Colts vs Titans


When this AFC South rivalry initially began almost 50 years ago, neither team was playing in their current city. Both teams have their own individual past of movement and relocation, but they have combined for some electric games with high profile players. From Peyton Manning to Steve McNair, the newer edition of the rivalry provided as much excitement as the Earl Campbell era Houston Oilers.

The series has been more difficult to handicap from a betting standpoint, despite the Colts having Manning under center for so long. The overall record is heavy towards the Colts, 34-16, including their time in Baltimore. Meanwhile it’s been McNair and Eddie George who have kept the Titans in this series.

Since relocation and the start of the 2000 season, the Titans have won just 8 times against the Colts. From Manning to Andrew Luck, the Colts have won 14 of the last 16 meetings with the Titans.

Scoring points, at least for the Colts, has not been an issue. Something bettors can keep an eye on beyond the spread/ML. The Colts hit 30+ points in 7 of their last 14 victories vs. Nashville.


It’s always a mixed bag of history when looking at teams that have relocated and start from scratch. Starting out in different cities isn’t a rarity, but in this case, it feels like things started from scratch when the Tennessee Titans were created. Immediately the two teams squared off in the AFC Divisional round.

The earlier teams produced some top talent around the NFL, but neither era was truly better for the Titans. 7 of their 16 wins against the Colts came as the Oilers.

TITANS VS. COLTS Memorable Games

The only playoff game between these two teams ironically did not go the way of the team that owns the ATR. The Colts were edged out by the Titans in the AFC Divisional Round in the 1999 season. The two teams were powerhouses in the league, led by amazing talents at the QB position.

Manning and the Colts vs. McNair and the Titans. Beyond that you had top talent at the skill positions, from Marvin Harrison to Eddie George. The game was set up to be a barnburner.

The reality was far from it. For all the hype surrounding the immense amount of talent on both teams, it turned out to be a battle of the kickers. In the Colts 19-16 victory, each team scored a TD only once.

Al Del Greco kicked four FGs for the Titans while Mike Vanderjagt booted three. Not the high scoring bout expected by the experts.

TITANS VS. COLTS Infamous Moments

In 2004 Titans coach Jeff Fisher dug as deep as possible in his bag of tricks against a heavily favored Colts team. Manning and the Colts were already looking ahead to the following week.

The only way to beat Indy would be trickery. Fisher did it all, onside kicks, flea flickers, even having Drew Bennett throw some passes. The Titans used it to their advantage, getting out to a big lead. But the Colts would not be denied, storming back to a 59-21 victory.

Nearly a decade later the situation was reversed with a pretty similar outcome. Manning was out the entire 2011 season, and at the time the Colts were 0-11. The Titans rolled into Indy feeling pretty confident as heavy favorites. Down their All-Pro QB, the Colts turned to Dan Orlovsky.

With the help of Donald Brown’s 161 yards on the ground and Orlovsky’s TD to Reggie Wayne, the Colts blew out the Titans 27-13 for their first win of the year.

TITANS VS. COLTS Notable Players

The impact players in this rivalry dwarf the names of those who crossed over to the other side. Manning, McNair, George, Harrison and Edgerrin James are just some of the more modern names.

You can go back to Warren Moon, Earl Campbell, and Eric Dickerson to find major talent across both teams. There’s LB David Thornton who played for both teams. Thornton led the Colts in tackles one year with 145. Jerrell Freeman, also a LB, also played for both teams. TE Ryan Hewitt played for the Colts before signing with the Titans.

Titans Vs. Colts FAQ

  • What is the Titans ATR against the Colts?
    The Colts are 36-14 vs the Oilers/Titans. The Colts and Titans played just once in the playoffs. Tennessee won that game 19-16.
  • When do the Titans play the Colts next?
    The two teams play for the second time this year – in Indy – on December 1st.
  • When was the first meeting between the Titans and Colts?
    The Houston Oilers hosted the Baltimore Colts on October 11th, 1970.
  • Who won the first meeting between the Titans and Colts?
    The Colts won 24-20.