New Hampshire Sports Betting 2020

Last Updated: Aug 18th, 2020
New Hampshire legalized sports betting after passing a law that approves of placing bets in-person at multiple retail locations as well as wagering with online sportsbooks. This means you’ll be able to start betting on sports in New Hampshire soon.

New Hampshire Sportsbook Locations

New Hampshire is one of the latest states in the country to legalize sports betting. The law now allows anyone in the state that is 18 or older to legally bet on professional sports with regulated sportsbooks at licensed physical locations as well as sportsbooks online.

Although betting on sports has been legalized in New Hampshire, it will take some time for regulators and operators to catch up to speed. According to the law passed by the state, it’s the New Hampshire Lottery that will regulate sports betting in the state.

Sports betting licenses have yet to be distributed, but New Hampshire’s proposed sports betting market will feature multiple retail locations as well as even more sportsbooks online that you can bet from a desktop browser or its app with your smartphone.

The state will have a total of 10 physical sportsbook licenses and a total of 5 skins that can be used for third-party online sportsbook platforms. This is why we expect there to be as many several sportsbook options to choose from in New Hampshire.

The state is the first to make retail sportsbooks, a popular UK sports betting option, this means there will be licensed locations opening in New Hampshire soon where legal bets can be placed.

The best online betting sites in New Hampshire will be the ones licensed by the state. Among the numerous licensed sportsbooks in the state the majority is likely to be online. Relying on expert reviews will help you gain better insights before you bet.

Although there hasn’t been a launch date announced yet, all signs point towards sports betting going live in New Hampshire sometime before 2020. We’ve done the research to find where and what brands are looking to offer sports betting in New Hampshire.

Location License Partner
Ocean Gaming Awaiting n/a
The River Casino Awaiting n/a
Lake Region Casino Awaiting n/a
Keene Casino Awaiting n/a
Hampton Beach Casino Awaiting n/a

Latest New Hampshire Sports Betting Numbers


March 2020 Feb. 2020 Change
Total Handle $8,768,769 $22,130,928 -60%
Total Revenue $394,229$671,435-41%

Updated April 23

LATEST NEWS: Without Sports, New Hampshire Betting Totals Fall In March

Gambling in New Hampshire Timeline


New Hampshire legalizes sports betting after Gov. Sununu signs a bill that legalizes betting on sports in the state, allowing bets on mobile as well as bets placed in-person at physical locations.


New Hampshire lifts its ban of online casinos and poker but temporarily. The state reintroduces the ban in just about 10 months.


Multiple casinos open their doors which donate a large percentage of their revenue to charity.


Various bills for licensed casinos and a proposal to change the definition of poker as a game of skill rather than chance, both fail to pass.


Horse racing is all but a thing of the past in the state with no live races scheduled in the future.


The controversial tax was repealed, although many felt the damage had been done to the racing industry.


New Hampshire passes legislation to begin the state’s lottery. This makes New Hampshire the first state in the nation to legalize a lottery draw.


Gov. Winant allows a bill to become law without his signature that legalizes parimutuel betting and charitable betting on horse and greyhound races, which becomes prevalent in the state.


The Rockingham Park opens in June, where it becomes the place for illegal betting for three days before the authorities shut wagering there down.