NFL Betting

Think you know who is going to win the big game or have a feeling who is going to emerge as the league’s MVP? Legal NFL betting sites like the ones you can find on allow you to test your knowledge of the game by placing bets online on moneylines, point spreads, futures bets and more.

Future Events

NFL Regular Season Betting

Online NFL betting during the NFL regular season gives individuals a variety of ways to play. They can bet on the outcome of the regular season, such as who will win the division, make the playoffs, etc. But more commonly, bettors will opt to gamble on specific games and outcomes during the NFL season. Here are the main ways players bet on NFL games online during the regular season.

Point Spread

The most common bet during the regular is the point spread, which is used to balance the two teams in a given game. In a single matchup, the Dallas Cowboys could be favored by -7.5 points over the New York Giants, for example.

A bettor would then place a bet on whether they believe the Cowboys will win by more than 7.5 points or whether the Giants (+7.5) will win or lose by no more than 7.5 points. In this scenario, the Cowboys would be considered the “favorite” while the Giants would be considered the “underdog.”


One of the NFL best bets in terms of value is going with the moneyline. To win this bet, all an individual needs to do is pick which team will win a given game. The moneyline is often listed as a number, such as -125, meaning that a bettor would need to bet $125 to win $100. If a moneyline is shown as +185, a bettor would need to risk $100 to make $185.


The last type of bet for a single game is the point total, often referred to as the over/under. This is a bet where a total number of points for the game are given, and an individual has to decide whether there will be more or fewer points scored. Like the moneyline bet, these odds are expressed as numbers, such as -115 or +110.

NFL Playoff Betting

NFL playoff bets can be one of the most enjoyable times of the year for gamblers. Like the regular season, players can bet on a single game by picking the moneyline, the spread or the point total. However, many other bets can be placed during the playoffs, as well. Individuals can bet on who they believe will win a specific conference, potential Super Bowl matchups and can place bets on who will win the final game of the year.

During the playoffs, there will often be more prop bets and alternate lines available for each game. That is due to fewer games being played during the week. Make sure to check out all of the possible lines, bets and point totals before placing your final bets.

Once the playoffs begin, you will notice that the Super Bowl odds for each team are significantly lower than they were even a few weeks earlier. Once the final six teams in each conference have officially made the playoffs, the list of potential Super Bowl winners is narrowed down.

However, that doesn't mean that value can't be found during the playoffs. Teams that play in the wild-card round will often have significantly lower odds than the teams that have clinched a first-round bye.

Before betting in the playoffs, take a look at each team’s possible route to the Super Bowl before determining whether or not to place a bet. Be aware that playoff betting typically attracts more players, meaning lines and odds can shift rapidly. Make sure to follow the lines throughout the week and keep an eye on NFL public betting as well.