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Check out the today's NHL betting odds and lines – from puck lines to over/unders to moneylines – along with our expert picks.

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Why Should I Trust Bookies for NHL Expert Picks?

If you place a bet on a sporting event, you are already confident. You have just put your money where your mouth is, after all. You’ve done your homework, and you’re expecting success. With us, this is our business, so we’re even more confident. Our writers, with more than three decades of NHL experience, are always studying the game, paying close attention to past performance, trends, injuries, starting goalies and anything else that can help bettors make more informed decisions. You can never have too much information, and when that info comes from trusted sources dedicated to the game, it’s even more useful. We even have expert reviews for the top sportsbooks in Ontario and other provinces.

Are the Best Odds Always Shown for Each NHL Pick?

Yes. There are different odds given by different bookmakers. Usually, they are very close, but not always, and even a small difference in the odds can add up night after night. The good news at Bookies.com is that you can compare real-time odds from multiple sportsbooks that are all legal, licensed and regulated in the states they operate in. You’ll always know where the best value lies at any given moment, including the many NHL futures odds offered.

How Can I Do My Own Research For NHL Picks?

Doing your own research is still important, and one of the best ways is to follow some NHL beat writers’ Twitter accounts for the latest on the teams you are most likely to be betting on. A personnel change at the last minute might go unnoticed by others, but usually a beat writer will post it. 

Study sites where NHL goalies’ home and road records are posted. Maybe they’re a lock at home, but struggle on the road? Same with offensive skaters. Data is king when it comes to NHL betting.

Best of all, stay on top of Bookies.com’s news articles. They are always tailored toward how specific information will affect the potential outcome of a game’s puck line, moneyline or over-under.

How Do NHL Picks Using the Puck Line Work?

In hockey, the puck line is another term for “the spread.” And since most NHL games rarely exceed seven or eight goals total, the puck line is almost always minus 1.5 goals. If you’re going to “beat the spread” in NHL betting parlance, the team you bet on must win by two goals or more.

Payouts are always better on puck line wins when you bet -1.5. You don’t have to have a game decided by two or more goals to win on the puck line, though. If you bet on a team to win on the “reverse puck line,” that means you are getting 1.5 goals. As long as that team either wins outright or loses by ONLY ONE GOAL, you win the bet. However, the odds on reverse puck lines are not as good as moneyline or puck line bets.

Does Home-Ice Really Matter?

Compared to, say, the NBA, playing at home is not as much of an advantage to teams. Experienced hockey bettors already know this, but why is this the case? 

A lot of reasons, but in general:

  1. It’s just harder to score goals than put up points in basketball or football games. Teams rarely can race out to big leads and just pack it in the rest of the game.
  2. A hot goalie can always make for a tough night, even against the best of teams.
  3. Coaches are so good today at devising strategies to slow opponents, especially on the road. Visiting teams generally play a more conservative style, which often makes for closer games that they can steal in overtime or a shootout.

Home teams do get the “last change,” meaning they can pair the players they want against the road team’s players, and that can and does often matter. But in general, you have a better chance of winning road underdog bets in the NHL than you do other sports.

I’ve Made My NHL Pick, Now What?

You’ve made your decision after studying the trends, including Bookies.com’s NHL consensus tool, and have checked for late developments and evaluated the odds at Bookies.com. Your next step is to select the best odds, click on that moneyline, puck line or over-under and head to the sportsbook to lock in your selection. For our Canadian bettors, check out our review of the top Canadian online sportsbooks coming to you.

For first-time bettors, remember that many sportsbooks provide promo codes for bonus offers/bets that will give you a little extra cash to throw around. After that, sit back, relax and cheer on your team.

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