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NASCAR Betting

NASCAR betting has boomed in recent years. Online sportsbooks have embraced NASCAR wagering and the potential of posting live NASCAR odds. And they’ve done so with an unfiltered blessing from the sanctioning organization itself.

Best Nascar Betting Sites


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Latest NASCAR Odds

Get constantly updated NASCAR odds odds to help you in your college basketball betting decisions.

NASCAR has wholeheartedly welcomed wagering on its events, believing it brings more fan engagement and added viewership. It works with the best US online sportsbooks to feed real-time stats.

With 40 cars racing at the green flag, it may sound daunting to pick an outright winner. But there are many ways to bet NASCAR that include more than just picking who will take the checkered flag. That includes picking stage winners, most laps led and head-to-head props, plus NASCAR futures such as the season-long Cup championship. You can even live bet on what happens in the next lap.

The rise of iRacing has taken interest to a new level, with events during the week and every weekend that possess a stunning level of realism. Even NASCAR drivers haven taken part in the latest trend.

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What Makes a Good NASCAR Betting Site?

Ready to take the leap into NASCAR Cup betting? The next step is to find the best online sportsbooks that fit your wants and needs. Here are the things we look for when picking a betting site :

Safety & Security: Before putting any bankroll on a site, you need to know your money is safe and secure. Most of the top sites can provide this, but it isn’t always clear which have taken every safeguard. Bookies.com breaks down every legal, U.S.-based sports betting avenue to lay your wagers. We only recommend safe and secure sites and will never steer you toward unregulated offshore sportsbook that do not provide NASCAR bettors the same safeguards.

Plethora of Options: Every online sportsbook offers NASCAR odds these days, but some do not really dive deep into the racing game. Some lack live betting or a vast array of racing props.

If you want to place a few dollars on the Daytona 500, every site has that. But if you want to bet on a prop bet of whether Kyle Busch or Kevin Harvick finishes higher or that Martin Truex Jr. leads the most laps, be sure the site you’re looking to sign up with offers auto racing props. The same goes for live betting. It’s growing in popularity all over NASCAR betting sites but isn’t offered everywhere.

New Customer Perks: Many online sportsbooks offer enticing incentive programs to new customers, including bonuses where they’re basically offering free money for your account. It only makes sense to consider the bonuses offered by each site. But be sure to read the terms and conditions. Sports aren’t included in some online casino signup bonuses, and some require a large amount of money wagered before the bonus kicks in.

Smooth Interface: Every online sportsbook looks different, and some are far easier to find what you’re looking for than others. Finding a user interface you’re comfortable with lessens confusion and potential accidents. You’ll be glad you are working with a smooth site if you’re into live betting.

Don’t Be Exclusive: If you’ve located one online sportsbook you really like, great. If you’ve found two, even better. The more open accounts, the more likely you’ll have access to all the betting odds you desire. You don’t need to pick just one. In fact, having multiple accounts means you can shop for the best odds for the NASCAR driver or other bets you want to back. You can make more – or lose less – with better betting lines.

Bookies Has You Covered: Bookies.com offers reviews of fully licensed and legal books with a proven track record of reliability and trustworthiness. That means ZERO offshore bookies are featured. Gamblers looking for a place to securely and legally bet online can be 100% confident in any site reviewed and recommended by our team of experts.

How to Bet on NASCAR Races & Events Online

Betting on NASCAR races is similar to betting on any NFL game or any sport with multiple teams. But instead of point spreads and over Over/Under totals, NASCAR’s most-popular wagers are geared toward moneyline picks – picking which driver will cross the finish line first or in the Top 3 or Top 10.

Popular Bets for NASCAR

Those used to betting NFL and NBA may not be as familiar with NASCAR betting odds. For example, there is no point spread. But NASCAR has a lot of similarities with the “mainstream” team sports, and the number of NASCAR betting options is truly impressive.

Moneyline: Moneyline bets – who will win the race – is the most-popular type of NASCAR bet and offers odds similar to futures bets in other sports. While moneyline wagers in team sports might offer odds of -300 to +150 for each side, NASCAR drivers odds are far higher. Even the favorites typically range in the +500 to +750 range – in those instances, a $100 wager would bring in $500 or $750 if it hits. Strong contenders can be found higher than +1500. One correct pick on the race winner can bankroll your future NASCAR picks for months.

Placement: Picking an outright winner out of the 40 entries can be overwhelming. But picking a driver to finish in the top 3 or top 10 is available at many sites. They offer lower odds but a higher probability to win. Winning a NASCAR races takes a few lucky breaks in the course of 400-plus miles of driving. Finishing in the top 10 takes less luck.

Over/Under: Instead of focusing on the race, focus on a driver and project their finishing spot. For example, if you believe Brad Keselowski is due for a big race on Sunday, you may see a prop bet like:

  • Brad Keselowski – Driver Placement
  • Over 11.5 Place (-115)
  • Under 11.5 Place (+105)

Head-to-Head: Kurt Busch and Alex Bowman have similar odds but you have a strong belief one will do better than the other on Sunday. Head-to-head matchups – picking which driver will finish higher in a race – have grown in popularity and in availability. For example:

  • Head-to-Head Finish:
  • Kyle Harvick (-150)
  • Chase Elliott (+120)

Group Betting: Instead of picking one of 40 cars to win the race, many NASCAR bettors prefer the safer wager of picking the top finisher of a select group of NASCAR drivers. It can be as simple picking the top finisher between 4-5 drivers or could get specific, such as top finisher driving a Ford.

Parlays: Picking one race winner is tough, choosing 2-3 in a row is really, really tough. But same-race parlays are popular, combining bets with modest odds into a potentially big moneymaker. Picking Clint Bowyer to finish Under 13.5 place and Martin Truex Jr. to finish in the top 3 may each pay off in their own way, but combine them and the odds increase. Bookies’ parlay calculator lets you know the potential payoff when you link NASCAR bets.

