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Badder Beats 21: Requiem for March Madness and Wrestlemania 35

Badder Beats 21: Requiem for March Madness and Wrestlemania 35

As the sports betting world turns its attention to the finale of the 2019 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, one host trys to dig out of the smoldering crater that is his bracket while another gloats on the gilded journey to what could be a second-place finish in the company bracket pool. Badder Beats also looks back at a brutal week of predictions from our hosts before pivoting to the weekend's other major sporting event - Wrestlmania 35

Not deterred by last week's shortcoming, our intrepid hosts end the show with another stab at Final Four predictions followed by the latest in the increasingly popular (?) #OddBets segment. All that, and more, packed into an hour(ish) of the best in sports bet podcasting.

Episode 21 Time Stamps:

1:04 - The hosts conduct an autopsy on Ryan’s awful bracket, break down last week’s March Madness games and discuss an early candidate for Baddest Beat of the Year™.

9:52 - Wraslin’ takes center stage as the hosts show greater ignorance than usual about Wrestlemania 35 – while Gambling.com contributor (and WWE superfan) Thom Cunningham explains what’s actually going on – and shares some betting tips for our fans in the U.K.

30:28 - Brant (tries) to chip into the program by sharing a "riveting" tale of the time he served Hulk Hogan a milkshake.

33:40 - Thom gives an... "angle" to watch at Wrestlmania, sharing the accolades of one of the sport's most acclaimed luminaries.

36:02 - A terrible run of predictions in last week's epidodes doesn't slow the hosts from their hot(!) predictions on the Final Four teams

41:42 - #OddBet returns, with betting takes on (what is apparently) everyone's favorite resturant in the United Kingdom - KFC!

47:11 - Sign out with a special shout out to our new fan in Ukraine and another salute to our mejor amigo in Spain.


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