Patriots vs Jets

Patriots vs Jets Odds

The closer a rivalry is between the two teams, the more difficult it is to handicap tight lines. The difficulty in the Pats-Jets rivalry has been trying to determine by how much New England will win each game.

Not even the customary 3-point gift the home team gets will help the Jets here. Entering 2019, the Patriots hadn’t lost since December 27, 2015, and even that took overtime for the Jets to win. In fact, the Jets have needed extra time in each of their two most recent victories against the Patriots. The one in 2015 and another in 2013.

The last regulation loss the Pats suffered to the Jets was the AFC Divisional Round game in the 2010 season. The bottom line: Tom Brady beats the Jets, especially at Gillette Stadium, and the Patriots have covered 35-25-1 against the Jets at home.

Patriots vs Jets History

The AFL kicked off in 1960 with a couple of charter members in the Northeast, two of them being the Patriots and Jets. The rivalry has since evolved into one that sees streaks more than a balanced stretch of games.

It hasn’t always been a Brady and Bill Belichick train running through the Jets organization and Belichick wasn’t the only member of the Patriots to be associated with the Jets. Bill Parcells left New England for the Jets, taking over as their head coach. Both men were with the Jets for only a couple of years, when Parcells resigned in 1999, leaving Belichick to move on to New England.

If you’re looking for drama between these two teams, the start of the 1999 season offered plenty. The Jets lost starter Vinny Testaverde and replaced him with former Pats punter Tom Tupa. The Patriots, down at the half, reeled off 17 straight to eventually win the game, holding off Rick Mirer’s last-minute efforts from New England.

More recently the two teams played in the 2010 AFC Divisional Round game up in New England. This one provided magic but from the Jets side, as Mark Sanchez was simply better than Brady that day. Three big TDs from Sanchez helped the Jets advance in hostile territory. Brady was harassed all day by the Jets front and was sacked five times.

Tom Brady has owned the Jets – with the notable exception of the 2010 playoff game.
Tom Brady has owned the Jets – with the notable exception of the 2010 playoff game.

Infamous Patriots-Jets Moments

The most infamous moment by far in this rivalry was a viral moment still discussed to this day. We all remember where we were on November 22, 2012, when Mark Sanchez provided one of the funniest and embarrassing moments in NFL history.

Known simply as the “butt fumble”, Sanchez fell backward after running into the backside of offensive lineman Brandon Moore. Steve Gregory picked up the ball and ran it back for a Patriots touchdown.

One of the worst moments in Jets history both directly involved and benefited the Patriots. The tenure of “Bill Belichick – Jets Head Coach” literally lasted one day.

Parcells, whose assistant at the time was Belichick, left the Jets after a couple of seasons. What makes this sting so much is the double whammy the Jets got hit with.

Not only did one of the game’s best defensive minds walk away from the job just a day after accepting it, the team then watched him turn into the greatest head coach of all-time right up the coast in New England.

Notable Players

It wasn’t just a couple of coaches who changed sides from one team to another in this rivalry, as some notable names on the field also did it. Keith Byars, Bryan Cox, Ty Law, Curtis Martin and Darrelle Revis to name a few.

When it comes to famous quarterbacks, each side has had a household name: Joe Namath for the Jets and Tom Brady for the Patriots. The Jets haven’t had a superstar QB since Namath while Brady has led the Patriots to six Super Bowl titles entering the 2019 season (and nine Super Bowls overall).

Patriots vs Jets FAQs

  • What is the Patriots All-Time Record Against the Jets?
    The Patriots lead the Jets all-time 65-54-1.
  • When Do the Patriots and Jets Play Next?
    The Patriots and Jets next play Sept. 22, 2019, with a second matchup on Oct. 21.
  • When Did the Patriots and Jets First Play?
    The first meeting between the Patriots and Jets happened on Sept. 17, 1960. The Jets were known as the New York Titans and the Patriots were the Boston Patriots.
  • Who Won the First Meeting Between the Patriots and Jets?
    The Patriots won the first meeting with the Jets, 28-24.