NCAA Basketball Betting

With 347 teams playing in the Division I ranks, NCAA basketball betting possibilities range from lesser-known small-conference options to the big boys playing in national showcase games. Add in regional rivalries, alma maters, and other ties to certain schools or conferences, and college basketball can present plenty to offer for the bettor looking to brighten those long, dark winter nights.

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NCAAB Moneyline Betting

Moneylines can initially be confusing, because the plus/minus numbers are tough for beginners to figure out compared to spread betting. But in reality moneylines are among the simplest bets anyone can make, and they often mirror point spreads in that they can be wider or narrower depending on the margin between the two teams.

And in college hoops, where upsets are a daily occurrence, the best NCAA basketball bets can often be moneylines. They carry the prospect of a larger payout while allowing the bettor to put less money on the line, and are made for events like the NCAA Tournament where low seeds knock off favored opponents with regularity. UMBC was a +2000 underdog in 2018 against Virginia, and the historic upset allowed one bettor to collect a cool $16,000 with an $800 bet.

Other ways to delve into NCAA basketball betting include Against the Spread where linemakers set a margin favoring one team over another in a single game. An underdog would be designated by a plus sign, such as Wake Forest +11, meaning the Deacons must lose by less than that number (or win outright) for the bettor to collect.