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NCAA Football Betting has everything to satisfy your college football betting needs including odds from the best NCAAF betting sites in the US, predictions from our experts, statistics and much more.

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NCAAF Standings

12 1 0.923 L1
13 0 1 W13
12 1 0.923 W7
10 2 0.833 L1
10 3 0.769 L1
10 2 0.833 L1
11 1 0.917 W7
10 2 0.833 W1
12 1 0.923 W5
11 2 0.846 L1
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College football odds are constantly changing, and it’s tough to keep up with so many games and so many betting options. Not to worry. The live college football odds from the top sportsbooks constantly update, allowing you to compare multiple sites in real time and get the most value for your pick.


You can’t be an expert on every conference and every team. Our NCAA football experts break down the numbers, study the trends and dive into the top matchups, searching for the best values to give you their NCAAF picks every week.


On, bettors will find a wealth of the data and tools they need to track odds movements – whether they shorten or drift – and where the NCAAF consensus is settling in. All that adds up to a more informed betting decision.


If you love live betting on college football, we’ve got you covered with a constant flow of data and live statistics from the field. Not only that, you can compare different sportsbooks’ live in-game odds to locate the absolute best betting option.

Why Bet on the College Football Season?

Few things in the sports universe can match the passion and pageantry of college football. No other sport in America has the traditions and camaraderie displayed on fall Saturdays across campuses nationwide.

There are a number of ways to wager on NCAA football that those new to the game and the professionals can embrace – there are good reasons to consider doing so.

For one, if you’re planning to watch the game anyway, putting a few of your own dollars on it makes it exponentially more interesting. A bet on your alma mater may be inspired more by heart than head, but with dozens of college football games and hundred of college football betting lines available every week, there are many opportunities to strategize your wagering lineup. That goes for everything from the prime-time showdown between LSU and Alabama to Wednesday MACtion on national TV between Central Michigan and Toledo.

With fewer games per week than the NBA, MLB or NHL, there is more time to do homework and break down the games. Some pros prefer to start with one specific conference or region, really focusing on a few teams and hammering odds that don’t line up with their predictions. If you live in the Midwest and watch the Big Ten Network and all the conference games, you likely have more insight on Illinois vs. Penn State than the UCLA vs. Arizona State game on later that night.

While picking one side against the spread is the most-popular way to wager, it isn’t the only one. Moneylines (choosing a straight-up winner) and Over/Unders (total points scored in the game) are available for nearly every game, and prop bets have exploded in popularity. Perhaps you’re not sure Penn State will beat Iowa but are confident the Nittany Lions’ Heisman-contending running back will finish with more than 150 yards. Bets like that are available for the big games.

In-game betting has also become huge for the nationally televised games. The ability to lay a bet on a game as it’s unfolding is enticing. If Notre Dame takes a 7-0 lead on Alabama, the live point spread bet will adjust. If you’re convinced the Crimson Tide have the firepower to come back – or this is just the start of a Fighting Irish blowout win – you can take a side based on the updated line.

While the NFL may be king, the college game is next in line for many sports bettors, and is a big part why football is the biggest sport in the U.S. – not just in viewership but in betting. More than three-fourths of those who wagered on a sport in 2019 did so on football – no other sport is close.

What to Look for When Picking a College Football Betting Site

Before placing making your college football bets, there are many things to consider. First and foremost, you want to find a site you can trust with your money. is the place to find betting sites for your needs. We have broken down every legal sports betting option out there to lay your hard-earned cash, ranking them in several key areas. never recommends unregulated offshore sportsbooks. You will only find legal, licensed and regulated sports betting sites here. Here’s what we base our recommendations on:

Diverse Options: Every sportsbook has odds on the spread and Over/Under as well as moneyline. But is live, in-game betting part of your wagering plan? What about college football futures bets and the props? Want to bet Michigan State over Michigan but also on Texas A&M winning the national title? Be sure the site you choose has the options you want.

