Chiefs vs Raiders

Chiefs-Raiders Odds

This AFC West Division rivalry is one that has angered Oakland fans in modern history, but sports bettors often enjoy laying action on these bitter rivals.

In their last 11 games over the past six seasons, including their first 2019 contest, the Chiefs have been the favorites to win every time.

The Raiders are 4-7 against the spread with Kansas City covering the spread by approximately 64 percent.

While it has been a fairly safe wager for bettors to back the Chiefs in covering the line, the over/under is far less predictable with nearly an even split; the game scores have gone under the predicted total six times, or approximately 55 percent, in the last 11 games.

As far as the money line is concerned, stunningly, the Chiefs have outright won nine of the last 11 games.

Chiefs VS. Raiders History

These two rivals have played in the same division with each other since the inaugural season of the American Football League in 1960 where they battled each other in the AFL Western Conference. They have competed in the AFC West ever since the AFL merged with the NFL in 1970.

Their feud heightened in 1968 when both AFC teams sported a 12-2 record and squared off in a playoff game to decide who would meet the New York Jets for the NFL-AFL World Championship Game, now known as the Super Bowl.

The Raiders pummeled the Chiefs 41-6, but they would go on to lose the Championship meeting.

Unlike many NFL divisional rivalries, the bad blood in this feud extends beyond the gridiron. The AFL-NFL merger added to—and likely was the origin of—the bad blood between the Chiefs and Raiders.

Former AFL Commissioner and Raiders owner Al Davis fought the merger even though other AFL owners urged him to do otherwise. Unbeknownst to Davis, Dallas Cowboys owner Tex Schramm negotiated with Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt and the merger agreement formed.

Though the Raiders have won more Super Bowl Championships, the Chiefs have won more head-to-head battles and sport a longer winning streak.

The longest winning streak the Raiders have against the Chiefs is seven games from 1975-1978. The longest winning streak Kansas City has against Oakland is nine games from 2003-2007.

Great Chiefs-Raiders Games

The Raiders won most of their battles with the Chiefs throughout the 70s and 80s. Kansas City was one of the worst teams in the NFL during that era, but they started to dominate their AFC West rivals in the 90s.

When Oakland arrived at Arrowhead Stadium for the final game of the 1999 season, they hadn’t won a contest there since 1988. A Chiefs victory would place them in the playoffs, the last thing the 7-8 Raiders wanted to see.

Kansas City experienced a litany of special teams’ mistakes, which helped keep the Raiders competitive in the contest. In overtime, the Chiefs attempted a kickoff that ended up out of bounds.

With good field position, Oakland quarterback and former Chief Rich Gannon led the Raiders in to Kansas City territory followed by a game-winning field goal that kept the Chiefs out of the playoffs.

On Nov. 7, 2010, the rivals were tied 20-all in an overtime battle. The Raiders hit a field goal to get the victory, and it was the 102nd game played between the two teams. Two months later, on Jan. 2, Oakland once again defeated Kansas City to claim the AFC West.

Infamous Chiefs-Raiders Moments

Following the controversial merger, bad blood turned into real blood spilling on the field when these rivals met for the first time during the 1970 NFL season.

Late in the final quarter of the game, Kansas City had a 17-14 lead and looked to run out the clock to pick up the 'W'. Chiefs quarterback Len Dawson rolled right and secured the first down. While Dawson was on the ground, Raiders defensive end Ben Davidson speared the signal caller helmet first.

Chiefs wide receiver Otis Taylor responded by attacking Davidson, which led to a bench-clearing brawl, which ultimately led to Taylor and Davidson being ejected from the game.

The penalties offset each other and cancelled Dawson’s first down, forcing a punt by Kansas City.

Thanks to a field goal, the Raiders tied the game for a final score of 17-17. The famous brawl led to the League changing the rule on the order of how they apply penalties.

If that happening occurred today, Davidson’s penalty would have been enforced at the end of the play and Taylor’s would have been evaluated only after Kansas City had been awarded a first down. But as it were, the tie ending game had major consequences for the Chiefs.

The two teams met once again that season in Week 13 when the Raiders beat the Chiefs 20-6 in Oakland. Because of the tie, the Raiders clinched their first AFC West title.

Notable Players

There have been several “double agents” for the Chiefs and Raiders. Kansas City backup quarterback Tom Flores won the 1969 Super Bowl with the team but never started.

However, he became the head coach for the Raiders a decade later, leading them to two Super Bowl titles.

Rich Gannon served as the Chiefs backup signal caller for their 1995 and 1996 seasons and played starter for them several times in 1997 and 1998. He signed as a free agent with the Raiders in 1999 and flourished.

In 2002, Gannon had a record-setting season with 4,689 passing yards for 26 touchdowns, helping take the Raiders to Super Bowl 37 while earning him the NFL Most Valuable Player Award.

Running back Marcus Allen launched his NFL career in 1982 with the Los Angeles Raiders and helped lead them to Super Bowl 18 in 1984.

Through the next several years, Allen started feuding with Raiders owner Al Davis over an ugly contract dispute where he called the running back a cancer to the team.

Allen signed with the Chiefs in 1993 where he scored 12 touchdowns and, alongside quarterback Joe Montana, led Kansas City to the AFC Championship game. He played with his former rivals for four more seasons and retired as a Chief.

Reportedly, the former Raider asked to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a member of the Chiefs; however, the organization does not induct players on a specific team.

Chiefs VS Raiders FAQs

  • What are the Chiefs All-Time Record Against the Raiders?
    Out of 121 total games played, the Chiefs lead the series 66-53-2, including a 2-1 lead in postseason meetings.
  • When do the Chiefs play the Raiders Next?
    The AFC West rivals play each other next at 1 p.m. on Dec. 1 at Arrowhead Stadium.
  • When did the Chiefs First Play the Raiders?
    The Chiefs first played the Raiders, when the Chiefs were the Dallas Texans, on Sept. 16, 1960.
  • Who Won the First Meeting Between the Chiefs and Raiders?
    The Texans/Chiefs beat the Raiders 34-16 in their first meeting.