Betting 101 - Beginner Guides to Sports Betting

Comprehensive Beginner Guides to Sports Betting

Becoming a successful sports bettor starts with speaking the language. Even diehard sports fans might be new to gambling terms such as the difference between laying and getting points, long vs. short odds and steam movement vs. sharp action. The lingo quickly becomes second nature, but it’s important for bettors to consult a helpful guide before starting out. Think of it like brushing up on a few key Italian words and phrases before a trip to Rome. You need to know enough to navigate the landscape from the get-go. Our introductory guides will help the novice sports bettor get there.

Of course, gambling is all about the numbers. Knowing how to read point spreads and moneylines is essential to get off to a good start. Sports bettors will quickly realize it’s not just about picking the better team. It’s about breaking down point spreads and totals, looking for an edge in the numbers. Bettors need to know exactly what those numbers mean in order to find value on teams or in certain lines. The difference between a -120 bet and a +110 bet might seem small in the short term but understanding value and money management is the best way to become a successful bettor. We offer a comprehensive look at the numbers and how to break down the resulting value or lack thereof.

New players with deep sports backgrounds might think they’ve got it all figured out, but it takes time to learn how to apply sports knowledge while picking games in order to turn a consistent profit. Bettors can easily lose control of their bankrolls and lose money even if they’re usually making good picks.

One of the typical downfalls is a lack of knowledge regarding the “juice,” or “vig.” A typical spread wager of -110 would call for a bettor to risk $110 to win $100. Sportsbooks collect the extra $10 on losing bets, which is how they make a profit. The price fluctuates depending on the wager, and this is what seems most difficult for newcomers to grasp – just because you like a game at -110 doesn’t mean you should make the same bet if it moves to -120. It all depends on the inherent value and risk/reward. These concepts don’t come naturally for most, but they’re easy to pick up with our comprehensive betting guides.

Types of bets are important too. It’s easy to construct a three-team teaser with alternate spreads that looks like a sure winner. But are you getting good value on the risk? Would it be wiser to simply bet all three games straight up instead of teasing them? These are just a few questions we can answer with our guides to different types of bets.

As you can see, turning a profit in sports gambling goes way beyond statistics and on-field X’s and O’s. Those things are important too and provide an advantage for savvy players. But making money in sports gambling requires knowledge of basic principles before moving on to more advanced strategies. With our help, new bettors can quickly acquire those tools and put them to good use at the sportsbook.

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