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2023-2024 NFL Divisional Odds Tracker

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2023-2024 NFL Divisional Odds Tracker

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Super Bowl bets are the most popular form of NFL futures betting, but they aren’t the only type of wager. AFC and NFC conference title odds are heavily bet, but NFL divisional futures have grown in popularity, too.

With just four available teams in each market, NFL division odds have become a go-to futures bet, not only during the offseason but during the weekly grind of the NFL season. Bookies.com tracks the odds to win for all eight divisions for the 2023-24 NFL season.

Odds To Win The AFC East

TeamCurrent OddsOpening Odds
Buffalo Bills -160 +135
Miami Dolphins +135 +300
New York Jets OTB +225
New England Patriots OTB +750

Odds via BetMGM and current as of January 3, 2024.

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Here are some notes on the AFC East odds movement:

  • January 3: The winner of the Week 18 Bills-Dolphins game in Miami is the AFC Champion. Buffalo is -160, while Miami is +135.
  • December 18: The Bills put themselves back into contention in the divisional race by demolishing the Cowboys at home Sunday after the Dolphins officially eliminated the Jets from the playoffs earlier in the day. The spread here tightened considerably as Miami ebbed from -400 to -250, while the Bills moved up to +200 from +350. The Bills visit Miami in Week 18. This race could come down to that game, but that would require the Dolphins to lose at least one of their next two games. 
  • December 13: The Dolphins whiffed badly at home in Week 14, blowing a 14-point lead against Tennessee. Miami is still in a strong position to win it, but it is no longer a lock after Buffalo and Kadarius Toney upset the Chiefs. Miami's price tumbled from -2500 to -400, while the Bills rose from +1100 to +300.
  • December 5: The Dolphins can clinch the division in two weeks if all goes their way. The Jets were taken off the board after their loss to the Falcons in Week 13, joining New England. 
  • November 28: The Dolphins all but wrapped up this market with their win over the Jets on Black Friday and the Bills' slip in the rain against Philly on Sunday night. Their price soared from -500 to -2000 in the process. 
  • November 21: The Bills continue to hold the greatest liability for BetMGM. They have 31.3% of the tickets and 51.2% of the handle. The Patriots, who are now off the board, have 16.8% of the AFC East. The Dolphins continued to tighten their grip on the division and moved from -350 to -500 after their win in Week 11. The Bills slipped to +450 from +350 despite beating the Jets. 
  • November 15: The Patriots won the AFC East during the final 11 years of Tom Brady's career from 2009-19. Just four seasons later, they are now off the board in Week 11. A spectacular collapse for what was the NFL's model franchise. The Dolphins were on the bye win in Week 10, and their price leaped from -185 to -350 thanks to losses by Buffalo and the Jets. 
  • November 6: The Dolphins and Bills made minimal moves after both lost on Sunday. The Jets played Monday night at home against the LA Chargers. Their price went up from +900 to +650 before their game. The Patriots are going to be relegated to the USFL. 
  • October 31: The Dolphins and Bills saw their prices tighten after Week 8 wins. The Dolphins remain the favorite at -190, while the Bills are +200. The Bills remain the biggest liability for BetMGM, holding 30.9% of the tickets and 57.7% of the handle at BetMGM. The Jets are a long shot. The Patriots are a no-show.   
  • October 24: The Patriots' 29-25 upset of the Bills in Week 7 led to their price doubling in this market from +8000 to +4000. The Patriots play the Dolphins in Week 8 and could go to 3-1 in the division with a win in Miami Gardens. Otherwise, the movement was minimal this week with Miami and Buffalo losing, and the Jets enjoying the bye.  
  • October 17: The story of note here is a mathematical fall of the Patriots. New England is now +8000 to win the AFC East. That's the second-longest number in the AFC after Denver in the AFC West. New England began the season at +750 but has done 1-5 in its first six games. Otherwise, things remained stable, with the Dolphins, Bills, and Jets winning.   
  • October 10: The Dolphins held the top spot here and slipped into negative territory for the first time in 2023, landing at -135 after their Week 5 home win over the Giants. The Bills slipped overseas, losing to Jacksonville in London 25-20. The biggest movement of note is at the bottom, where the Patriots have tumbled to a stunning +4000. The Patriots won this division for 11 straight seasons from 2009-19.  
  • October 3: The Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins flipped spots in this market after Buffalo's decisive win over Miami in Week 4. The Bills rolled past the Dolphins 48-20. Buffalo moved from +150 to -125 to repeat in the AFC East. The Dolphins slid to +125 from +140. The Patriots and Jets are here so they won't get fined.  
  • September 26: The Miami Dolphins moved into negative territory after their 70-20 history-making win over the Broncos. The price on the Dolphins was as high as +300 just 3 weeks ago. The Dolphins and Bills meet in Week 4. Expect some movement accordingly with the outcome of that game. The Patriots and Jets are simply along for the ride at this point.
  • September 19: The Miami Dolphins have overtaken the Buffalo Bills as the favorite to win this division for the first time since this market opened after Super Bowl 58. In just the past two weeks, the price on the Dolphins has tightened from +300 to +100 after beating the Patriots Sunday night. The Bills steamrolled Buffalo but only saw limited movement. Meanwhile, the bottom has fallen out on the Jets (+250 to +800) and Patriots (+800 to +1400).
  • September 12: Dreams of watching Aaron Rodgers lead the Jets to Super Bowl 58 were crushed Monday night when Rodgers was knocked out for the season on the fourth snap of the Jets win over Buffalo. Given the loss by the Bills, the loss of Rodgers for the season, and the Patriot's bungle-filled defeat at home against Philly, the Dolphins took the top spot in this division by default. They also outlasted the Chargers 36-34 in LA. Miami moved up from +300 in the third slot to No. 1 at +135. The Bills are No. 2 now, down from +120 to +145. The Jets slid from +250 to +550.   
  • September 5: Buffalo has held its spot as divisional, AFC favorite, and the No. 3 pick to win Super Bowl 58 behind Kansas City and Philly even after all the "Hard Knocks" hype. The 5-week lovefest to Rodgers has helped the Jets edge up to +250 in this market, but Gang Green remains the No. 2 pick in the three-team race.  
  • July 28: The hype surrounding Gang Green has reached Namath Era levels. Broadway Aaron even took a pay cut (technically a restructure) to free up cap space so the Jets can add talent elsewhere, but Buffalo remains the division favorite, AFC favorite, and the No. 3 pick to win Super Bowl 58 behind Kansas City and Philly.  
  • June 21: The Bills hold the top spot in the AFC East but things have tightened following mini-camp. Issues arose with Stefon Diggs in Buffalo. Meanwhile, Rodgers reached the summer in one piece. The Bills are No. 2 in the AFC to reach Super Bowl 58 behind Kansas City.  
  • May 5: The Bills are looking to three-peat in this division. They weathered the arrival of Rodgers to the New York Jets and the rumors of Brady un-retiring to the Dolphins this offseason. The Bills remain the second pick out of the AFC to win Super Bowl 58. Thus far. The Jets are as close to the top of this board as they have been since legalized betting spread nationwide five years ago this month. The Dolphins, too, are close given their roster returning this season. The Patriots, however, have become a distant third. 