A parlay bet and teasers are other ways to package a few games into a single bet. Check out our parlay calculator so you can realize the potential payout when you combine a few wagers into one low-priced, high-payoff pick.

Ease Of Use: No two football betting sites look the same. Two sportsbooks may offer the same bets, but a good user interface lessens confusion and the likelihood of mistakes. You’ll be glad you found a smooth site when kickoff is minutes away and you just realized an edge that gives one team a big advantage against the spread.

Signup Bonuses: Many online sportsbooks offer solid incentive programs to new customers, essentially giving you money to wager on their site. But be sure to know what you’re signing up for. Some bonuses may require a great deal of wagering before you can reap any rewards. Read the terms and conditions carefully. offers reviews of and odds from fully licensed and legal sportsbooks that have proven to be trusted and reliable. That means ZERO offshore bookies are featured. Sports bettors can be 100% confident in any site reviewed and recommended by our team of experts.

Tips & Strategies to Consider When Betting on NCAAF

Shop Around: You don’t have to select just one sportsbook to place all your wagers. In fact, you’re less likely to find the number you’re looking for if you exclusively wager in one spot. If a site has Arkansas +5.5 vs. South Carolina but another has the Razorbacks at +7, that is a huge 1.5-point difference for the same bet. You’ll be glad you shopped around.

Don’t Bet Every Game: There are roughly 60 games every week in NCAA football. Betting on too many of them isn’t a winning strategy. Instead, find the edge in a handful of games you’re most confident in. Some weeks that could be a dozen bets, other weeks just 3-4.

Bankroll Management: Going “all-in” after losing a bet to make up for it is only going to cause further damage to your bankroll. Instead, stick with 2-5% of your bankroll for each bet. No pick is 100% guaranteed – sticking with 5% on your most-confident picks is a way to make sure you have money for the future after a downturn in luck.

College Football Betting Tools to Help Your Decision

Looking for different spreads from the best betting sites? Wondering which prop bets are worth taking for Saturday night’s Pac-12 showdown? Seeking advice from some of the nation’s premier college football handicappers?

Whatever the angle, has football bettors covered tools to help you navigate everything from the lines on this week’s action to futures bets ranging from the College Football Playoff champion to this season's Heisman Trophy winner to the winner of the SEC.

ATS trends: The LSU Tigers may have run the table in 2019 to win the national championship, but they weren’t the best bet against the spread. They weren’t even the best in the SEC. The Kentucky Wildcats went 10-3 ATS (76.9%), the nation’s best mark (tied with Navy). You can follow how each team fares on spread bets and see by how many points they covered – or failed to cover.

Over/under trends: Only three of Georgia’s 14 games hit the Over in 2019, but the Over cashed in nearly 70% of Michigan games. This page breaks down the O/U betting trends for every major college football program throughout the season, from Week 1 through the Bowl Games and the national championship game.

NCAA Football consensus: Knowing where other bettors have placed your bet may help you decide which teams to back – or which to fade. The college football consensus page indicates where bettors are putting their money.

Free NCAA Football experts picks: You need to hit more than 52.4% of your picks to be profitable in college football. It’s harder than it sounds, and only the best of the best can hit better than 53% percent consistently. More than 55% and you’re really doing well.

Bookmark the college football odds page and return regularly to find the best odds on games and futures betting, as well as free college football picks and advice from’s elite team of handicappers. You can also use our odds calculator to realize potential winnings.

Which States Allow Legal College Football Betting?

Seventeen states have full-scale, legalized sports betting. Of those, however, just eight offer online sports betting as of spring 2020: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Indiana, Missouri, Colorado and Nevada.

Five more states have passed bills allowing it but don’t yet have active sportsbooks. Another 26 states have introduced bills for the legalization of sports betting, but they haven’t been voted on. And there are three states that have nothing introduced and remain way behind the times: Wisconsin, Idaho and Utah.

