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Badder Beats 13: Betting Champ* Randy Lee (plus more Charles)

Badder Beats 13: Betting Champ* Randy Lee (plus more Charles)

Randy Lee, a New Jersey-born, gambling-bred former poker dealer turned sports bettor and bison farmer reflects on his championship in the highly controversial first-annual Draft Kings Sports Betting National Championship. He has some interesting insights on how he navigated the minefield that was the Day 3, Chargers-Patriots overlap kerfuffle. He's not giving the $1.1 million prize money back, either way.

Randy Lee Excerpt on Bets, Bison and Growing Up In the Business

BRANT JAMES: Did you have any of the same problems getting bets graded on Day 3 as your competitors?

RANDY LEE: There was some stuff that hadn't gotten graded in time. Not that I didn't expect it to happen just because of, throughout the day, not just on Sunday, but [DraftKings] gave you a pretty fair warning that throughout the weekend, games overlap and even when games are supposed to finish with five and ten minutes, sometimes they don't and it takes a while for things to go through and they gave you that warning.

So I kind of took it as it was, but I missed some bets that I would have taken one way or the other, had they been graded more quickly, I guess. Some [competitors] didn't even have a chance. Some games just overlapped and it was what it was.

That's part of the reason I didn't bet my whole stack on Game 1 [Chargers-Patriots] because I knew that that was going to be the case and everyone was already all-in on Game 1, so I had to make sure that I could guarantee myself for that in Game 2 [Eagles-Saints], which is why the $47,501 went in on Game 2. I only bet on the second half in Game 1.

BRANT JAMES: Does it bother you that with the controversy some might say your win was tainted?

RANDY LEE: No, it doesn't really bother me at all.

BRANT JAMES: The checked still cashed?

RANDY LEE: Yes, the check still cashed. It's still pretty awesome. Everybody's been real cool. I'm not much for press as it is in those fashions. So, no, I'm not, I'm not here to complain one way or the other. Again, I won it. So I had the luxury of not having to be in some of the situation those guys are in.

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