Odds To Win The AFC North

TeamCurrent OddsOpening Odds
Baltimore Ravens Champion +250
Cleveland Browns OTB +350
Pittsburgh Steelers OTB +650
Cincinnati Bengals OTB +115

Odds via DraftKings - current as of January 3, 2024.

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Here are some notes on the AFC North odds movement:

  • January 3: The Ravens have clinched the division, a first-round bye, and homefield throughout the AFC playoffs.
  • December 18: The Ravens (-2000) need just one win over their final three games, or a loss or tie by Cleveland (+950), to clinch the division. Both the Bengals and Steelers are no longer on the board in this market. 
  • December 13: The number on the Ravens doubled from -600 to -1200 after Baltimore edged the LA Rams in overtime. The Browns held at +800 with their win over the Jaguars. But Baltimore is now 2 games clear with 4 to play
  • December 5: The Ravens took a major step in moving toward a division title with their win in Week 13 combined with losses suffered by Pittsburgh and Cleveland to unheralded NFC West foes. The Ravens were on the bye but saw their price elevate to -600 from -350. The Ravens hold a two-game lead on both the Steelers (+800) and Cleveland (+850). 
  • November 28: The Steelers remain the biggest liability for BetMGM in this market, which is suddenly relevant given their movement into 2nd place. Pittsburgh is now +400. While that trails the Ravens (-340) big-time here, the teams are only separated by one game in the loss column. The high price on the Ravens has helped to mitigate the fact that they carry 30.2% of the handle here. 
  • November 21: The Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans are the big surprises in the AFC this season. Cleveland (7-3) is in second place in the division and 3-2 against its divisional opponents, including back-to-back wins over Baltimore and Pittsburgh. The Steelers currently carry the biggest liability for BetMGM. The Ravens are backed by the largest percentage of handle with 30.1%. Meanwhile, the Bengals lost Joe Burrow for the season and have fallen to +8000 after opening at +115 before the season.
  • November 15: The Cleveland Browns rallied from a 15-point deficit to knock off Baltimore in Week 10 and move into the No. 2 spot in his market. Three days later, they learned that Deshaun Watson was out for the season after undergoing shoulder surgery. That news saw their price tumble from +265 to +450. Meanwhile, the Ravens tightened to -120.
  • November 6: The Ravens saw their price tighten further in the NFL's most competitive division after their decisive win over Seattle. The Bengals slide back from +320 to +320, despite posting back-to-back dominant wins at San Francisco and at home against Buffalo. The liability on the Steelers remains the biggest at BetMGM, especially after their price fell from +700 to +1000. If the season ended today, all four AFC North teams would make the playoffs.
  • October 31: The Ravens have moved into negative territory for the first time this season, sitting at -115 following their win at Arizona. The Bengals continue on the prowl, moving up to +300 from +400 after an impressive win at San Francisco. The biggest liability for BetMGM remains the Steelers, who are now last in this market at +700. 
  • October 24: All three AFC North teams that played in Week 7 won. The price on the Ravens tightened from +140 to +105. The Steelers and Browns saw their numbers move in the opposite direction, despite winning. Pittsburgh moved from +425 to +500, while the Browns fell from +260 to +300.  
  • October 17: The Bengals continued to claw their way back into this market with a solid Week 6 win at home over Seattle. These are not the same Bengals who were able to pile up points last season, but the turnaround is clear. Cincy is now +400, up from +475 last week. Both the Ravens and Browns won in Week 6, with Cleveland removing San Francisco from the ranks of the undefeated.
  • October 10: The Bengals showed flashes of their old selves in Arizona in Week 5, as Joe Burrow hit Ja'Marr Chase with 3 TD passes. Oddsmakers noticed and trimmed the price on the Cincy Cats from +700 to +475. The Ravens held the No. 1 spot at +140. The Browns were on the bye and held at +275. 
  • October 3: Through 4 weeks of the season, the Ravens have again found themselves atop this market. Baltimore crushed Cleveland in Week 4 after beating Cincinnati two weeks earlier. The Browns are +275, holding their place in the second spot. The Bengals are down to +700, far below their opening price of +150. And have supplanted the Steelers at the bottom.
  • September 26: The Ravens and Browns are now tied at +195 atop this market. The Ravens fell from +100 to +195 after losing to the Colts in overtime during Week 3. The Browns continued their meteoric rise in this market, having stood at +425 before the season. The Steelers are moving up to +325, while the Bengals sit at the bottom at +425, after opening at +150. 
  • September 19: The Ravens spiked from +235 to +100 after beating the still-winless Bengals in Week 2. The loss knocked the once-favored Bengals to No. 3 in the division, as they slipped from +!40 down to +475. The Bengals started the season last year 0-2 and went on to win the division. This is a strong value play. 
  • September 12: The Ravens moved into a first-place tie with the Bengals after Week 1. The Ravens whipped Houston. The Bengals are still waiting to score their first TD of the season after losing at Cleveland. The Browns moved into third up from +400 to +250.
  • September 5: The Bengals have slightly widened their gap over the Ravens atop this market. But these teams are relatively close still given the time of the year. The Browns continue their slide and have yet to inspire either bettors or oddsmakers.  
  • July 28: An apparent calf injury to Burrow rattled this market on July 27, forcing the odds to come down at several sites. Despite the injury, Burrow and the Bengals have risen to +150 favorites to win the division. The Ravens are No. 2 at +220. The severity of the injury and amount of time - if any - Burrow could miss during the season could further rattle things. The Steelers remain at the bottom but their price has been cut by a third. 
  • June 21: Cincinnati rolled through the mini-camp period and solidified its lead over the Ravens. The Bengals are starting to generate some real buzz as Super Bowl candidates. The AFC North is always a rock fight and this season won't be any different this season. This price is too short this far out. Place your bets in the AFC market for a better return on Burrow & The Cats.
  • May 5: The Bengals are finally preseason favorites in this division. They reached the AFC title game last season and did not lose a game after Halloween until that loss to the Chiefs. Cincinnati filled some holes in the offseason. The Ravens, more importantly, kept Lamar Jackson in the fold and gave him a big bag of cash. The Browns get a full season of Watson, but this division remains top-heavy between Cincinnati and Baltimore.
2023-2024 NFL Divisional Odds Tracker 1

