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Our expert handicappers and analysts have well over 100 years of combined experience across all sports. They have proven track records with the winning percentages to show for it, using knowledge accumulated over decades in the sports gambling business.

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Why Trust Bookies For Sports Betting Tips & Picks

Our sports betting experts put in countless hours of research on the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, college football and basketball and more. They stay on top of current trends, follow the stats and apply it to the latest injury and matchup news to provide the best advice for those who love to bet on sports. also shows a comparison of the sports betting odds from legal and regulated top online sportsbooks. So whatever game or spread you like, you can find the bookmaker with the best point spread or best value for that specific pick.

On top of their expertise, provides all the resources sports bettors need. Our betting odds calculator can instantly convert fractional and decimal odds to American odds or vice versa. The parlay calculator will show potential payouts and value on any type of parlay across all sports.

Sports Leagues We Cover For Betting Tips And Picks

Our expert sports handicappers provide betting tips on all the major American sports, sporting events and more. Sports betting profit looks the same in one’s bank account no matter if they made it on football, basketball or hockey. Whatever sport you prefer to wager your money on, our experts will be there with daily up-to-date free betting picks with the best available lines to help bettors make the most profitable decisions.


Our expert handicappers combine their years of NBA betting experience for daily picks on the Los Angeles Lakers, Milwaukee Bucks and the rest of the NBA. With stars sometimes resting due to load management and a lot of caution over injured superstars returning too soon, staying on top of the latest news and knowing how it affects the point spread is perhaps more important than any other sport. You can do that too by staying up to date with our free daily NBA picks.

College Basketball

With hundreds of teams, massive annual roster turnover and an increase in player transfers, college basketball betting is all about following movement year-round. We offer daily free picks on conferences big and small, from the Big Ten to the Horizon League. Our experts study the entire landscape so you’ll be able to make the best college basketball picks when it comes time for March Madness betting and NCAA Tournament bracket pools.


The NHL can be a little tricky for newcomers. There are no point spreads (but rather puck lines) and travel and scheduling have a huge impact. Each NHL betting handicapper has covered the game with inside access for years. You can easily get up to speed on puck lines, moneylines, over/unders and NHL team betting strategy thanks to our experts who have been in the locker rooms, watched from the press box and understand the ebbs and flows to make the most informed free daily NHL picks.


This is the pinnacle of sports betting. NFL wagering brings the biggest handle of any sport in the U.S. by far. The point spreads are as tight as can be come kickoff Sunday. That’s why our NFL betting experts are tracking lines and updates from Monday morning all the way to kickoff. That means free betting picks during the week, when there’s still value to be found on a few loose point spreads. NFL betting is considered the most difficult of any team sport. Our experts consistently prove it’s possible to beat the books and have the winning percentages to show for it. Don’t miss their free NFL picks from the preseason all the way to the Super Bowl.


NFL betting isn’t the only show in town anymore. The XFL offers a new opportunity for sports betting picks in the spring. XFL betting is relatively new, but our experts have combed through the rosters and studied the early trends. Smaller betting handles create more value on point spreads for those with all the information. Our XFL football picks will give you the best lines with the most value for your money. And our experts will continue to follow the latest roster moves and trends as the league continues to grow.


There’s tremendous value in MLB betting for those who understand baseball and its nuances. The sport is constantly changing with emphasis on relief pitchers and increasing home run totals. It’s also the only sport with unique playing fields. Every NFL field is the same, but baseball diamonds play totally different from city-to-city. Knowing how to bet the total at Wrigley Field when the wind is blowing or identifying lefty-heavy lineups that will perform well at certain ballparks is key. Our experts have done it with proven success to bring you the most informed baseball bets with our free MLB daily picks.

College Football

Fall Saturdays are defined by college football betting. Our NCAA football experts have traveled to stadiums and locker rooms across the country to bring first-hand knowledge with their sports betting tips. Keeping an eye on the transfer portal, coaching changes and early exits for the NFL are just a few of the things to stay on top of. Bowl season is also tricky to sort out in terms of motivation, point spreads and senior players sitting out to avoid injury. We study all the above and much more to provide the best free college football picks.

Common Sports Betting Tips For Any Leagues

There are some sports betting strategies that can be applied to any league. Fading the public, for example, is a popular one. All you have to do is follow the public consensus on a given game and bet whichever team or outcome is less popular. Oftentimes that means underdogs or betting the under on totals, because favorites and overs are more popular with the public. There might be baked-in value on the other side.

Betting underdog moneylines is also a common ploy. Upsets happen all the time, but some bettors never believe it until they see it. Teams with moneylines around +300 have world-class athletes as well and can get hot on any given night. These bets can lead to big payouts, especially when included in a parlay.

Our sports betting strategy guides cover several top strategies to consistently make the best sports betting picks.

Bet Smarter With Bookies is your one-stop shop for all online sports betting needs. We provide the best lines on every game. That means if you like the New England Patriots to cover against the Miami Dolphins, we’ll show the online sportsbook with the best Patriots point spread.

These are the lines our experts use for their daily sports betting picks. We cover sports betting for every league and provide years of first-hand handicapping experience. We’ll also give you the tools to help manage your bankroll and identify value with our odds calculator and parlay calculator.

Simply put, our experts are here to give you the best daily sports betting tips so you can make the most profitable sports bets on any league or during any season.