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Guide to Legal Online Casinos in New Jersey

Online casinos bring the fun and winnings of a casino to the comfort of your house. But online casinos legal, trustworthy, and legitimate? It can be slightly overwhelming to players new to the world of online gambling. This guide is here to help inform you on all of these.

There are plenty of New Jersey online casino sites to choose from, so properly vetting your choice of online casino is never a bad idea. The number of online casinos available for playing at in New Jersey has increased dramatically since the first ones launched in 2013, so we’re here to tell you what to look for in an online casino.

Are Casinos Legal Online in New Jersey?

Yes, online casinos are legal in New Jersey. In 2011, New Jersey made online gambling legal to residents, with casinos launching in 2013. People wishing to gambling at online casinos in New Jersey need to be 21 years old and within state lines to do so. They do not need to be New Jersey residents.

What Makes the Best NJ Online Casino Sites?

The best New Jersey online casinos can vary from each other a fair amount. There’s a lot of things to consider when deciding which online casino you want to tryout.

The first thing to keep in mind is the fact that “best” will be subjective to different people. While most people might gravitate to one of the bigger sites, the best online casino for one may not be the best casino for another. Don’t be worried about deciding the best casino for you is a smaller, less known casino. Just make sure that the casino is authorized and regulated by the state of New Jersey.

However, one black and white factor that will put some casinos over others is the return to player, or RTP. The RTP of online casinos is represented as a percentage, and it shows how much money put into a casino is returned to players within a specific timeframe. The closer the percentage is to 100%, the more that players win at a given casino.

For those that plan to game on the go, it’s a good idea to consider the strength of a casino’s mobile platform. A poor mobile site or app could be a dealbreaker if someone doesn’t want to have to fight a bad interface or laggy app every time they want to try to win some money. Luckily, the top New Jersey online casinos offer some fantastic mobile options, so sorting through the best sites becomes a game of personal preference.

Of course, on also wants to consider the options of games available. Some sites are going to be more dedicated to slot games, some will offer more table games. Checking for a casino’s strengths and weaknesses in game options should be one of the first things that a player does, especially if they’re in search of certain games.

Comparing the Best Online Casinos in NJ

Naturally, people are going to be comparing New Jersey online casinos to each other. While a few things are subjective, like game selection, there are a few black and white things that people will want to consider.

When comparing casinos against each other, one should be concerned with the RTP that a casino offers. A number of New Jersey online casinos publish their RTP numbers, but there are some that don’t. If a player can find those numbers, you’ll have a much better idea of how much you’re likely to win at that casino.

Another thing to consider, if someone plans to start playing on a regular basis, is the strength of a casino’s loyalty program. If you’re new to online casinos, most casinos offer some sort of loyalty program that more regular players can take advantage of, and offer real-life rewards for being a regular player. While the absolute best of these rewards are likely only offered to the highest of rollers, finding a casino that will cater to your amount of play will go a long way to help you stay at that specific casino.

On the thought of loyalty programs, for new players, considering the strength of the welcome bonus being offered by an online casino is always something to check out. Some welcome bonuses will be better than other.

How Do You Know NJ Online Casino Sites are Licensed and Legal?

It can be hard to find a comprehensive list of online casinos approved and regulated by the state of New Jersey. Seems easy to slap a little fake seal of approval on the bottom of a website and pretend to be legitimate.

Luckily, all the casinos reviewed on are legal, approved, and regulated by New Jersey. Other sites might not be as thorough, but we check to make sure they have their We’ll do the vetting for you so you can feel safe knowing that any recommended sites are trustworthy.