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Badder Beats 23: Tiger Time, Behind Barstool’s New Battle

Badder Beats 23: Tiger Time, Behind Barstool’s New Battle

In a 600-yard tee shot of a show, Tiger Woods sets the golf and sports betting universes ablaze – the the Venn diagram of their overlap may never recover – in winning his 15th Major and fifth Masters.

Ryan Butler and Brant James discuss how this transcendent figure and tickler of betting markets is already the favorite to win the remaining majors of the year after his upset win and Cinderella story from Augusta.

Breaking: Don't cry for the house.

Craig Cummings makes his debut to recount how megawatt Twitter personality Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports unwittingly opened a channel of discussion about illegal offshore sportsbooks. And all because Minnesota hasn't legalized!

Brant offers up the next sentimental story (that happens to be very successful) that will hammer the sportsbooks. Here's to ya, Omaha Beach.

And in #OddBet, there's some “Avengers,” some hurling, more Tiger Woods prognostication, and then Ryan goes back in the lake.


1:34 - The hosts still bask in an incredible Sunday in Augusta, a comeback for the ages and one of the most consequential moments in this new era of American sports betting. And you’ll never guess which host watched the back nine from a Chili’s.

7:55 - Wisconsin day trader James Adducci had an even better day than Tiger, winning nearly $1.2 million on a bet in a Las Vegas sportsbook and reviving the Horatio Alger myth of modern sports gambling. But our hosts aren’t so sure if this story is all that it seems. Either way, a bad day for the sportsbooks is only going to mean more money for them in the long (and short) term.

13:12 - Badder Beats announces its first road trip as the show heads to New York and New Jersey for the annual Betting on Sports America conference with the biggest names in the business.

15:15 - Ahead of the conference, Brant spoke with Betting on Sports America attendee (and Monmouth Park CEO) Dennis Drazin, who helps explain his part in the long and winding road to legal sports betting in New Jersey.

21:20 - Ryan breaks down sports betting bills gaining momentum in three states. Spoiler alert: Good news if you live in Indiana, Tennessee or North Carolina.

25:15 - Our very own Craig Cummings joins Badder Beats to explain how a mean tweet toward the founder of Barstool Sports has shined a (much needed) spotlight on an illegal offshore bookmaker – and the industry as a whole.

37:52 - We talk NBA and NHL playoff betting.

37:59 - We explain where you can actually follow key betting developments in the NBA and NHL playoffs.

39:45 - A very special #OddBet featuring Craig, the NBA Draft Lottery and Irish hurling (the sport, not a rough night at the pub).

50:35 - Brant thanks our listeners, then torments Ryan in the process.

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