Odds to Win the AFC South

TeamCurrent OddsOpening Odds
Jacksonville Jaguars -220 -160
Indianapolis Colts +425 +550
Houston Texans +450 +800
Tennessee Titans OTB +350

Odds via BetMGM and current as of January 3, 2024.

Here are some notes on the AFC South odds movement:

  • January 3: Jacksonville, Indianapolis, and Houston each have a pathway to the division title heading into the final week of the 2023-24 season. The Jaguars (-220) clinch the AFC South. outright with a victory over Tennessee. The winner of the Houston (+450) vs. Indianapolis (+425) Week 18 games can still win the division, but only if the Jaguars lose or tie. 
  • December 18: Jacksonville, Indianapolis, and Houston are all tied in terms of win-loss records atop the division. The Jaguars (-135) hold the three-way tiebreaker and can clinch the AFC South for the second-straight season if they win out. QB Trevor Lawrence landed in concussion protocol after a beatdown at the hands of the Ravens Sunday night. Jacksonville has lost 3 straight and seen their price fall from -550 to -135. The Colts (+275) and Texans (+300) are coin flip. The Texans may well be without C.J. Stroud again this week, which would mean another start by Case Keenum. The Colts may well steal this when the smoke clears in Week 18.
  • December 13: The price on the Jaguars spiked to -550 from -250 despite their loss to the Browns. That was the result of the Texans' terrible performance against the Jets and the Colts being routed by the Bengals. Both of those teams are +750 despite being just one game behind Jacksonville in the loss column. 
  • December 5: Jacksonville's price fell back to -250 after a brief spike last week following their 34-31 OT loss at home to Cincinnati. Lawrence suffered an ankle injury but is expected not to miss major time. The Texans elevated from +400 from +1100 after beating the Broncos as a 3.5-point underdog. The Colts are close behind at +500, surging from +1800 in just week. The AFC South title is up for grabs and the division could well put three teams in the playoffs. Tennessee, meanwhile, fell off the board here following its OT loss to Indy.
  • November 28: The rise of the Texans hit a wall in Week 12 with their close-loss to the Jaguars in Houston. The Jaguars opened a major hole between themselves and their closest competitor. Jacksonville tightened from -250 to -1200, while the number on Houston tumbled from +225 to +1100. 
  • November 21: The Texans continue their move upward in this market. They opened at +850 and have climbed to +225. They still trail the Jaguars (-250) but these teams meet again in Week 12, so there will be significant movement one way or another as a result. Jacksonville has the largest share of the handle here with 41.5%. The Titans carry the biggest liability for BetMGM. The book's wallet is safe there as Tennessee is now +8000 after opening at +275.
  • November 15: The price on the Jaguars was more than halved from -500 to -225 as a result of their lopsided loss at home to the 49ers, and the 2nd-straight, come-from-behind, last-minute win by the Texans, this time over Cincinnati. C.J. Stroud has make himself the prohibitive favorite to win Offensive Rookie of the Year and has his Texans team just a game out in the AFC South at 5-4. Houston is now +250, up from +550 last week and +800 in Week 1. 
  • November 6: The Jaguars lead continues to widen in this market. Their price has spiked to -500 this week while they were on the bye. Jacksonville still holds the largest handle at BetMGM even though it rose from -165 last week. The book's largest public liability remains with the Titans. Fortunately for it, the Titans fell to +1600 after QB Will Levis was unable figure out the Steelers in Week 9.  
  • October 31: The Jaguars are sprinting to a divisional title. Their price soared this week from -165 to -400. While Jacksonville has the largest handle (43.9%) at BetMGM, the book's biggest liability here is the Titans. They settled at +700 this week after the 4 TD debut of rookie QB Will Levis.  
  • October 24: The Jaguars continue to run away from the pack in the AFC South. Jacksonville defeated New Orleans in Week 7 and saw its price spiked from -165 to -225. The Texans (now +450) and Titans (+750) were on the bye. The Colts collapsed late against Cleveland and tumbled from +600 to +1000. 
  • October 17: Jacksonville has opened its widest gap of the season atop the division at -165, with Houston a surprising second at +400. The Jaguars rolled past Indy in Week 6. The Titans fell to the Ravens in London, losing QB Ryan Tannehill in the process. The Colts have slid all the way to +650 after losing rookie QB Anthony Richardson likely for the season with a shoulder injury. Indy is riding with Gardner Minshew for the duration. 
  • October 10: Jacksonville justified the support it has received all season with a major win over Buffalo in London in Week 5. The moved the Jags into negative territory at -120. That caused both the Titans and Colts to backslide, despite Indy's win over Tennessee in Week 5. The teams are nearly tied at +375 and +400, respectively. 
  • October 3: The Jaguars found some support after beating the Falcons in London in Week 4. This decision remains up for grabs and will likely remain that way until Week 18. There's no reason to ride with either the Jaguars (+150) or Titans (+180) this early. We do like the value on the Texans (+475), who have beaten Jacksonville already this season.  
  • September 26: Two straight losses have pushed the Jaguars to +135. The Titans and Colts remain in the middle, offering middling value. The Colts enjoyed a big boost to +275 from +600 after upsetting the Ravens in OT. The potential value play here is Houston, which handily won 37-17 at Jacksonville in Week 3.  
  • September 19: There was some tightening here after Jacksonville lost and Tennessee won in Week 2. But the movement was minimal. These teams will likely remain 1-2 for the duration. Although they could flip spots. There's no value to be had here given the outliers. 
  • September 12: The top of this market is going to remain static until the Jaguars lose. They handily beat Indianapolis in Week 1 after a slow start. They remain the priciest pick in the AFC.  
  • September 5: The Jaguars hold the third-highest price of any divisional favorite across the NFL. That's both part a nod to their roster and the growth of their offense and part a nod to the weakness across the AFC South. The price on the Titans and Colts are far too high. 
  • July 28: DeAndre Hopkins landing in Tennessee did little to move this market. The Jaguars remain solid favorites. The Jags opened training camp looking smooth. Their price won't move much until Week 3 at the earliest. 
  • June 21: Status quo as these lines have no moved since the draft. The Jaguars and Chiefs share the same price in their respective divisions at -160. The Jaguars are ready to take the next step in the postseason. This division is a cakewalk, but not at this price.  
  • May 5: The Jaguars have gone from back-to-back overall No. 1 picks in the NFL draft to the betting favorite in the AFC South in just a year. Jacksonville's home playoff win over the LA Chargers gave the Cats legitimacy heading into the 2023-24 season. Trevor Lawrence is now the top QB in the division and has a defense to back things up. The rest of the division did little to improve in terms of making an immediate impact this season. 

