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BetRivers.net Social Casino Review July 2024

$1,000 Spin to Win Virtual Credits Everyday

Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply.

Why BetRivers.net?
  • Amazing Welcome Bonus
  • Save Environment
  • Huge Game Variety
Sportsbook Status State Status Live in AL, WY, WI, UT, TX, SD, SC, RI, OR, OK, ND, NM, NH, NE, MT, MN, ME, ID, HI, GA, FL, DE, CA, AR, AZ, VA, VT, TN, OH, NC, NY, MO, MA, MD, LA, KS, IA, IN, IL, CO, AK, NV, MS, DC, KY
  • US
  • Legal and Licensed in USA
Accepted Payments

$1,000 Spin to Win Virtual Credits Everyday

BetRivers.net Social Casino provides bettors with a unique experience to play for fun with the casino games and sports betting markets available at real-money online casinos and online sportsbooks.

Online slots, table games, and sports bets are available to all players who, despite not being able to win real money, can earn the thrill of victory while also racking up virtual credits to play more. These credits are dropped into your account each day, so your account will always have something in it at no cost to you.

We'll go over everything that BetRivers.net Social Casino provides players, what we like most about its setup and user experience, where we believe it could improve, and best practices for players to make the most of one of the best social casinos. Here's what you need to know.

BetRivers.net Social Casino Welcome Bonus

👑 BetRivers.net Social Casino Bonus Code None Needed
💰 Welcome Bonus The chance to earn $1,000 with the virtual wheel spin each day
🗺️ Availability All US States
📅 Last Verified June 2023

$1,000 Spin to Win Virtual Credits Everyday

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Used 42 Times Today
Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply.

What is the BetRivers.net Bonus Code?

Simply registering for a new account will unlock complete access to everything that BetRivers.net Online Casino provides its players. You won't need to register for an actual account here, so simply sign up and let the rewards begin flowing in.

How to Claim BetRivers.net Bonus Code? 

Because bettors don't need to claim a bonus code, completing the registration process will unlock all the features of the BetRivers.net bonus code offer.

What to Know About BetRivers.net Bonus Code

Because the BetRivers.net online casino delivers so many great perks and promotions to players, there's no specific bonus code to use during registration that will earn you a head start on your online casino gambling experience (it's tough to earn a deposit bonus when you aren't depositing any funds) with BetRivers.net Social Casino Promos.

But as soon as you register for a new account, the good times begin. Players will have chance to earn wheel spins and scratch cards and also automatically receive free credits each day.

There's also free Bingo that puts additional credits into players' accounts when they pick up wins. It's not exactly real money, but constant credits being dropped into your account works for many players to place bets here.

Loyalty Program

There is a rewards center for players who place bets on online slots and table games at BetRivers.net Social Casino. Every time a player places a bet on any game or sport, they'll earn Play Points.

These Play Points can be accumulated over the course of someone's playing history and ultimately redeemed for even more free play credits. Despite not being able to earn real money with this loyalty program, it's still nice to be able to accumulate points each time you play games with the rewards center.

BetRivers.net Free Virtual Coins

A play-for-fun site means you'll be playing with virtual credits instead of real money. In the same way sweepstakes casinos use free sc coins, bettors will receive these free credits every two hours in addition to having the chance to earn bigger funds at the start of each day. There's also the aforementioned loyalty program, where every bet earns bettors Play Points that can ultimately be redeemed for even more virtual credits (10 play points = 30 virtual credits).

What's more, bettors can purchase additional virtual credits if they can't wait for their free virtual credits to hit their account. It's important to remember that purchased virtual credits act the same way as the given virtual credits: You can't earn real cash from any of them.

Here's the breakdown of what purchasing virtual credits looks like, with players getting better value the more they spend:

💰 100 VC $1.99
💰 750 VC $9.99
💰 1800 VC $19.99
💰 15,000 VC $99.99
💰 30,000 VC $149.99

$1,000 Spin to Win Virtual Credits Everyday

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Used 12 Times Today
Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply.

Casino Games and Slots Available At BetRivers.net

Just because bettors play for fun and can't earn real money doesn't mean there are any less options at social casino sites. Pragmatic play doesn't mean fewer options at BetRivers.net Social Casino. Here's a list of the Rush games that bettors can choose from after signing up and using the BetRivers.net promo code:

  • More than two dozen table games including blackjack, poker, roulette, and craps among others
  • More than 500 online slot games with every imaginable theme for all different types of players
  • A sports zone that features sports betting options similar to what you'd find at a normal online sportsbook

Sign-Up At BetRivers.net Social Casino

If you've decided that BetRivers.net Social Casino is for you (great choice!), the registration process is incredibly simple. You'll be ready to play casino games in no time after following these easy steps:

  1. Provide BetRivers with your email and create a username and password
  2. Enter your name, zip code, address, date of birth, and security questions and agree to the terms of service to complete your account
  3. Bettors can enter in the BetRivers bonus code to unlock any specific offer available to them; remember that players must do this during the sign-up process, as they won't be able to go back and add it in later
  4. Start playing casino games with your first free virtual credits

$1,000 Spin to Win Virtual Credits Everyday

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Used 60 Times Today
Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply.

