NBA Betting

There are four major avenues to bet on NBA. Point-spread Betting consists of wagering on a favorite or underdog to cover a certain amount of points. In over-under bets bettors decide whether the two teams will score more or less than the designated point total. Moneyline bets are simple NBA bets on which team will win the game outright. Lastly, bettors can wager on over-under bets for specific player’s points, rebounds, assists, or some combination of stats in a single game.

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NBA Playoff Betting

The stakes only increase when NBA Playoff betting begins in mid-April. The same NBA betting options from the regular season are available in the postseason with a few added wrinkles.

For starters, the teams play four best-of-7 rounds, so added wagers include betting on series prices, which is essentially a moneyline bet on which team will win the best-of-7 series. Since only the league’s best make the postseason, home teams have a distinct advantage in postseason games, both against the spread and straight up (as money line options).

Teams also value possessions far greater than they do in the regular season, meaning the game slows down, possessions are longer and thus there tends to be a slight drop in scoring.

The league’s brightest stars are playing at their best, which makes NBA playoff proposition bets a popular form of wagering. Teams’ best players can post some ridiculous point, rebound and assist totals when the stakes are highest.

NBA Awards Betting

Like other team sports, the Most Valuable Player award is the most coveted individual honor. When betting on an NBA MVP, know that there are rarely dark-horse winners, but in the preseason a handful of candidates are usually closely bunched together before one or two players burst from the pack midway through the season.

The NBA is different in its other awards for a few reasons. It also hands out a Defensive Player of the Year award, a Rookie of the Year award and a Coach of the Year award. But there are also unique NBA betting opportunities on bets such as the Sixth Man of the Year award, given to the best reserve, and the Most Improved Player award, given to the player who makes a year-to-year jump to stardom.

It’s more difficult to pinpoint some of the latter awards because they generally come out of nowhere and aren’t household names until they’re frontrunners, but certain trends like an expected increase in role and playing time, a strong offseason or a jump to a contending team, where most award winners play.