NCAAB Consensus October 2019

Point spreads in NCAA basketball betting are fluid, and can be influenced by how much money is being bet on one team, something that occurs typically before major events — think the Final Four, or Duke against North Carolina. The more popular the team, the heavier the action, so it’s no coincidence that marquee names such as Duke and Kentucky draw the most wagering attention.

But that doesn’t mean they’re always the right bets to make. NCAA basketball best bets can often be those that go against the crowd, given that the vast amount of money going in favor of one team — and therefore influencing the point spread of the game — is coming from amateur bettors who may well be wagering out of blind favoritism more than anything else.

Use NCAA basketball public betting as a guide; if, for instance, the line on Kentucky against Michigan State swings an additional point in the Wildcats’ direction due to a surge of action coming from the members of Big Blue Nation, perhaps consider betting against the grain.

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