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Bookies Tipster Mark Strotman
Mark Strotman
24-24 (50%) O/U L48, 33-21 (61.1%) L54 ATS
Mark Strotman has covered NBA betting extensively for, and other sports betting sites, and has written about the NBA since 2012.
Suns over Spurs
This might be it for the Spurs. Gregg Popovich's group has lost 12 of 16, most recently a home overtime loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Now they hit the road to play the Suns in Mexico City, and they're just 2-8 SU and 3-7 ATS outside of San Antonio. Phoenix, meanwhile, is 7-3 away from home, the third-best mark in the NBA. They haven't played all that well lately, but they still have the No. 12 NET rating in the NBA. The Spurs? They've plummeted all the way down to No. 22.
Hawks over Lakers
The Atlanta Hawks are terrible. They’re 6-20, have lost 14 of 16 and won’t get much better until John Collins returns. But they’ve actually done relatively well at home as far as bettors are concerned. They’re 6-6 ATS at home, including 3-3 over their last six home games. The Lakers are obviously the far superior team here, but after an emotional win over the Miami Heat on Friday, this feels like a game that L.A. could take lightly given the opponent. The Lakers have also won their last 12 road games, so maybe they’re due for a clunker?
Raptors over Nets
The Nets have gone an impressive 9-5 without Kyrie Irving in their lineup but also enter Toronto off an ugly home loss to the woeful Hornets. This will be their toughest matchup they've had without Irving, squaring off against a Raptors team that has lost four of five (and the one win was a one-point victory over the Bulls) and is desperate to get back in the win column. Luckily they're at home, where they've gone an impressive 9-3 SU and 8-4 ATS.
Heat-Mavericks Over
The Mavericks continue to hit the over at a wild pace, having surpassed the point total in 16 of 24 games. That's the highest mark in the league, and the Heat are a respectable 12-11-1 in that department as of Friday afternoon. Neither of these two teams play all that fast, but they both love the 3-pointer and are ultra-efficient (Dallas is 1st, Miami is 10th). Expect both teams to be gunning early and often, tipping the over scale easily.
Lakers-Hawks Under
If we’re expecting the Lakers to underwhelm in this one, it likely means their offense didn’t catch fire. The good news is they’ve got one of the league’s best defenses to make up for any lackluster nights – they beat the Magic this week despite scoring just 96 points. It’s going to be tough for Atlanta to get anything going against a Lakers defense that has stifled opponent after opponent. That combination leads us to believe the winner of this one won’t be much past the 110s.
Sixers over Nets
The Sixers have been just OK on the road this season (6-7 SU, 5-7-1 ATS) but this is still a team that has won nine of 10 and done it in pretty convincing fashion (fifth best NET rating). It’s why we feel confident they’ll come out strong against a Kyrie Irving-less Nets team in a rematch of last year’s chippy playoff series. Brooklyn will be on the second half of a difficult back-to-back and will be traveling. This feels like one that Philadelphia should run away with.

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Mark Strotman for
Mark Strotman
24-24 (50%) O/U L48, 33-21 (61.1%) L54 ATS
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Why Should I Trust Bookies for NBA Expert Picks

Most bettors are confident in their picks. It’s why they’re willing to wager hard-earned cash on the belief that they know what will happen in a given game. But experts are experts for a reason. Our writers study the NBA on a daily basis, paying attention to past performance, trends, injuries and line movements specifically guided toward helping bettors make more informed decisions. There’s no such thing as too much information, and when that info comes from trusted sources dedicated to the game, it’s even more useful.

Are the Best Odds Always Shown for Each NBA Pick?

Not all odds are created equal. Certain oddsmakers will list different spreads or odds based on the public consensus at that sportsbook. It may not seem like much, but the difference between one-half point or the same spread costing you $110 to win $100 instead of $120 to win $100 adds up over time. It’s why provides the opportunity to compare spreads and odds between multiple sportsbooks in real time, showing you where the best value lies at any given moment.

How Can I Do My Own Research For NBA Picks?

There are myriad sports writers covering teams locally and nationally who continually provide insights and in-game analysis to help you understand the intricacies of the game when betting on it. Stay up-to-date with all the latest NBA trends by checking out their Twitter accounts for on-the-minute news and statistics.

At, our news and analysis articles are always tailored toward how specific information will affect the potential outcome of a game’s spread, moneyline or over-under. So much can happen in a short amount of time – a player is ruled out, a trade occurs, etc. – and will always have the latest analysis on how it can and will impact bettors.

What are NBA Picks Against the Spread?

Look, there are going to be some mismatches on a nightly basis in the NBA and you’re going to want to take advantage of them. Unlike in NCAA football and the NFL, moneylines rarely get super-high, but you will see your share of -600 lines, and you might be a touch skittish of laying down $600 to win $100 back on the Utah Jazz beating the Oklahoma City Thunder.

That’s why people will look to bet against the spread instead. That moneyline equates to about 10 points, meaning all you need is for the Jazz to win by 11 or more to cash your ticket. You only risk $110 or so to win $100. Less pain if you miss on the pick.

You can also do the reverse. Maybe you like the Thunder in that game but not enough to pick them outright. Instead of betting $100 to win $450, you take the 10 points and bet $110 to win $100. Less gain, but less pain if OKC loses by a bucket. You still cash.

Does Home-Court Advantage Really Matter?

Yes, it does. Bettors have dozens of factors to consider before making a bet, and one of the most significant is home-court advantage, which has always played a role in determining the outcome of a spread. Oddsmakers certainly take that into account, but bettors leaning one way or another on a line can feel confident in the home team to push them in one direction.

But context must be considered: Is the road team just beginning a long road trip or are they on the tail end of one? Is an East Coast team that just played at home now traveling across time zones to play out West? Or is it simply the Chicago Bulls taking a quick trip to Milwaukee? Like anything in gambling, context matters. But a home team is always going to have an advantage.

I’ve Made My NBA Pick, Now What?

You’ve made your decision after studying the trends, checking for late developments and evaluating the odds at Your next step is to select the best odds, click on that spread, moneyline or over-under and head to the sportsbook to lock in your selection. For first-time bettors, remember that many sportsbooks provide promo codes for bonus offers/bets that will give you a little extra cash to throw around. After that, sit back, relax and cheer your side of the bet on.