Odds To Win The AFC West

TeamCurrent OddsOpening Odds
Kansas City Chiefs Champions -160
Denver Broncos OTB +500
LA Chargers OTB +325
Las Vegas Raiders OTB +1200

Odds via Caesars Sportsbook and current as of January 3, 2024.

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Here are some notes on the AFC West odds movement:

  • January 3: The Chiefs have clinched their 8th straight AFC West title. 
  • December 18: The Chiefs are one win combined with one Broncos' loss away from wrapping up this market. Hence their monster number at -15000. The Chargers and Raiders have been taken off the board here. 
  • December 13: The tears flowed after the Chiefs' loss to Buffalo, triggered by a rare offensive offside call against WR Kadarius Toney, who was lined up in Nebraska before scoring on a wild lateral from Travis Kelce. Kansas City (8-5) has lost two straight and needs someone besides Kelce who can catch the ball. They fell from -10000 to -1600 with the loss. Suddenly, the Broncos (+850) are just one game out of first place in the loss column at 7-6. 
  • December 5: A flurry of bad and non-calls marred the Chiefs' 27-19 loss at Green Bay Sunday night. Still, the Swifties at +5000 remain an all-but-certain lock among oddsmakers to win the AFC West. The Chargers (+3000) and Broncos (+3300) are just two games behind the Chiefs. And there is certainly value there for the daring. 
  • November 28: Taylor Swift is off the road until next February, and she'll be able to make the Super Bowl (as a fan), if necessary. The poor Broncos keep winning, and yet their price keeps falling. 
  • November 21: The Broncos have won four straight and moved into a second-place tie in this market. They were +5000 a week ago but more than halved that price after their Week 11 win over Minnesota. Even though the Chiefs lost Monday night, the Swifties remain calm and confident in this market.
  • November 15: Swift is now altering her lyrics in honor of Travis Kelce
  • November 6: The Chiefs are now the biggest favorite of any team in the divisional futures market. A decisive win against Miami in Germany saw their price tighten to -1100. The Chiefs hold the biggest share of the handle and liability here at BetMGM, absorbing 83.6% of the money wagered. 
  • October 31: The Chiefs will need to "Shake It Off" after losing to Denver in Week 8. Their price slipped was nearly cut in half from -1600 to -900. 
  • October 24:  Kelce and Swift were holding hands in the golf cart. True love. 
  • October 17:  Kelce and Patrick Mahomes will be featured in every commercial this holiday season.
  • October 10: The Chiefs may or may not have broken up with Taylor Swift, but they're still topping the charts. 
  • October 3: It's not you. It's the Chiefs.  
  • September 26: Taylor Swift has arrived. This race is over. 
  • September 19: The Chiefs widened their gap after their win at Jacksonville in Week 2. Kansas City is now -250, up from -170. The Chargers have fallen to 0-2 and Brandon Staley's seat is getting warmer. The Raiders supplanted the Broncos in the No. 3 spot.
  • September 12: A surprisingly small move in this market after the Chiefs lost in Week 1. Given the amount of money already bet on KC, any real movement is going to need a push elsewhere. The Broncos remain our value play, as they now stand at +700.
  • September 5: The Chiefs hold the highest price of any team in the AFC in the divisional markets. There's value in the Chargers - if they can get over their historic late-season jitters. If the Chiefs do slip, LA will move into the top spot here.  
  • July 28: Justin Herbert is now making more money than Mahomes. While you ponder that, the odds on the Chiefs to repeat remain prohibitively high. Sean Payton is throwing rocks in Denver in an attempt to make Russell Wilson feel better. Anything that helps. The Chargers are always tempting and are also very skilled at taking people's money in these markets. The Broncos are the value play here.  
  • June 21: Given these numbers, the inclination is to look for value west of Kansas City. There is value in both Los Angeles and Denver. The Broncos are the more intriguing choice given the return of Payton and the upside of Wilson. That's worth a small investment.  
  • May 5: The Chiefs remain the gold standard in this division. The defending Super Bowl champs see no real threat on the horizon - at least during the regular season. The Chargers held their status and did not make a big jump. The Broncos and Wilson can't do much worse this season. Meanwhile, the Raiders continue to lose ground and look to Jimmy G. to stem the slide. 

