sites are heading towards is to allow different types of contests than the traditional salary cap DFS contests that both DraftKings and FanDuel offer. For example, we recently reviewed ParlayPlay, which is an excellent app that offers an alternative way of DFS pick'em games. At ParlayPlay, you are picking several athletes to essentially go over or under a total. This is a different method to the madness when it comes to a DFS site, but it is still daily fantasy sports at its core.

In addition to different types of daily fantasy sports sites, there are also sites out there such as OwnersBox which are actually weekly fantasy sports contests. While DFS started as season-long fantasy contests and then moved to a more daily format, OwnersBox is somewhere in between as it offers weekly contests. OwnersBox shows that there are always people out there with new ideas of how to differentiate the space and create new ideas and ways to participate in daily fantasy sports betting. Since we now have entire season, weekly, and daily fantasy sports contests, expect there to be someone out there who tries to corner the monthly fantasy sports market, as well. If there are new ways to evolve in this space, then there will be someone out there who comes up with a new DFS site for it.

Best Daily Fantasy Sports Sites FAQ

What is the best daily fantasy football site?

If you asked most fantasy sports users, they would likely choose between either DraftKings or FanDuel when it comes to naming the best daily fantasy football site out there, but others are making headway.

What daily fantasy sports site offers the best tournaments?

When it comes to the top potential prizes, DraftKings offers the best DFS contests and tournaments for DFS fans who are looking to score a massive payday. FanDuel is a close second, but DraftKings does seem to be at the top when it comes to big tournaments the big professional sports leagues such as Major League Baseball.

What are the best DFS football sites?

The best fantasy betting sites are DraftKings and FanDuel, but there are other apps out there such as PrizePicks, and Underdog Fantasy that also offer excellent options for bettors. There are a number of top DFS sites out there and new ones are always coming up.

What are the best daily fantasy sports promo codes?

Remember when signing up for these daily fantasy betting apps to use the promo code BOOKIES in order to take advantage of the best promo code that is being offered for new users to the apps.

What states can legally play daily fantasy sports?

Daily fantasy sports are, in general, legal to play in the United States. However, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Washington state do not allow DFS in any sort of capacity as of 2024.

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