Futures: The Daytona 500 is often considered the Super Bowl of NASCAR, but it’s the first full race of the season. The drivers do have a season-long goal, to win the NASCAR Cup Series championship. Futures are available on series champion and change week-to-week based on individual race results, from the 10-race NASCAR Playoffs to the final event of the year in November. They appear similar to Super Bowl futures:

  • Kyle Harvick +450
  • Kyle Busch +550
  • Joey Logano +600
  • Martin Truex Jr. +650
  • Chase Elliott +700

Biggest NASCAR Events for Sports Bettors

NASCAR is unique in that its first event of the season is its most popular. The Daytona 500 takes place in February and kicks off a NASCAR season that goes into November, ending in the NASCAR Cup Series Championship.

Several midseason races have nearly as much cache now. The Coca-Cola 600 is traditionally the Sunday night of Memorial Day weekend, while the week of the Fourth of July is host to the NASCAR race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Night races at Bristol Motor Speedway and Charlotte Motor Speedway draw huge interest.

NASCAR Betting Tips to Consider

Shopping and using the best odds can be advantageous, more so than other sports. Signing up for multiple online sportsbooks can win you money – or diminish your losses – in a big way with betting lines fluctuating often at the end of the week.

Other key things to look for:

Pay Midweek Attention: Teams and drivers practice on the track through the week before qualifying the day before the race. Odds can move dramatically after qualifying and drivers have locked in their starting spots. NASCAR odds are often unavailable during qualifying, so a bettor can gain a big advantage by locking in the drivers they want prior to then.

Back the Big Teams: The elite teams – Team Penske, Joe Gibbs Racing, Stewart-Haas Racing and Chip Ganassi Racing, to name a few – have exponentially more funds and staffing than the smaller teams. They also have multiple drivers, more research and information, and they work together during races. Drivers on smaller teams have an uphill climb.

Follow Trends: Teams and cars winning now likely will continue winning. You can likely narrow a potential winner from 10-12 drivers the week of the race. If a driver is struggling through the week figuring out the course, he’s not likely to so with 39 competitors trying to beat him on the weekend.

Follow Recent History: Some drivers are more comfortable on some tracks compared to others. Truex Jr., has won three of the last six events at Charlotte. The last six NASCAR races at Dover have resulted in six different winners.

Dig Deep: Recent history and progression can project what a driver may be feeling on a certain course. Looking just at victories won’t tell us much. Kyle Busch has only won two races at Phoenix, but he’s finished in the top three five straight times. He’s a perennial contender.

Bet Multiple Drivers: Betting one NASCAR driver to win it all might hit on occasion. But betting multiple drivers each race pays off in the long run. You may be waffling between Kevin Harvick and Joey Logano at Talladega, but each is posted at +800. Odds are high enough at most races that you can back multiple drivers and win if any of them cross first.

NASCAR Betting Tools to Help Your Decision

Looking for different NASCAR odds from the best sportsbooks out there? Wondering which prop bets are worth taking for Sunday’s big race? Seeking advice from some of the nation’s premier NASCAR handicappers?

Whatever the bet, Bookies.com has you covered with lines on NASCAR futures bets ranging from the Daytona 500, through the season on to NASCAR Cup Championship odds.

Bookmark the Bookies.com NASCAR odds page and return regularly to find and compare the best odds on races and Cup Series futures betting, as well as free picks and advice from the Bookies.com team of elite handicappers. You can also use our odds calculator to assess potential winnings. Bookies’ parlay calculator can also help you build a NASCAR bets ticket, calculating the potential payoff when you link bets.

Where Can I Legally Bet on NASCAR?

As of spring 2020, 17 states offer full-scale, legalized sports betting. Of those, nine have full online sports betting offerings: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Colorado and Nevada. NASCAR betting odds are sanctioned in all of those states.

More states are on the way to legalizing sports betting. Five states have taken the step of allowing sports betting but have yet to open sportsbooks, while 26 more have introduced bills to legalize but, but they have yet to pass. Wisconsin, Idaho and Utah are the three remaining states with no legislation.

Why Bet on the NASCAR with Bookies?

Bookies.com only ranks and reviews legal, online sportsbooks so there is no need to worry about which sites are worthy of your account and which aren’t. Going with a legal sportsbook as opposed to an offshore entity offers not just peace of mind, but often it leads to better customer service, including payment and withdrawal options.

There are so many ways to bet NASCAR. Bookies.com has you covered with updated odds and some of the best expert picks out there – all for free.


What does NASCAR stand for?

NASCAR stands for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.

What is a field bet in NASCAR?

A field bet means getting multiple drivers in a race, typically a collection of those with the highest odds or with no odds at all.

Can you bet on NASCAR races?

Yes! All states that offer legal sports betting allow for wagers on NASCAR races.

Where can I bet on NASCAR online?

NASCAR races are available to bet on at every major online sportsbook.

How many cars and drivers are in a NASCAR race?

A full NASCAR race is considered to have 36 starters. Most races, however, feature 40 drivers, with additional qualifiers.

What current driver has the most NASCAR wins?

Entering the 2020 season, seven-time Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson has 83 career victories at NASCAR’s highest level. Kyle Busch is second on the list with 56.

How do the NASCAR Playoffs work?

The Chase for the Cup, as it is called, features 16 drivers who qualify for a nine-race playoff using a points system through the season. Four drivers are eliminated every three races until a 10th race for the Cup Championship takes place with four racers vying for the season crown (though every race in the playoff does have a complete field).

Latest NASCAR Odds

Get constantly updated NASCAR odds odds to help you in your college basketball betting decisions.