Odds to Win the NFC East

TeamCurrent OddsOpening Odds
Dallas Cowboys -1200 +175
Philadelphia Eagles +800 +100
Washington Commanders OTB +1000
New York Giants OTB +550

Odds via BetMGM and current as of January 3, 2024.

Here are some notes on the NFC East odds movement:

  • January 3: This race flipped in Week 17. The Cowboys, with some help from the officials, beat Detroit. Meanwhile, Philly was stunned at home by the Cardinals 35-31. Dallas (-1200) now takes the division with a win over Washington in Week 18, or an Eagles (+800) loss at New York. The Eagles need a road win, and a Cowboys' loss or tie to claim the East. 
  • December 18: The Eagles (-550) will hold this spot whether they win or lose Monday. The Cowboys (-400) needed a better showing at Buffalo in Week 15. Now, they travel to the warm climes of South Florida on Christmas Eve. Yikes. 
  • December 13: The Cowboys dominated the Eagles in their key Week 14 matchup and moved the numbers in this market, accordingly. The Eagles price was cut in half from -550 to -275. The number on the Cowboys tightened from +400 to +225. Dallas has been closing all season here. 
  • December 5: The Eagles got demolished by the 49ers on Sunday. Their price was more than halved, falling from -1200 to -500. It helps that two teams (New York and Washington) or off the board. Dallas is a value play still at +400, up from +700 last week. The Cowboys and Eagles would move into a tie in terms of record at 10-3 if the Cowboys hold serve at home on Sunday with a win. The Eagles hold a 62.2% of the handle in this market. A major liability for the book. 
  • November 28: The Eagles (10-1) hold the best record in the NFL and can boast back-to-back wins over Kansas City and Buffalo. Their price has moved accordingly, and sits at -1200. The Eagles hold the highest handle at BetMGM with 62.7% in this market. But the Commanders are the book's biggest liability. No worries there. 
  • November 21: The Giants rallied to sweep their season series with Washington on Sunday. Their reward was being taken off the board this week. They join the Commanders in NFC East purgatory. Washington is/was BetMGM's biggest liability in this market. Philly's number to win the division spiked to -900 from -550 after its impressive Monday night win at Kansas City. 
  • November 15: The Eagles held firm as the favorite despite being on the bye in the wake of Dallas' home rout of the Giants. Philly stands at -550, down a tick from -650 last week. The Cowboys tightened a bit from +450 to +400. The Commanders are now off the board. 
  • November 6: Philly's down-to-the-final-play victory over Dallas in Week 9 blew open this market. The Eagles rose to -650 from -200 with the 28-23 win at home. The Cowboys slipped back to +450 from +155. The Eagles hold 63.8% of the handle bet in this market at BetMGM, but the book's biggest liability are the Commanders at +15000. Washington sold off at the trade deadline but still managed to beat New England in Week 9.  
  • October 31: This marketed tightened after Week 8. Both the Eagles and Cowboys won. Dallas visits Philadelphia in Week 9, so this number could flip or widen, depending on the outcome of that game. 
  • October 24: The Eagles bounced back with an impressive win over the Dolphins in Week 7, and got back most of the ground they lost by losing the previous week. Philly is -225, close to the -250 where it stood two weeks ago. The Cowboys were on the bye in Week 7 and are holding at +175. Somehow, the Commanders have a better price here than the Giants. Not that it matters. Because it doesn't.
  • October 17: An upset loss by the Eagles to the Jets at MetLife and a gritty victory posted by Dallas on Monday night across the country at SoFi created the first tightening of this market all season. The Eagles slipped to -155 from -250. While the price on the Cowboys tightened from +250 all the way up to +135. The Cowboys and Eagles meet in Weeks 8 and 13. Things will stay tight until then. 
  • October 10: Oddsmakers barely budget this week. The Eagles stand at -250 after holding off the Rams in Week 5. The Cowboys got crushed 41-10 by the 49ers, but saw limited movement from +150 to +250. The Giants are in a freefall at +10000. 
  • October 3: The Eagles survived a scare against Washington. Their price tightened to -165 from +105  after an overtime win. The Cowboys kept pace by crushing the Patriots, but they slide from +105 to +150. The Giants have disappeared off the screen at +5000. A promising season has crumbled. 
  • September 26: The Cowboys and Eagles moved accordingly after entering Week 3 in a virtual tie. Philly is 3-0 and easily handled Tampa Bay Monday night. The Cowboys need to steady themselves after an embarrassing loss at Arizona. Neither the Giants nor Commanders have demonstrated the depth and skill to be considered a threat here. 
  • September 19: The Cowboys and Eagles are now tied at +105 after both won in Week 2. The Eagles slipped from from -120, while the Cowboys rode up from +170. This division has the make up of two-team race, as many have expected. But the Commanders are tremendous value at +1200 given their stability on defense.
  • September 12: The Eagles and Cowboys remain 1-2 here, but their margin slimmed after Week 1. Dallas moved up from +175 to +120. This is the closed it has been to Philadelphia since this market opened last winter. The Giants fell all the way to +2000. If you have any faith in Big Blue, take your shot now.
  • September 5: The Eagles have held around this price despite none of their key offensive players doing much in the preseason. The Cowboys are a real threat to win the division but their price here is prohibitive.
  • July 28: The Giants got Saquon Barkley under contract. He'll be motivated to perform given what looks like impending free-agency after this season; but Big Blue might be a little shaky early in the season, and its price has fallen from +600 to +750 in a month. The Eagles remain the clear-and-away favorite. Dallas could be a value play with a slow start.
  • June 21: The only movement since the draft concerns the Giants, who were without Barkley during minicamp. The prolific running back is holding out and wants more money. It's unlikely Big Blue will finish training camp with Barkley on the sidelines, never mind the season. The Cowboys are a bit too steep here, while the price on the Eagles is simply prohibitive this far out.
  • May 5: This division is a strong example of the pricing issues in this market. Any team that's less than +250 this far out is simply not worth the risk in terms of tying up betting capital. The Eagles won the Super Bowl last year, but to hold on a bet like this for even money over nine months is simply not sensible given a cost-benefit analysis. Here, the Giants are a strong play at their price and how well they played in the later part of last season.
2023-2024 NFL Divisional Odds Tracker 2

