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Luckyland Slots Review & Casinos Like Luckyland 2024

Luckyland Casino Bonus: Free Sweeps Coins

After signing up for the online casino Luckyland Slots, you will receive two forms of the virtual currency which can be used to make a bet: gold coins and Sweeps Coins. In total, you will get approximately 9,000 coins and 10 in Sweeps Coins, which, again, can be used to bet on Luckyland’s slots games (including video slot machines). Right now, Luckyland is strictly a slots casino, meaning there’s no baccarat or roulette (more on that later).

Sweeps Coins are also awarded when you buy additional gold coins. Casino players can play Sweepstakes Games with those Sweeps Coins and win real cash prizes.

However, like most social casino sites, by linking your Facebook, you’ll ensure that you get the full amount of currency to play.

Registration at Luckyland Casino

There are two ways to register at Luckyland Casino: via Facebook or creating an account. For Facebook, simply connect your Facebook account and you’re ready to play.

However, if you do not want to connect your Facebook and get those added welcome bonus benefits, you can create an account using just your email and creating a password.

Desktop/Mobile Experience at Luckyland Casino

Right now, Luckyland Slots is only available for desktop and via download for Android devices. There is no mobile option for iOS users.

Let’s start with the desktop version.

After you log in, you’re brought to the main page where you can see your balances for gold coins and Sweeps Coins and the games available.

On desktop, there is no way to sugarcoat this—it is, at least in our experience, lagued by lag. Each movement on the site takes more than a few seconds to register and really slows down the experience.

The graphics are definitely wonderful and interactive, but they move and operate slowly. Each game needs to be downloaded. While it doesn’t take a terribly long time to download, after you log in, you’ll also find the games themselves to be quite slow. This is a problem because players could click to spin the wheel in a video slot or other kind of slot game and accidentally spin it more than once and potentially lose more virtual currency.

Everything is easy to navigate and find, however. There is a menu in the upper-right corner of the game screen where you can view messages and your friends list, and Luckyland Slots does a nice job of notifying users of promotions and other things that could be of interest to potentially win more.

The mobile casino is essentially a mirror image of the desktop version, other than the scaling to fit on mobile.

Game Options and Features at Luckyland Casino

It’s in the name: Luckyland Slots. That’s right, here, you can only play slot games. Currently, you are unable to play roulette, baccarat and other table games as this is dedicated to slot games.

VGW is responsible for the development of the titles, and you’ll see similar games to a traditional slots casino or even similar to that of its sister online casino, Chumba.

Right now, there are just over 30 slot games and video slot options available, including some with higher payout offerings, and a jackpot slot, Power of Ra. You’ll find these games are similar to popular casino titles featuring Egyptian Gods, Mayans and other casino-themed ones, such as the “7’s” games.

Social Community at Luckyland Casino

In being a social casino, a social community and presence on popular social media platforms goes without saying. Heck, you even link your Facebook account to get additional start-up rewards!

Let’s look at each platform:

  • Facebook: Over 30k likes and plenty of interaction and promotion of events and big winnings.
  • Instagram: 5.5k followers, seemingly lower engagement, but great promotion.
  • Twitter: 1.8k followers, more engagement than Instagram, and has excellent promotion, such as retweeting players you tweet at them with the respective players’ winnings and other contest winners.

Customer Support at Luckyland Casino

Other than contacting Luckyland on social media for support, the only other ways such as an FAQ section and email.

To access this, you must be on the game screen. From here, click the menu in the upper-right corner, click the wheel-looking logo and click “Support.” Here, you are given an email address or a link to the FAQ section, which does a nice job of answering more than enough questions you may already have.

But, if the FAQ doesn’t suffice, contact the email address or hit them up on social media.

Payment Options at Luckyland Casino

Purchase Options

As previously mentioned, social casinos don’t require using real money. At Luckyland Slots, you’re given some virtual currency at the start and Luckyland Slots will also give you additional gold coins each day.

However, if you’re eager to play, you can purchase gold coins if you wish, using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express only).

Redemption Options

You are able to redeem your Sweep Coins at Luckyland Slots for cash prizes. To redeem your winnings, there is a minimum of 50 Sweeps Coins required. This money is sent directly to a linked bank account.

Final Verdict

Being able to withdraw virtual currency for real money without really needing to ever make a real money investment is always nice. The social community is strong and the graphics are great. The biggest drawback with Luckyland Slots is the amount of lag on the site and the lack of free casino games. Outside of the lag and those issues, this is a fantastic slot games-based social casino. If you can tolerate the lag, you’ll have plenty of fun playing slots games at Luckyland Slots.

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