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Expert NASCAR Picks

You don’t have to be a gearhead to love betting on auto racing, and our expert NASCAR picks will help you get the checkered flag at your favorite online sportsbook throughout the NASCAR season.

Denny Hamlin
Ryan Blaney
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Why Our NASCAR Picks Can Be Considered Real Expert Picks

The NASCAR betting experts who handicap races for Bookies.com have years of experience covering and analyzing motorsports. They know racetrack trends, driver strengths and weaknesses, where to find value and are up to date on all the changes the sport sees each year. Whether it be breaking down Daytona 500 odds of the season finale championship race, they’ve got you covered. They’ve been to tracks and spoken with drivers firsthand—all part of gathering the knowledge needed to provide bettors with the best picks and advice.

Are Odds Displayed The Best Odds For Each Pick?

Our NASCAR odds are updated to ensure that those looking to place wagers have the latest information available. Those lines are pulled from the selection of top online sportsbooks featured at Bookies.com, sites that are all legal and regulated in the United States. That gives bettors and NASCAR fans the option of comparing lines at different sportsbooks, to help them find the most favorable NASCAR odds for the bet they’re looking to make.

Should I Do My Own Research When Making NASCAR Picks?

While the handicappers at Bookies.com have years of real-world experience that go into each NASCAR pick, bettors should always conduct their own research so they can have full faith and comfort in each wager they make. It’s easy to find sites that detail statistical trends or keep up with breaking NASCAR news that may impact that week’s race. Research is a bettor’s best friend. The more you do, the more informed your bet will be.

What To Consider When Making NASCAR Picks This Week

Each NASCAR race brings a new set of factors: the track, driver preferences at that style of layout and recent performance. Unlike other sports, the “playing field” is never the same; one week it can be a half-mile short track, the next a 2.5-mile superspeedway, the next a road course. A few NASCAR drivers are very good everywhere, but most have a track style that best fits the way they drive, and knowing those strengths and weaknesses is paramount to making informed NASCAR picks.

Similarly, keeping up with recent driver performance is also important. The NASCAR season grind is unrelenting, making it difficult for drivers to pull out of prolonged slumps. On the other hand, hot streaks are real because they may be rooted in something the team has hit on from a setup perspective. Who’s performing well? Who’s not? Which driver may be at odds with a crew chief, or had a recent crew chief change? Is there a team with a mistake-prone pit crew holding a driver back? All those factors are real, and they can dictate who wins, and savvy NASCAR bettors explore them all.

What Are The Most Common Types Of NASCAR Picks?

NASCAR Cup series races, especially the most prestigious events like the Daytona 500, allow bettors to diversify their wagering portfolio by betting in several different ways. Here are some of the most common bets available:

To Win: The simplest form of NASCAR bet: You’re picking one driver to win the race. An example would be Denny Hamlin +400, which means you’d collect $400 for every $100 wagered should Hamlin prevail. Given that it’s so hard to win races – and also hard to predict the correct winner – even favored drivers can carry decent odds for the bettor.

Top 3: The odds here are a little less favorable, but your chances of collecting are also stronger. For a driver capable of winning, the odds are often in the neighborhood of +180. That’s not bad, but you can usually find more value on less-favored drivers who can sneak into the top three.

Top 10: Once again, odds value goes down, but chances of collecting go up. For top drivers, this wager can often be a negative moneyline: Say, Chase Elliott -150, meaning you’d have to bet $150 to earn $100 should Elliott finish in the top 10. But there are diamonds in the rough who carry value lines of +800 or better and have legit chances of finishing in the top 10.

Winning Team: Here you’re betting on one team to win, such as Hendrick Motorsports +200. That covers every driver in the team’s stable and offers a great chance to either double up on the driver you like to win, or hedge against that first bet.

Winning Manufacturer: You’re betting on one manufacturer – Ford, Chevrolet or Toyota – to win. A wager here can give bettors options from several different teams that all use the same carmaker, such as Penske, Roush and Stewart-Haas (all under the Ford banner). Another great way to hedge, try to multiply your winnings, or just diversify your bankroll.

Props: Fun wagers that may have little or nothing to do with the outcome of the event. In NASCAR, that can mean taking a driver to sweep all three stages or picking what range of car number (low or high) will get the checkered flag. You can also bet on the top-finishing driver within each manufacturer, such as Joey Logano +400 for Ford, which in some cases can carry more favorable odds than a top-3 finish.

Where Can I Find Winning NASCAR Predictions This Week?

You’ve come to the right place. The NASCAR betting experts at Bookies.com provide betting advice for every race of the NASCAR Cup Series season, backed by a wealth of personal experience and a keen knowledge of trends and driver histories. Whether it’s a race at Pocono, the Daytona 500 or the season finale championship race at Phoenix, Bookies.com will provide wagering tips and best bets rooted in an expertise few can match.

I’ve Made My NASCAR Picks, Now What?

After perusing the wealth of lines from the legal, U.S.-based sportsbooks featured at Bookies.com, just click on the odds and you’ll be taken to that sportsbook’s website to place your bet. If you already have an account, simply sign in. If you’re a first-timer, you’ll need to register – but you’ll also likely receive a great bonus offer when you do. Then sit back, wait for the green flag and enjoy.

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