Odds To Win The NFC North

TeamCurrent OddsOpening Odds
Detroit Lions Champions +130
Minnesota Vikings OTB +325
Green Bay Packers OTB +400
Chicago Bears OTB


Odds via BetMGM and are current as of January 3, 2024.

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Here are some notes on the NFC North odds movement:

  • January 3: The Lions have clinched the NFC North title. 
  • December 18: Well, that was fun while it lasted. The Lions roared at home on Saturday, tore up the Broncos, and moved to within a game of winning this division with three to play. Thus, their price rose ten-fold from -1000 to -10000. The Vikings are the lone NFC North competitor still on the board at +2000. Loses by the Bears and Packers eliminated those teams in this race.
  • December 13: The word is out on the Lions - just take away the run. Detroit has lost 2 of 3 against NFC North opponents. Still, the Lions remain a prohibitive favorite given the lead in the standings they built over the first 11 weeks of the season. 
  • December 5: The Lions bounced back from their Thanksgiving Day loss with a tough win at New Orleans in Week 13. That win helped to stabilize this market. Minnesota (+1000) hangs in the No. 2 spot, while Green Bay rose to +1400 from +2500. 
  • November 28: The Packers upended the Lions on Thanksgiving. The Lions remain a solid favorite here given their three-game lead in the loss column. Detroit is -1000, a minor dip from last week. The Packers halved their price from +5000 to +2500. The Vikings whiffed a chance to capitalize on Monday night. 
  • November 21: The Lions (-1200) roared back to the dominant spot in this market after their comeback win over Chicago and the Viking's loss to the Broncos. Detroit is -1200 and holds 59.9% of the handle at BetMGM. The Bears have managed to stick around at +25000.
  • November 15: Detroit's price softened a bit after their 41-38 win at SoFi thanks to the suddenly hot Minnesota Vikings. Minnesota has moved from +1400 to +600 in the past two weeks thanks to the arrival of Joshua Dobbs at QB. The Packers and Bears are each likely one or two more losses from being removed here.
  • November 6: The Lions saw their price cut in half from -2000 to -1000 and they didn't even play in Week 9. The Vikings beat Atlanta with Dobbs showing up in midweek and taking over at QB. That victory nearly doubled the price on Minnesota from +1400 to +800. 
  • October 31: Oddsmakers have made the Lions the biggest favorite in any of the NFL's eight divisions. The Lions roared from -400 to -2000 after their Monday night win over Las Vegas. The Vikings are second at +1400. Their win over the Packers knocked Green Bay from +800 to +3500. The Vikings and Lions don't meet until Christmas Eve in Week 16, but the Lions could have this division mathematically clinched by that point. 
  • October 24: The Lions took a hit in this market after they got declawed by the Ravens in Week 7. Still, Detroit is a lofty -400 in this division given the paucity of competition. Minnesota pulled off a solid upset Monday night against San Francisco and saw its price spike from +900 to +450. But the Vikings are still two games back of the Lions. The Packers and Bears are here so they won't get fined.  
  • October 17: The Lions (-550 up from -350 last week) are starting to move away from this race and focusing on a possible first-round bye and home field throughout the NFC playoffs. The Lions mauled the Buccaneers 20-6 Sunday, keeping the hometown team out of the end zone. That win, combined with losses by the 49ers and Eagles, created a three-way tie across the top of the conference.
  • October 10: A big win over Charlotte by the Lions and the Packers' subsequent loss on Monday night pushed Detroit to -350. It's the top price of the season. The Lions have won 3 straight and are already 2 games clear of Green Bay and hold the head-to-head tiebreaker. The Packers lost their grip on this market and fell to +500 from +150. 
  • October 3: The Lions widened their gap with the Packers in Week 4 after clawing past Green Bay 34-20 at Lambeau Field in Week 4. Detroit's price shrunk from -105 to -225. The Packers' price was more than halved, falling from +160 to +350. The Vikings are hanging around at +550. 
  • September 26: The Packers kept this a two-team race with an impressive come-from-behind win over New Orleans. The Lions moved back into negative territory after a decisive win over Atlanta. The Vikings and Bears are leaning toward 2024.  
  • September 12: The Lions moved into minus territory after pulling off a legit upset win at Kansas City. Detroit was +130 last week. The Packers supplanted the Vikings in the No. 2 spot. The Vikings slipped from +270 to +400. 
  • September 5: The Vikings and Packers have picked up some support during training camp and the preseason. The Lions continue to absorb cash. The Bears may be the best overall value here given how close things could fall if the Lions stub a paw. 
  • June 28: Summertime lull. Prices moved slightly over the past month, with the Packers and Bears now tied at +400. The Lions have seen their price continue to tighten after a brief slip post-draft. 
  • June 21: The NFC North has mirrored post-Cold War Russia following the end of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall. This market has seen the Vikings, Bears, and Packers all shift positions in the past month, with Detroit holding as a solid favorite. The Bears are the best play here given the numbers.
  • May 5: This market has fully flipped since Week 1 of last season. The Packers have reset to the bottom in the post-Rodgers world. The Vikings fared poorly down the stretch and in the playoffs and have lost the trust of oddsmakers. The Bears had a solid draft and Justin Fields has another year of experience. The Lions, the long-time-doormat of the NFC North, are up to +130. This division carries the most uncertainty in terms of a winner and that won't change until the season begins. 