Can I Use BetRivers.net On Mobile?

Each major online casino where you can win real money offers a mobile betting app. Unfortunately, that's not the case with the BetRivers.net Online Casino. Still, players can log onto the desktop website and access the entire casino, or log into a mobile browser to access their account and all games.

We'd obviously like to see a mobile betting app come into play at some point, but the browsers function and refresh well in our experience. You won't notice much of a difference other than it being a bit more difficult to get started compared to simply clicking on a sweepstakes casino app.

Banking Options At BetRivers.net Social Casino

What's nice about BetRivers.net Social Casino is that you don't need to buy anything to start playing. Everything is free after you decide to play BetRivers' social casino.

Still, bettors will have the option to buy additional virtual credits if not enough have populated in your account (you will earn free virtual credits each day, so your BetRivers account will never be at $0 for too long).

If players decide to purchase virtual credits, it's quick to do so and credits are able to be used immediately. All major forms of online banking are offered such as bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and PayPal among others. Remember, even if you purchase virtual credits, there's never an opportunity to earn cash at a social casino.

BetRivers.net Social Casino Customer Support

BetRivers has established itself as an industry leader, both as a social casino gaming site and online sportsbook. That means that as you play for fun at online slots, table games, or on sports, you won't run into too much trouble.

That being said, some issues may arise from time to time that require assistance. There's an email that bettors can send messages to, or they can get their questions answered with a solid FAQ section. There is no live chat, which we've found to be the best form of customer support, so that's something we'd like to see added in the future.

BetRivers.net Online Casino Pros & Cons

Like all social casinos, there are obvious pros and naturally a few cons. Ultimately, a play for fun casino is a solid option for most players, but you'll need to decide that based on what kind of experience you're looking for.

Pros and Cons

✔️ Free casino games: No stressing over a stretch of bad luck. Games never cost anything here.
✔️ Bonuses and Promos: Bonuses like free bonus Bingo and free spins reward bettors with additional virtual credits.
✔️ Casino Games Variety: BetRivers.net Social Casino is similar to traditional casinos in that you'll find slots, table games, and more.
There is no real money gambling: When players are online betting, many of them want to win cash profit. That's not an option at BetRivers.net Social Casino.
Only Available For Desktop: There's currently no dedicated mobile app for BetRivers.net Social Casino.

BetRivers.net Versus Other Online Casinos

BetRivers.net Social Casino is as unique an experience as you'll find when playing online casinos.

For starters, it's free to play and also doesn't pay out cash. That's great for some players and not for others. It's available everywhere, and there are only a handful of states that offer casino game action to players online.

There are also a number of states that don't allow players to bet sports online, and this offers an out to those players. Far less risk (none, really) but no true rewards outside of the thrill of winning.

One other positive is the daily free virtual credits all players will receive. Bettors quite literally will always have funds in their account. It's pragmatic play for bettors who want in on the action but not have to risk money. Social casinos are always a smart play.

Our Final Conclusion Of BetRivers.net Social Casino

BetRivers.net Social Casino is a great option for players who understand exactly what it is. Bettors who like to play their favorite games at casinos but don't necessarily want to stress over potentially losing their hard earned money, this is the place to be.

You'll be playing games you'd play at a real casino and feel the rush of a win but not the sting of losing money. Add on the free Bingo games that offer a change of pace and you've got plenty of reasons to try this out. Social casino games are every bit as fun as the "real thing."

You'll always have access to more virtual credits, so you don't need to worry about ponying up any cash of your own (though you can buy more virtual credits if you want), meaning you're never out of it. Online slot games, a solid rewards center, and access to the same sports betting options that BetRivers Sportsbook provides adds onto the allure.

If you're trying to win real cash prizes AND are located in a state where online casino gaming is allowed, this isn't your best bet. If you're not in a state where this is offered, here's your chance to play. Give it a whirl and have some stress-free fun online casinos provide. Register today with the BetRivers Social Casino Bonus offer to begin playing.

$1,000 Spin to Win Virtual Credits Everyday

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Used 20 Times Today
Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply.

BetRivers.net Social Casino FAQs

Is BetRivers.net Legit?

Yes, BetRiver.net Social Casino is a fully licensed and legal operation. It's run by Rush Street Interactive and offers real online casino games to players. Though it doesn't involve using real cash, bettors can earn virtual credits each day and play points that they earn that go toward free spins and additional scratch cards.

What is the bonus code for BetRivers.net?

There is no bonus code that players need to use when signing up with BetRivers.net Social Casino. You'll be automatically eligible for the chance to earn $1,000 in virtual credits each day. Players will also earn extra betting currency every two hours, deposited directly into their account to play games with.

What is BetRivers free play bonus code?

Bettors who use the BetRivers.net Social Casino bonus code will have a chance to earn $1,000 in free virtual credits. The potential for virtual credits is available each day for all new players. Despite the bonus code paying out "cash," it is not real money and cannot earn you any profit.

Can you win real money on BetRivers?

No, bettors who play at BetRivers.net social casino are unable to with cash prizes. This is not a real money online casino and players are simply here to play for fun. All the games are similar to what players would find at a real casino, but there are no opportunities to win cash.

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