Lucky 63 Bet Calculator

A Lucky 63 is made up of six selections, which combine together for a total of 63 bets. Six of those bets are singles on each selection, 15 are doubles, 10 trebles, five are four-fold accumulators and one is a five-sold accumulator.

Even if just one of those bets comes in, you will receive winnings based on the odds for that specific bet. If more bets come in, possibly all of them, then you will obviously see a higher return based on those odds.

For every £1 you put down as a stake, £63 in total will be spent on bets.

So if you place a stake of 10p, your total stake will be £6.30.

You can use our free Lucky 63 bet calculator below, to see how much you could potentially win.

# Odds EW Win/Place
£ 10.00
£ 10.00