Bengals vs Steelers


Like most teams who have a history with the Steelers, the Bengals fell victim to one of the league’s most powerful dynasties.

The owning of the 70’s by Pittsburgh has pushed divisional rivalries in their favor, but as you’ll see here, these two teams have a rich history. Cincinnati even had a moment or two when they swung things back in their favor.

Since 2000 this rivalry has provided a pretty easy road map on where to gamble, short answer being the Steelers. While the back and forth started in the 70’s, and Cincy took over in the 80’s, the last 19 years have been all Pittsburgh.

The Steelers have dominated the Bengals 32-8 over their last 40 meetings. Just three of those Bengals wins have come this decade. Margin of victory hasn’t been an issue either for the Steelers, 18 of their last 30 wins have come by double digits.

Bettors have had an interesting trend play out more recently in the rivalry. Of the 9 Bengals wins since 2000, six have come in Pittsburgh. Even more recently, the Steelers have started a new trend, winning 8 straight games dating back to 2015.


This wasn’t always a one-sided matchup, in fact, at the start Cincy fared much better against Pittsburgh. The two teams split their inaugural season as rivals, as Pittsburgh opened up 5-3 against Cincinnati.

It was in the mid 70’s, when the Steelers would win four Super Bowls in six years, that they started to distance themselves from Cincy.

They won six straight against the Bengals, before Cincinnati turned the tide in the 80’s. In 1988, the Bengals provided the largest blowout victory in the rivalry, crushing the Steelers 42-7.

STEELERS vs. BROWNS Memorable Games

Two of the biggest games between these divisional rivals came in the playoffs. To be fair, they were the only playoff games between the two teams. They were both in the Wild Card and both came over the last 15 years.

In 2005, the Bengals hosted the Steelers in the playoffs, and built a 17-7 lead. The Steelers turned things around rather quickly, rattling off 24 unanswered points to win 31-17. This win helped propel the Steelers to taking home their 5th Super Bowl.

Ten years later the two teams squared off in the same Wild Card round, also in Cincinnati. This time it was the Steelers who jumped out early, taking advantage of Bengals backup quarterback AJ McCarron in for an injured Andy Dalton.

The Bengals battled back, but a bunch of infamous meltdowns allowed a game winning FG by Chris Boswell lifting the Steelers to an 18-16 victory.

STEELERS vs. BROWNS Infamous Moments

The 2015 AFC Wild Card game saw Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict melt down on the final drive allowing for Pittsburgh to get the win. It was another negative mark on a long list of infractions by Burfict, but in this case, it cost the Bengals their season.

Cincy was up 16-15 but saw running back Jeremy Hill cough up the football giving the Steelers life on one final drive. This is where Burfict inflicted a concussion on Antonio Brown, earning a 3-game suspension to start the next season.

Two years later, the teams met again in the regular season with even more devastating results on the field. During the Monday Night Football game, LB Ryan Shazier sustained a major injury on a tackle. Shazier was taken to the hospital and suffered a spinal contusion.

However, this wasn’t the end for Burfict and his antics. In 2018, Ben Roethlisberger led the Steelers to a 28-21 victory, but it was Burfict who stole the show. After another illegal hit on Brown and on RB James Connor, Burfict looked over at wide receiver Ju Ju Smith-Schuster and said, “You’re next”.

STEELERS vs. BROWNS Notable Players

With the rivalry being so lopsided in the Steelers favor, you have the majority of impact players coming from Pittsburgh’s side.

QB’s Terry Bradshaw and Roethlisberger provided big wins, the latter in the playoffs. Jerome Bettis, Hines Ward, and Troy Polamalu all won multiple Super Bowls and were impactful in this rivalry. The Bengals had some notable players in the 80’s, with Boomer Esiason and Icky Woods leading the way.


  • What is the Steelers ATR against the Bengals?
    The Steelers are 63-35 against the Bengals in the regular season. They are 2-0 vs. the Bengals in the playoffs.
  • When do the Steelers play the Bengals next?
    The AFC North rivals meet for the second time this year in Cincinnati on November 24th.

  • When was the first meeting between the Steelers and Bengals?
    The teams first met on November 2nd, 1970 at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh.
  • Who won the first meeting between the Steelers and Bengals?
    The Steelers took the first matchup 21-10