NBA Consensus

NBA consensus betting helps you understand where the public’s money is going and what’s influencing odds and lines. Once you know where bettors are placing their bets you can decide whether to trust the consensus or bet against it.

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Currently, no consensus data available for NBA.

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What is the NBA Public Consensus?

The NBA public consensus is an estimation of where bettors are placing their money and why certain NBA odds and point spreads fluctuate. These numbers come directly from oddsmakers in real time to allow bettors to see what the public is wagering on prior to placing their own.

How Impactful Can the NBA Consensus be on My Betting Decision?

Whether bettors decide to use the public consensus to help them in their NBA betting, it can still have a significant impact. If a large portion of bettors make bets on one team (or one side of the over-under), oddsmakers can adjust the spread or line the other way to offset some of those plays. So, in reality, the NBA consensus is affecting you even if you don’t take it into consideration when placing a bet.

The NBA consensus can tell you plenty. On more heavily bet, nationally televised games such as Thursdays on TNT and Fridays on ESPN, or games that include high-profile teams such as the Lakers, Warriors or Rockets, the public consensus will tell you where more casual bettors are placing their bets. Sharps – betting experts who consider myriad trends, recent performances and subtleties that could affect a game – make up far more of the public consensus on smaller, less important games.

Simply put, the public consensus gives casual bettors an idea of where the majority of bets are being placed. And it’s incredibly to use with’s public consensus tool.

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Is it a Good Idea to Bet With or Against the Public?

It can be risky to bet with the public, especially on a more popular game, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a slam dunk to bet against them. The real answer lies somewhere in the middle, that it’s one of a few critical factors to understand and consider before placing a bet.

There’s a common phrase uttered in betting: “Fade the public.” It’s the belief that, since online betting websites win more than they lose, playing the opposite of what the majority of bettors have placed money on will results in more victories than defeats. That’s not exactly the case. Oddsmakers know that some bettors will fade the public; they take that into account when making and adjusting lines. What’s more, sharps who wager significant amounts of money can affect lines and make it seem as though the public – your average Joe who doesn’t know much about betting – is wagering on one side. In that case, fading the public is fading sharps who have the most insight into bets.

So, is it a good idea to bet with the public? Not exactly, for the same reasons listed above. Sportsbooks do win more than they lose, and if casual bettors make up the NBA public consensus, you’re betting with a side that loses more than it wins.

I’ve Taken Note of the NBA Consensus. What Happens Now?

It’s time to decide whether you believe the public has a leg up on oddsmakers, or whether oddsmakers have taken into account what they believe the public will bet before setting a line. As is the case with everything in gambling, there’s no sure thing – if there was, everyone would use it and everyone would win. And like everything in gambling, it’s part of the equation.

After analyzing the consensus betting tool on, the decision is yours to wager on one side of the point spread, moneyline and/or over-under.