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Expert UFC Picks

Gearing up for Saturday night and a loaded fight card on UFC Fight Island or in Las Vegas? Whether it be a moneyline bet or a great prop bet, our expert UFC picks deliver.

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Why Our UFC Picks Can Be Considered Real Expert Picks

When it comes to sports betting, few things compare to the thrill of UFC wagering. However, it can be one of the toughest sports for newcomers to pick up. Our UFC picks experts are well-versed in all the nuances and strategies to help you make better decisions when wagering on MMA. They’ve already done the research and leg work while studying the ever-changing UFC roster. They understand how to make a profit in a sport that often includes young fighters with very little film and big moneyline disparity. It’s all about knowing where the value lies, and our UFC predictions can help you identify the smart UFC bets week-in and week-out.

Are Odds Displayed The Best Odds For Each Pick?

Understanding value and finding an edge with the best betting odds is even more important in UFC. There are no point spreads, and moneylines will vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, sometimes significantly. Total rounds also differ from shop to shop – one sportsbook could set the over/under at 1.5 rounds while another has it at over/under 2.5 rounds. One could set Conor McGregor as a -315 favorite while another has him at -280. That means bettors can risk $280 to win $100 rather than risk $315. These variances make a big difference over time, and our UFC odds will always include the best value no matter which side bettors want to wager.

Should I Do My Own Research When Making UFC Picks?

Research is critical when making UFC picks, and it is important for bettors to do their own research so they feel as comfortable with their bets as possible. Many fights include newcomers or rookies from dozens of regional promotions across the world, and reliable stats aren’t easy to find, especially if a fighter is making their UFC debut. While there are countless reliable MMA journalists, few of them cover the sport through a betting lens. Our UFC picks are thoroughly researched with a deep understanding of betting and bankroll management in a unique sport. Combining your own research with our expert UFC predictions is a great way to gain an edge and find value each week in the octagon.

What to Consider When Making UFC Picks

UFC betting is all about picking your spots. With 10-12 fights on most cards, laying a big moneyline bet on every bout isn’t realistic or smart. If you like two or three heavy favorites, consider parlaying those fights for a solid payout instead of risking big money on multiple -300 or -400 moneylines. A prop bet such as method of victory can be a great way to mix it up – if a well-rounded fighter such as Justin Gaethje is fighting someone with weak wrestling defense, you could bet Gaethje to win by submission with far better odds than the moneyline.

And when making UFC predictions, the right underdog pick can be immensely profitable. A younger, inexperienced underdog with big knockout power could be a smart pick over a veteran with better overall skills. All it takes is one punch to cash on +250 and +300 moneylines.

One should also consider quality of past opponents in UFC picks. Someone might have a great record against weak fighters on the regional circuits, but experienced UFC fighters can quickly expose any flaws and weaknesses even if the record doesn’t look as impressive.

What Are The Most Common Types of UFC Picks?

Moneyline is the most common type of UFC pick. It’s simply a bet on who will win the fight. If Kamaru Usman is a -280 favorite, a bettor risks $280 to win $100. If Stipe Miocic is a +180 underdog, a bettor risks $100 to win $180.

Total rounds is another popular UFC bet. You can wager whether the fight will last over/under 1.5 rounds or 2.5 rounds. Most sportsbooks also accept bets on whether the fight will go to a decision or end in a stoppage. This is all about knowing both fighters’ styles and understanding how they match up against one another to predict how the fight will play out.

Method of victory is also offered for both fighters. Instead of predicting a win or a loss, you can choose from three different outcomes – win by knockout/TKO, win by submission and win by decision, all three of which will carry different odds based on the fighter.

Futures UFC picks are also available with odds offered for fights months in advance, or even hypothetical fights which have not been officially booked. This is a great way to spot early value and pounce before the betting odds move as more money comes in.

Where Can I Find Winning UFC Predictions?

Our UFC experts are dialed in to the sport every week of the year. Their research and analysis is available at Bookies.com for every Pay Per View UFC event, as well as other events such as UFC Fight Night. Bookies.com will also provide the best lines available for each fight and includes numerous resources such as lengthier betting guides and overall UFC betting strategies. And our free parlay calculator and odds calculator can instantly convert different odds types and provide your potential risk/payout numbers before you lock in your UFC predictions.

I’ve Made My UFC Pick, Now What?

Once you’ve done the research and settled on your UFC picks, locking your bet in is the easy part. Simply find the best odds at Bookies.com and click on the odds link to reach the sportsbook. First-time users will need to create an account and provide some basic personal information, which is why we only recommend exclusively with safe, legal and regulated sportsbooks. Once the card starts, simply settle in and get ready for a thrilling betting experience once the cage doors lock and your UFC predictions play out inside the octagon.

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