NBA ATS Trends 2021-22

There isn’t a higher scoring sport in North America than professional basketball. It’s what makes betting against the spread such a thrilling wager for bettors. For 48 minutes, NBA teams go back and forth, scoring upwards of 200 – and sometimes many more – points, with the point spread only being determined in the closing seconds.

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ATS Record | The number of ATS covers, non-covers and pushes (when the spread is matched by the result).

Cover % | The percentage a team covers, not including pushes.

MOV (Margin of Victory) | The average margin of victory (negative for losses).

ATS +/- | The average amount of points that the team covers the spread by.

What Does ATS Mean In NBA Betting?

ATS in NBA betting stands for Against The Spread. The spread is the margin of victory oddsmakers have determined for a game. The favorite gives points while the underdog receives points based on the final score. A team that wins against the spread has covered the spread given by oddsmakers. The underdog wins if it loses by fewer than the points it was given or wins the game outright. Given the top-heaviness of the league, there are at times incredibly large point spreads, but matchups between two heavyweights feature minuscule point spreads. The point spreads evens out matchups, creating favorites and underdogs.

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How can NBA ATS trends affect my picks?

Teams run hot and cold in the NBA during the regular season. Whether it’s scheduling, injuries, rest, or a playoff push, many teams put together stretches of wins and periods of lulls at different points in the season. Trends are critical toward making an informed pick, and that’s why you should stay on top of the latest betting news at

Which NBA teams have the best ATS win percentage?

The best ATS win percentage teams from 2014 through the end of the 2018-19 NBA season were the Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, Philadelphia 76ers, Indiana Pacers and Houston Rockets. Head coaching stability seems to be a factor: Of the eight teams with the best ATS win percentage since 2014, six have coaches who have been with the team since 2014, the cutoff for the 10 longest tenured NBA coaches.

Which NBA teams have the worst ATS win percentage?

The worst NBA teams against the spread from 2014-through the end of the 2018-19 season were the Minnesota Timberwolves, Cleveland Cavaliers, New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls. Perhaps not coincidentally, all but the Cavaliers are in the bottom nine in terms of straight-up record since 2014, too. The worst NBA teams struggle to cover, too, so wins and losses matter in that regard.

Tips for betting on the ATS in the NBA

Home and away doesn’t matter as much as you’d think when it comes to a winning ATS betting strategy, since top sportsbooks are baking that into the point spreads. In fact, from 2014-15 to 2018-19, road teams covered more than home teams. When we do our daily NBA expert picks, we consider each team’s traveling schedule, past performance, injuries and days off in between games. Rest is becoming more prevalent than ever in today’s game, meaning more players are sitting out random games. Staying up to date on player statuses can allow you to jump on a line before it shifts.

How to pick against the spread in the NBA

Find a game and/or spread that interests you by checking out the latest NBA odds. Consider the above factors. Which team is playing well right now? Is one on a winning streak? Is one team injury-riddled, or more likely to rest some guys or play them fewer minutes? Where is the game being played, and how long has the away team been on the road? Consider all factors, and check out some statistics about each team’s raw numbers and ATS trends. Then use using’s betting matrix to find the best possible spread and odds for your game. Then simply head to that website, place your wager, sit back and cheer on your side of the bet.