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Montana Sports Betting Updates

Betting on sports has been legalized in Montana but it’s definitely taking its offerings in a different direction than other states that have legalized wagering. In Montana, bettors will be able to place their wagers with kiosks in licensed locations.

After legalizing sports betting, Montana will be home to the most interesting sportsbooks in the country. The law passed in June 2019 made sports betting legal and set the stage for state regulators to establish its new sports betting market.

Instead of having the state’s Gaming Control Division oversee wagering, the law makes the Department of Justice the state’s sports betting regulator. The state also puts the Montana Lottery in charge of conducting sports betting within the state.

INTRALOT, the global lottery company, will install and operate sports betting kiosks and betting apps at licensed locations. That means there won’t be any skins for licensed locations to offer sportsbook apps that can compete with the state’s lottery offerings.

Of the bills that were passed by the state’s legislature, Gov. Bullock chose to sign the bill which took the most conservative approach to sports betting as opposed to opening providers in the state to competition from more experienced sports betting providers.

Montana’s sports betting law approves of betting in-person at licensed locations. Unlike other states with legal sports betting, the Montana law allows licensed bars, hotels, casinos and restaurants to have betting kiosk and a mobile app that customers can use, but only while at these establishments.

Location License Partner
Silver Wolf Casino Awaiting Montana Lottery
Gray Wolf Casino Awaiting Montana Lottery
Kwataqnuk Casino Awaiting Montana Lottery
Montana Nugget Awaiting Montana Lottery
Luck Lil’s Casino Awaiting Montana Lottery
Fort Belknap Casino Awaiting Montana Lottery
Magic Diamiond Casino Awaiting Montana Lottery
Charging Horse Casino Awaiting Montana Lottery
Northern Winz Casino Awaiting Montana Lottery

Gambling in Montana Timeline


The state becomes the first to legalize sports betting in 2019, passing a law that makes it legal to bet on sports within the property of licensed locations using lottery kiosks and betting apps.


Montana approves legislation that places a prohibition on internet gaming.


A combined license for liquor and gaming is initiated by the state’s Gambling Control Division and Department of Revenue.


Montana completes an interim compact with the confederated Salish and Kooteni tribes that lets them continue their gaming operations in Flathead Indian Reservations.


The Montana legislature passes House Bill 527, which raises the payout on video poker machines to a $800 maximum.


PASPA goes into effect, though Montana has a limited exemption.


The Montana Lottery is approved by voters in the state.


Montana passes the Video Poker Machine Act which makes it legal for operations with a liquor license to offer video poker and keno machines at their locations.


The Montana Supreme Court decides that video poker machines are not legal in the state using the same precedent that outlawed slot machines in the state.


Voters in the state defeat a proposed initiative that would have let every county in Montana decided whether or not to legalize certain forms of gaming.


Montana passes the Card Game, Bingo, Raffles and Sports Pool Act, allowing these games to legally be played at licensed locations within the state.


A constitutional referendum is approves that gives Montana’s legislature and state voters the authority of approving or disapproving off gaming within the state.


The Montana Supreme Court rules that slot machines and punch boards are unconstitutional and therefor illegal within the state.


Montana’s legislature establishes a law enforcement agency and sets aside $40,000 to enforce the state’s gaming laws.


The state authorizes approves the State Board of Equalization to license and place slot machines at nonprofit organizations. These slot machines collect a tax on all the revenue collected by them and are known as “trade stimulators.


Montana passes the Hickey Act, which makes it legal to play table games in public places that have received a license from the state.


The state’s gaming prohibition is repealed. This leads to bars and legal gaming to resurface in Montana.


Montana’s constitution includes a provision that makes all forms of gaming illegal in the state. Despite this ban, there are numerous places in the state where illegal gaming takes place.