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In golf, the objective is to go low in relation to par. In golf betting, the goal is to navigate a variety of players, conditions, courses and tournaments that make this a fun, unique and potentially lucrative sport on which to place action.

Free Golf Betting Tips

Bookies.com features a wealth of top golf betting tips, and many of them revolve around one central fact: go beyond betting simply on one player to win one tournament, which rarely wins and typically doesn’t offer much in the way of a return.

A key to successful golf betting is diversity, and taking advantage of all the different markets available: from in-play to each-way, to two-ball and three-ball, from betting the field or betting head-to-head.

These types of bets allow you to pit players against others or much smaller groups, rather than everyone teeing off that week, and improving your odds of winning in the process. They all offer the potential of better odds and better payoffs than betting on a tournament winner, and they’re especially popular during majors such as the U.S. Open.

If betting on a tournament winner, maximize value by making a futures wager, usually offered for the majors. You can make U.S. Open golf best bets well in advance of the tournament, and likely get much more favorable odds on the overall winner than you would the week of the event.

Variety is also the key when choosing an online bookmaker — you want one that prioritizes golf, providing the bettor with a wealth of bet types and player choices, rather than just the most popular. Finding golf higher in the sports drop-down menu is always a good sign, as are bets like two-ball, each-way, and others referenced above. Shopping around for the best odds is a well-worn practice, and one worth emulating. Some sites even offer free golf bets.

Betting on golf may initially seem like a challenge, given the vast field sizes of professional events, and the inarguable fact that even the best players can’t win every week. And for all the options a golf bettor has, he or she also needs to consider more variables than exist in almost any other sport: course type, weather, a player’s individual strengths and weaknesses, and recent performances all need to be taken into account when wagering on golf.

But there’s a way to whittle all that down to something much more manageable, and it begins with choosing the right bet type and securing the right odds. Want more information on how to do that? Thankfully, you’re in the right place.

Top Online Golf Betting Markets

  • To Win | Betting a player to win a specific tournament, or in some cases lead after a specific round.
  • Against the Field | A bet offering a choice between a leader or favorite, and everyone else.
  • Head to Head | Odds set between two players on who finishes higher that round.
  • Futures | Bets on who will win an upcoming tournament, or the season championship.
  • Top 3, Top 5, Top 10 | Betting a specific player to finish in the top three, top five, or top 10 of a tournament.
  • Make/Miss Cut | Betting a player to either make or miss the cut.
  • Two- or Three-Ball | Betting a player to finish with the lowest score in his twosome or threesome, in one particular round.

Top Golf Betting Events

  • The Masters | The world’s most prestigious tournament, played each April at Augusta (Ga.) National. It features wide fairways and forgiving rough, placing a premium on approach shots and putting.
  • Open Championship | Europe’s biggest event, played each July on British links-style layouts with deep bunkers and overgrown waste areas.
  • U.S. Open | Played each June on layouts featuring narrow fairways, small greens and tall rough. It’s hot, it’s hard and it takes accuracy and mental toughness to win.
  • PGA Championship | Shifted to May from August to accommodate a calendar realignment, it’s often similar to the U.S. Open in terms of layout and difficulty.
  • Ryder Cup | U.S. against Europe in an emotionally-charged biennial team event. The Americans typically have better players, the Euros superior cohesion.
  • The Players Championship | A PGA Tour showcase played on a course famous for its island 17th green.