Browns vs Steelers

Steelers vs Browns Odds

For many seasons, the Cleveland Browns were one of the biggest jokes in professional sports, but their rivalry with the Pittsburgh Steelers has never been a laughing matter.

The Browns have turned things around entering the 2019 season, and their near historic turnaround should make NFL bettors take a deeper look when using previous matchups with their rival in Pittsburgh and proceed with caution when looking at the Steelers’ dominance.

From 2010-18, the Steelers have won all but two season series against the Browns. Going 15-2-1 over that stretch is impressive, but their opponent in Cleveland was, at times, lifeless. Moving forward, the Browns and Steelers should be neck-and-neck to battle for this division, truly making this a difficult matchup to handicap.

Steelers vs Browns History

The Browns first hit the NFL in 1950 after dominating the AAFC for years. In their inaugural season, Cleveland took home the NFL Championship, starting a major rivalry with the Steelers as well. The first 20 years of this back-and-forth went more the way of the Browns. Hall of Famer Jim Brown ran all over Pittsburgh as the Browns walked away with a 31-9 record spanning the two decades.

Once the 1970s hit, things started to change for the better in Pittsburgh. Former Browns linebacker Chuck Noll took over as the Steelers head coach. Noll, along with Terry Bradshaw and others, went on to dominate the Browns and the rest of the NFL. The Browns eventually were gutted and moved to Baltimore in the mid-90s, ending the rivalry for a couple of years.

Since the return of the Browns to Cleveland, the rivalry truly struggled to rekindle any life between the teams. Mainly because Pittsburgh was so much better than the Browns. The proximity between the two cities did help, as did the recent moves by Cleveland to upgrade its team.

Memorable Steelers-Browns Games

Let’s start with a more recent moment of rare positivity for the Browns. It was December 2009 on Thursday Night Football when the Browns shocked the Steelers, winning 13-6. What makes it even more memorable was it stopped a 12-game Steelers win streak against the Browns. It was also the coldest game ever recorded between the two teams, with a wind chill of -10 degrees.

Going back a little earlier, the Steelers stopped a Browns eight-game winning streak in 1954. Pittsburgh got a 150-yard three-touchdown game from Ray Matthews in a 55-27 blowout of the Browns.

The two teams tied for the first time in 2018 as Pittsburgh jumped out to an early lead only to see Cleveland force overtime. Despite six Steelers turnovers and a bunch of Browns sacks, the game could not end with a victor.

Infamous Steelers-Browns Moments

One of the worst moments for the Steelers came as the team watched Terry Bradshaw slammed to the ground by Browns defensive end Joe “Turkey” Jones. The play itself truly represented how physical the rivalry became in the 70s. The play is also famous in many NFL Films pieces on the rivalry.

Another infamous moment came when Cleveland lost control of the series. The Steelers won 34-7 in the first week of the 2007 season. It was the first time Pittsburgh moved ahead of Cleveland in their history, and the last time for the Browns to lead the series.

Notable Players

Former Browns linebacker-turned-Steelers head coach Chuck Noll would be one of the most notable characters who made an impact with both teams. There’s also Bill Cowher, who took over for Noll and also played for Cleveland. Bruce Arians held the offensive coordinator position with both organizations. Punter Chris Gardocki was on both teams, winning a Super Bowl with the Steelers.

Steelers vs Browns FAQs

  • What is the Steelers all-time record against the Browns?
    The Steelers lead the all-time series with the Browns 75-58-1.
  • When do the Steelers and Browns play next?
    The Steelers and Browns next play on Nov. 14, 2019, with a rematch on Dec. 1, 2019.
  • When did the Steelers and Browns first play?
    The first meeting between the Steelers and Browns happened on Oct. 7, 1950.
  • Who won the first meeting between the Steelers and Browns?
    The Browns won 45-7 and went on to win the NFL Championship.