Odds To Win The NFC South

TeamCurrent OddsOpening Odds
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -250 +500
New Orleans Saints +350 +125
Atlanta Falcons +650 +275
Carolina Panthers OTB +350

Odds via DraftKings and current as of January 3, 2024.

Here are some notes on the NFC South odds movement:

  • January 3: The NFC South race has come down to the final week of the season after Tampa Bay blew a chance to clinch the division in Week 17 before losing New Orleans. The Buccaneers (-250) need a win over Carolina in Week 18 to clinch the division for the third-straight year. The Saints (+350) and Falcons (+650) face off in Week 18. The winner of that game can win the NFC South, but only if Tampa Bay loses. The Saints can clinch the division with a tie and a Tampa Bay loss. 
  • December 18: Don't say you weren't warned. After lurking in the bottom half of this market, the Buccaneers pirate ship emerged from the mist in Week 15 and have moved to the top of the board at -165 after sinking Green Bay on the road. The Bucs can capture NFC South for the third-straight season if they win out. The Saints (+195) kept pace with Tampa Bay in the standings, while the Falcons (+750) suffered a potentially disqualifying loss to the Panthers. The Saints visit Tampa Bay on New Year's Eve. 
  • December 13: We've done our best throughout most of the season to remind you that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can still steal this thing. Tampa Bay moved into first place in the standings and in this market with its 29-25 win in Atlanta in Week 14. Tampa Bay plays New Orleans and Carolina down the stretch and can take the division if it wins out. The Bucs, however, continue to lack respect from oddsmakers and are second behind the Falcons in a very close market. 
  • December 5: The Atlanta Falcons (-120) remains No. 1 in this market and moved into negative territory with a win over the Jets. There is value out there on Tampa Bay at +360. The Buccaneers have taken the No. 2 spot here. New Orleans slipped to +400. The Falcons play host to the Buccaneers this week, so we may see if any team wants to win this division. Tampa Bay eliminated Carolina from the playoffs with a 21-18 over the Panthers in Week 13.
  • November 28: The Panthers fired head coach Frank Reich and moved off the board in this market. The division otherwise is the closest in the NFL. The Falcons (+120), Saints (+130) and Buccaneers (+500) are separated by just one game in the loss column. There is some value for Tampa Bay there. 
  • November 21: This division is the tightest in the NFL. The Saints (-135), Falcons (+210) and Buccaneers (+450) are all within one game of the lead. This one will likely go down to tiebreakers. Stay tuned through Week 18.
  • November 15: Tampa Bay was the only team in the division to win in Week 10. Its price spiked from +500 to +300. But the top here remained stable. 
  • November 6: The Saints opened up some room this week with their win over Chicago. New Orleans moved into negative territory at -150. The Falcons flattened from +105 to +200 after losing to the Vikings. The Buccaneers have lost 4 straight and appear headed to oblivion in this market. 
  • October 31: This is the tightest top-two race in the NFL. The Falcons (+105) and Saints (+145) have been switching spots atop this division all season. The Buccaneers (+475) are just one game back, but they have lost three straight and appear headed in the wrong direction.   
  • October 24: The Falcons shot to the head of the class here, jumping from +175 to +110 after they moved into first place by themselves with a 16-13 win at Tampa Bay. The Saints also lost in Week 7. They fell to +200 from +175, while the Buccaneers slipped to +275.  
  • October 17: The Falcons, Saints and Buccaneers all lost in Week 6. Thus there was minimal movement in the NFL's tightest division. Again, expect this one to go down to the final games in Week 18.   
  • October 10: Again, the NFC South remains the tightest division in football. Tampa Bay won this division last year with an 8-9 record. This time, three teams have winning records. Its the only division in the NFL that make such a boast. The Saints and Falcons are tied up top at +175, after both teams won in Week 5. The Bucs (+200) are coming off a bye.   
  • October 3: The value on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers evaporated in Week 4, as their number spiked from +320 to +165. This is the first time all season the Buccaneers have been in the top spot in this market. Oddsmakers are still enamored with the Saints, who sit at +175 despite beating thrashed at home by Tampa Bay.  
  • September 26: The NFC South continued its grip on the "Worst Division in the NFL" trophy, as all four team lost in Week 4. The Saints may have lost QB Derek Carr indefinitely in their defeat at Green Bay. This remains a three-team race, so consider the Buccaneers even after they got stuffed Monday night.  
  • September 19: Little change after Week 2. This one is going to be up for grabs until Week 18. The value on the Bucs continues to evaporate.
  • September 12: The Buccaneers justified our preseason faith - at least for a week. The entire division tightened slightly. The Falcons are a surprising +170 after being +200 last week.
  • September 5: Given the overall softness in the division and the Bucs still-credible defense, Tampa Bay may be the best long-shot pick in this market in the NFL.
  • July 28: The price on each of the top three teams in the division has tightened in the past month, while the Bucs continue to head south. The Panthers remain the biggest question mark. The Panthers are 100% all-in with Bryce Young at QB. This one will be interesting to watch.
  • June 21: There were no surprises of note during minicamp and this market has stabilized with the Saints holding as the favorite. Expect to see significant movement here if the Falcons can demonstrate stability on offense, or Panthers' rookie and No. 1 overall pick Young surprises in the preseason. 
  • May 5: The Buccaneers have gone from back-to-back division champions to the NFC South's longest shot in the wake of Brady's latest retirement. The Saints are looking to Carr to ignite their sputtering offense. The Falcons may still deal for a QB but loaded up on skill players in the draft and should put up some points. The Panthers are starting over with Young at QB. 
2023-2024 NFL Divisional Odds Tracker 3

Odds to Win the NFC West

TeamCurrent OddsOpening Odds
*San Francisco 49ers Champions -175
Seattle Seahawks OTB +275
LA Rams OTB +550
Arizona Cardinals OTB +2500

Odds via Caesars Sportsbook and current as of Janaury 3, 2024.

