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Badder Beats 11: (Our Boss) Charles Gillespie and Patriots Win

Badder Beats 11: (Our Boss) Charles Gillespie and Patriots Win

Ryan Butler and Brant James sort through the death spasms of the National Football League season as pirates prepare to come ashore on Gasparilla weekend in Tampa. Ryan does the entire show with an eye patch and yellow-and-purple beads that he is absolutely positive is a good look.

The worst possible Super Bowl match-up foists itself upon the fragile public as the New England Patriots seem destined to win another title, this time by crushing the Los Angeles Rams. Oh, and there was a tad bit of controversy in the Rams-Saints NFC title game, notably one of the most blatant uncalled penalties in modern sports history.

Saints fans have filed a lawsuit. Brant suggests they let it geaux.

The big interview of the week features Gambling.com Group PLC founder and CEO Charles Gillespie on the current and future state of legal sports betting in the United States. He has knowledge.

Brant wins his Odd Bet (thanks Alex Bolt) and predicts the Pirates will be more successful than the Buccaneers as Ryan resolves the theme.