The NCAA’s Stance on College Football Betting

The NCAA once held a hardline stance against betting on college athletics and would still prefer the federal government put a ban on betting college action. But that’s highly unlikely to happen, so lately the organization has focused more on betting awareness on campuses and ensuring schools and student-athletes refrain from anything that may undermine the integrity of the games.

In 2019, the NCAA rescinded a ban on holding championship bets in states that allow sports betting. Indiana – home to the NCAA and legal sports betting – is slated to host the Final Four in 2021.

Why Bet on College Football with Bookies? exclusively recommends legal, online sportsbooks so you don’t need to worry about which of the many sportsbooks out there are legitimate. Going with a legal sportsbook as opposed to an offshore entity protects you and provides reliable payment and withdrawal options. Bettors in the U.S. have no jurisdiction and zero options if something goes wrong at an offshore site.

There are so many ways to bet on college football. Whatever the wager, is in position to guide the way with a variety of tools and recommendations, plus some of the best expert picks out there – all for free.

College Football Betting FAQ

Can I bet on any college football game?

Every college football game featuring two NCAA Division I programs is typically made available by online sportsbooks, with spread bets, moneylines and Over/Unders. Some games featuring D-I teams against lower-division opponents may not be due to expected mismatch potential. NCAA Division II and III games are rarely posted, with exception of national title matchups.

What is the most bet-on game in college football?

While the Super Bowl is the main event of the sports betting world in the NFL, the College Football Playoff championship game gets challenged by marquee regular-season showdowns. Games involving Ohio State, Oregon and Florida State have seen upticks in wagers compared to some other games.

What bonuses can I get when betting college football online?

A number of sportsbooks offer bonuses for those opening new accounts, often offering money after spending a certain amount. highlights many of the top incentive programs available.

How old do I need to be to place a bet on college football?

In most states, bettors must be 21 or older. You also have to be physically located in a state with legal sports betting when making a college football bet.

How do I sign up for legal college football betting sites?’s team of experts offers reviews of fully licensed and legal bookies from who have a sustained track record of safety and reliability. Any site positively reviewed and recommended by our team of industry insiders has a strong vote of confidence. To register on a site, you will need to provide you name, address, date of birth, at least the last four digits of your Social Security number and likely a government-issued ID.

Can I sign up for multiple college football betting sites?

Absolutely. College football odds are different depending on which online sportsbook you’re on, so diversifying is a good way to make sure you find the best odds for the picks you want to make. And by signing up with multiple football betting sites, you can claim multiple welcome bonuses!

What sports bets can I make on the college football season?

Bets against the spread, on the moneyline and the Over/Unders on the final score are available for every major college football game. Prop bets, including team and individual player props, are made for some of the marquee matchups, including the College Football Playoff games. You can do a multi team parlay and futures bets, too.

What should I consider when betting on College Football games?

Do your homework. It is important to try and find an edge that oddsmakers may have missed or not accounted for fully. That includes key injuries and matchups. Season trends can also be a useful tool to show how teams have handled certain situations, such as road game performance as an underdog. Be sure to consider bankroll, typically wagering 2-5% on each game.

What is the best college football betting site?

It’s mostly determined on personal preferences in terms of betting lines offered and user interface. An informed opinion can go a long way in ensuring you sign up for the right site. has vetted every legal sportsbook in the U.S. and has evaluated each of them regarding safety, ease of use, bonuses for new customers and more.

How can I fund & withdraw from my online account?

It’s important to note the ease of not just depositing funds, but getting funds back for your winning bets. Many of the nation’s top-ranked online casinos now accept PayPal and other e-wallets such as Neteller. With most e-wallets, if you use it to deposit funds, you can withdraw into the same e-wallet account. The prepaid Play+ card was created for online sports betting and is extremely popular. You can fund it with a credit card or bank account and withdraw winnings from the card at an ATM. Wire transfers are preferred by VIPs because of their higher limits, and credit cards can be used but are sometimes blocked by financial institutions even though online gambling is legal. It’s important to do your diligence before signing up.

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