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Here are some notes on the NFC West odds movement:

  • December 18: The 49ers officially clinched the NFC West with their 45-29 win over the Cardinals in Week 15.
  • December 13: Turn out the lights, the party is over. San Francisco (10-3) has clinched a playoff spot. This market is closed given the probability of the Niners winning the title. The Niners need to just win or tie one of their final four games. They can also clinch if the Rams (6-7) lose or tie just one of their remaining four games. San Francisco owns the tiebreaker over Seattle.
  • December 5: The 49ers carry the highest price of any NFL team in this market at -15000. And for good reason. They are on track to wrap up the division before Christmas.
  • November 28: The 49ers (now -5000) all but iced this market with their decisive win over Seattle on Thanksgiving Night. They hold a two-game edge in the loss column over Seattle, plus the tiebreaker. The 49ers and Seahawks (+2200) meet again in Week 14. The Cardinals moved off the board with their loss to the Rams (+4000).
  • November 21: San Francisco (-1000) has responded from its mid-season pothole with dominant back-to-back wins over Jacksonville and Tampa Bay. The 49ers and Seahawks (+650) face off on Thanksgiving night and again in Week 14. So expect some major movement, accordingly.
  • November 15: San Francisco won its first game in nearly a month on Sunday, trouncing Jacksonville 34-3. That road win calmed this market, and pushed the Niners back to -650 from -400. The Seahawks kept pace by winning on the field, but saw their number loosen from +300 to +500. They have yet to play San Francisco, so there is some value there if you believe. The 49ers and Seahawks meet in Week 12 and again in Week 14.
  • November 6: The 49ers were on the bye this week. Seattle headed east (again) this week and got crushed by Baltimore. There was minimal movement here given those circumstances.
  • October 31: For several weeks (see below) we urged a value play on the Seattle Seahawks. That value is gone. The 49ers have lost three straight and may be without Brock Purdy in Week 9. San Francisco's price has widened from its peak of -700 to -250 this week. The number on the Seahawks has shrunk from +700 to +210. The 49ers have 74.8% of the handle at BetMGM and remain the book's biggest liabilty.
  • October 24: Is than an earthquake in San Francisco, or people hopping off the 49ers' bandwagon. Two straight losses have triggered questions about Brock Purdy's ability to win without his top stars at 100%. Thankfully for the Niners, their only threat in this market is Seattle. San Francisco fell from -700 to -400. The value on the Seahawks that was present a few weeks ago is gone. Seattle is now +380, after standing at +700 just last week.
  • October 17: The first loss of the season for San Francisco did little to move the number here. The Seahawks also fell in Week 6. The number of the Rams got a significant boost from +3500 to +1600 with their easy win over the Cardinals. Someone somehwere bet on Arizona here, since its price was halved from +15000 to +7500.
  • October 10: San Francisco's price continued to tighten with its dominant 42-10 win over Dallas Sunday night. The 49ers carry the number of any team in this market at -700. The Seahawks (+600) reamin a potential value in that they have 2 games remaining against the 49ers. Those games will be played on November 23 and December 10.
  • October 3: The 49ers hold the highest price of any team on this board. San Francisco and Philadelphia are the lone 4-0 teams in the NFC. The 49ers have won 14 straight regular-season games and appear unbeatable. If you want a small value play, back the Seahawks +550. They can hold their owne against the Niners head-to-head.
  • September 29: The 49ers remain the priciest team in any of these markets. The Seahawks continued to slowly see their number tighten, moving up to +550 after winning at home in Week 3. We've been on them as a value play since Week 2. But San Francisco reamins the best overall team in the NFC.
  • September 19: The 49ers have the highest price of any team in this market, up to -500. You might want to consider the Seahawks as a value play given their number of +700.
  • September 12: San Francisco saw its price soar to -400 from -185 last week. The 49ers have the highest price of any team in any division. That's unlikely to change, especially since the Rams clobbered Seattle in Week 1. The Cardinals continue to show up so they won't get fined.
  • September 5: San Francisco has become the clear No. 2 pick in the NFC. Yet the Seahawks could be potential trouble in the division. We're not sure +200 is worth it given the time of year. But then again, it's not getting much lower.
  • June 28: No movement of note in the past month and we don't expect any moving forward, as well.
  • June 21: San Francisco holds the shortest odds of any team in the NFL divisional market at -165. And for good reason. The 49ers have emerged as not only the class of the West, but as a trendy pick to win the conference. They remain the priceiest divisional pick in all of the NFL despite the uncertainly at QB. Will they go with Brock Purdy, who came off the bench and went 5-0 as a rookie before getting demolished in the NFC title game. Or will it be Trey Lance, the guy the moved to take with the No 3 pick in 2021? The Seahawks have gotten a little respect, but are mainly a backup plan in case the 49ers are stuck with Sam Darnold as their starting QB.
  • May 5: San Francisco reached the NFC title game last season with rookie QB Brock Purdy as its starter over the last half of the season. Once Prudy got hurt against the Eagles, the 49ers were cooked. The Seahawks are sticking with Geno Smith (for now) as their starter. The Rams have the best QB in the division with Matthew Stafford. And when looking at these prices, they are the best play here.

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